Heavy-duty motor/ Performance

Automatic Balancing System

2 Speeds plus 17 Wash Cycles

Wash tub features

Best buy washing machine with agitator accessories



One of the Speed Queen AWN432S reviews mentions the addition of water softener by hand when the extra rinse cycle is used, which, according to the same user, is not really a big deal.

As there is no temperature sensor on the machine, hot is hot, warm is warm and rinse is always cold. Only one center spout pours into the tub.

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Benefits Explained


With its 1/2 HP Motor, the Speed Queen AWN432S ensures powerful completion of your laundry chores. The heavy duty motor runs the machine through its various cycles without missing a beat, muscling through to help the agitator remove all the dirt and grime to ensure really clean and fresh-smelling clothes. You can depend on the Capacitor Start 1/2 H.P. Motor to deliver what’s on the indicator dials in the best way possible, with the 210° Agitation Stroke or 68 strokes per minute enabling the machine to be the best washing machine with agitator from Speed Queen.


Not sure how to make various pieces of clothing fit into the tub and still get optimum washing results? Worry no more thanks to the Speed Queen AWN432S’s Automatic Balancing System. With this advanced technology, garments in the tub are neatly distributed so that the fibers get awesome attention through and through. No need to open the lid and fix the position of garments manually! Just choose from Small, Medium, Mini and Extra Large for the Load Size and the machine does the necessary balance adjustment.


Offering 2 speeds and 17 wash cycles, the Speed Queen AWN432S is truly the best washing machine with agitator. The Variable Water Level Selector ensures optimum amount of water to clean clothes. For the Soak Cycle, you can either Spin or Soak. With the Hand Wash cycle, you can have Spin, Rinse, Light, Normal or Extra Rinse. Using the Permanent Press Cycle, you can choose Normal, Light, Rinse, Spin or Extra Rinse. For the Regular Cycle, you can select from Pre-Wash, Heavy, Normal, Light, Rinse, Spin or Extra Rinse. In addition, choose between 473 and 710 rpm spin speeds.


With the Speed Queen’s 3 cu. ft. Stainless Steel Wash Tub, you get a top-performing commercial quality rust- and chipping-resistant machine. The Speed Queen has a porcelain steel outer drain tub that ensures even more corrosion resistance in the product.


Optional colored knob inserts allow you to choose what suits you, whether it’s Royal Red, Monarch Blue, Empire Green or Regal Black. The machine comes with a Bleach Dispenser, Fabric Softener Dispenser and Fill Hoses.



When you want real value for money, count on the Speed Queen AWN432S to deliver as you expect. It has commercial grade components including a stainless steel tub, rear self-leveling legs, a powerful and heavy-duty motor, a large selection of wash cycles, two spin speeds, an Extra-Rinse Switch and awesome cleaning performance.


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