What is the best washing machine from Speed Queen


1.1.Speed Queen AWN412Benefits



Water level selector

Automatic balancing system

Dual spin speeds



Some Speed Queen AWN412 reviews note that clothes come out wet from the tub. One user has resolved this by re-spinning items a second time, especially heavy ones.

The US-made machine is sometimes shipped with polishing compound still on the tub. The invisible greasy element can be wiped away using an environmentally-friendly degreaser.


Customer rating –> A


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  • On the outside, the Speed Queen AWN412 may not look like much but happy buyers have concluded it is the best washing machine from Speed Queen due to its no-nonsense washing performance. The machine really cleans clothes well while being gentle on fabrics. This may be a large, old-school washer but it carries a heavy, long lasting design that’s more perfectly balanced than those of other brands or models. Thanks to its reliable durability, the Speed Queen AWN412 rarely needs any servicing. The 0.5-horsepower motor capably delivers the 210O Agitation Stroke to wash clothes efficiently.

  • The Speed Queen has dimensions of 28 x 26 x 43 inches. It has a 3.3-cubic-foot capacity, which should prove more than enough for the laundry needs of a family of four. You can easily fit bedding comforters or throw rugs into the machine and still expect superior cleaning results. With the Speed Queen top-load washer, there’s always room for items that have to be added even when the wash cycle has already started.


  • Thanks to the washer’s Water Level Selector, you can control the water level in the tub. This feature enables you to use just the right amount of water when you need to fit in bulkier or larger items. The utility-saving feature also allows you to enjoy the same level of cleanliness on washed items without using too much water in the cleaning process.


  • Not sure how to load items of varying sizes into the washer? Do you live on the second floor and not want the whole building to know you’re doing the laundry? Thanks to the Speed Queen’s Automatic Balancing System, you are assured of a quiet, hassle-free performance while you wash clothes. This technology enables the washer to position clothes in the tub in an optimum way so that the machine will not vibrate or produce a lot of noise while completing a wash cycle. You can even do the laundry while lulling baby to sleep!


  • The Speed Queen top loader is the best washing machine you can get for the money. It offers two spin speeds: 473 and 710 RPMs. You can optimize the spin speed you need for every cycle and type of load. This ensures that gentle items get the kind of attention they require during the drying process.


The Speed Queen AWN412 is great washer to get for any household. The US-made washer comes from a line of durable appliances that the manufacturer has long been recognized for. It ships with the necessary washing machine accessories including self-leveling legs, a bleach dispenser, a fabric softener dispenser and fill hoses. The porcelain steel outer drain-tub and stainless steel wash tub ensure long-term efficiency and performance.


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