What is the best mp3 player from Sony



Built with a color display, the Sony MP3 player lets you view clear music credits and video at the press of a button.

This model provides storage of up to 34 hours of video and 3,000 songs on its 8GB of flash memory.

The gadget provides simple USB connectivity and drag-and-drop software for effortless file transfers.

Get versatile functionality from playback of your music playlists as well as access to your favorite FM radio stations.

Get quick and easy syncing for optimizing the device’s portable playback features.



One of the Sony Walkman NWZE374/RC reviews laments the fact that you can’t set-up playlists directly on the player but through a PC to be transferred to the device.

You have to press and hold the option button for about 15 seconds to turn the gadget on.

Turning the player off by first pressing the PAUSE button and the Power/Hold button ensures that it is really switched off. Otherwise, it will just continue playing music, which drains the battery uselessly.


Customer Rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

This is the best mp3 player from Sony for countless users thanks to the color display that lets you clearly view music titles or detail, rich elements in video and album art at the press of a button. The 1.77-inch LCD shows you what you need.

Thanks to the immense storage capacity of the 8GB flash memory, the Sony MP3 Walkman lets you store up to 50 hours of music playback, equivalent to 3,000 songs or a capacity of 5 playlists. The MP3 player also holds up to 34 hours of video, and an equivalent of 10 hours of video playback.


The portable device is USB rechargeable, so you can simply plug it into your desktop or laptop to recharge with USB out. Moreover, it also has drag-and-drop software that enables quick file transfers from Windows Media Player or iTunes.


The onboard digital FM tuner lets you listen to your favorite FM radio stations. The equalizer has 5 Bands with 6 Presets. There are up to 30 FM presets you can choose from, with Tuner Frequency Range from 87.5 to 108 MHz.


Built with Media Go application, the product lets you find, sort and optimize it for playback on your PC or any portable device. You won’t need plenty of mp3 player accessories to make the most of its many features. It even comes with a built-in microphone for voice recording.



This amazing and super-portable device is the best mp3 player that lets you build playlists to serve as the soundtrack of your life. It gives you portability and freedom to enjoy video and music playback.


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