What Is the Best Boombox from Sony?



As stated in the Sony ZSS3IPN Lightning reviews this stereo boombox will deliver amazing sound, while still being portable.

You have the advantage of being able to charge your Android devices while listening to your playlists.

This is often considered the best boombox from Sony for its convenient and functional design.

Not only can you dock your Android devices with this boombox, you also have the added bonus of the included radio and CD player.



It should be mentioned that this boombox is not waterproof, but this is rarely a problem unless you plan on frequently using it at the beach or by the pool.

While the boombox accessories do include the power adapter and remote control, the inexpensive AA batteries do have to be purchased separately.


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Benefits Explained

  • This is the best boombox for dorm rooms, backyard parties, or for simply enjoying your music. You have the advantage of its portable and lightweight design, along with the included stereo speakers. Enjoy heart thumping bass that will keep your party rocking, and the included remote makes it easy for you to control everything from the volume to the playlist.

  • With the ability to charge your mobile devices while being docked, you never have to worry about draining the battery on your iPhone or iPod. Access your favorite playlists and listen to recordings without draining your battery when the boombox is plugged into the adapter. The included AC adapter ensures that you always have a power supply, and you’ll appreciate the freedom you have when you are using batteries.


  • You will appreciate the lightweight construction that makes this boombox easy to carry, and its durable casing helps to protect it from damage. All of the functions are easy to find, and the remote comes preprogrammed and ready to use. There is also a retractable antenna that compactly folds down for convenient storage. Easy for anyone to use, it is designed to play all of your favorite songs and recordings without any problems.


  • The flexible docking station makes it easy to insert and remove your iPod or iPhone, even with the protective case on. You can charge the battery in your mobile device while playing back music or enjoying stereo quality sound with your recorded movies. You can listen to your favorite radio station on AM and FM, along with finally being able to replay all of your old CDs. This is not just a great sounding boombox, it is a small stereo in a convenient and affordable package.


This compact boombox is perfect for the dorm and other smaller rooms, and you will love its affordable price. The quality speakers are capable of playing deep bass without distortion, and you will love the way your music sounds when it is played through these speakers. One of the best features about this boombox is the included remote, which lets you control everything from the radio station, to which song you are going to play from a CD.

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