Which Top Sony Boombox to Buy?


1.1 Sony ZSBTG900Benefits

The Sony ZSBTG900 reviews state that this boombox is easy to use, and is designed to be portable.

You have the advantage of the wireless design that is convenient, and hassle free.

Often considered the best boombox from Sony, you can choose from a variety of functions that are designed to enhance the listening experience.

Included with the boombox accessories is a remote that makes it easy to control the device from a distance.


It should be stated that this is a larger size boombox and it does require 8 D cell batteries, which is more than other models.

You do have the advantage of being able to use Sony headphones with this boombox, but it should be noted that not all of the functions will work when connected.

The Sony boombox does have good quality audio, but there have been mentions that the upper ranges might sound slightly “tinny”.


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Benefits Explained

  • Often considered the best wireless boombox you will enjoy how easy it is to operate, along with its lightweight and portable construction. The one touch buttons are clearly displayed, and you will appreciate its easy to use design when you are in the middle of a party. The boombox also features a modern and edgy style that fits perfectly into any festive occasion.

1.2 Sony ZSBTG900

  • The wireless construction makes it easy to take this boombox with you, and you also have the advantage of being able to seamlessly stream all of your music. With the built in Bluetooth compatibility it is easy to connect to any of your digital devices. Listen to all of your favorite playlists, and you can even connect to a friend’s mobile devices so you can have fresh and new music to listen to at all of your events.


  • Connect to digital devices and listen to favorite radio stations, this boombox is designed to enhance your experience. The stereo quality speakers sound amazing in almost any location, and you can enjoy listening to heart thumping bass. Not only does this boombox have exceptional quality sound, but you also have the advantage of the fun red lights. Designed to make it easy to find and operate the boombox in the dark, the bright lights are also fun and festive.


  • It is not always easy to reach the controls on the boombox, especially when you have people over. With the included remote it is easy to control all of the different functions, even from across the room. Shuffle the order of songs on a CD, and control the volume all with the convenient included remote control.


This Sony boombox is designed to enhance your listening experience, and is great for almost any party. The blinking red lights and futuristic styling give this boombox a festive design, while the built in speakers ensure that your music is always clearly heard. The wireless design is convenient, and you also have the ability to stream all of your music. Easy to use and operate, it is easy to see why this is a top rated wireless boombox.

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