What is the best home theater receiver from Sony



HDMI Inputs

iPod/ iPhone integration

3D and 4K Pass Through

HD Digital Cinema Sound and Front High Speakers

Quick Speaker Set Up for Digital Cinema Auto Calibration



Some Sony STR-DH540 reviews grumble about the unit not being a Smart Receiver, with no support for Airplay, Pandora and others. However, there is no shortage of separate components that can handle that functionality.

This can still be the top home theater component buy despite its limiting 745 Watts Total System power that most people will agree is already sufficiently loud.


Customer rating –> A


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  • In total, the Sony STR-DH540 is outfitted with 6 HD inputs. You can easily connect a Sony PlayStation 3 entertainment system, a Blu-ray disc player plus two other HDMI-enabled devices via the four HDMI inputs on the receiver. With the HDMI connections, you can enjoy superbly rendered high quality video and audio to enhance your entertainment experience.


  • Audio and music playback from portable devices (iPod and iPhone) can be enjoyed better by integrating the portable device with the Sony STR-DH540. Let the whole family enjoy your music and video collection stored in your mobile gadget by connecting it to the receiver. This also charges the iPhone or iPod while integrated with the Sony STR-DH540.


  • What would you need dozens of home theater receiver accessories for when you already have the Sony STR-DH540 with both 3D and 4K pass through? The receiver enables 3D pass through via four HDMI inputs, allowing you to connect a PS3 system, a 3D Blu-ray player, a satellite receiver or cable box so you can enjoy a variety of 3D entertainment sources. The inputs also support standard 2D devices. With 4K pass through, you can indulge in the superior video clarity of 4K video content delivered to a 4K projector or TV.


  • Turn your home entertainment system into a full movie theater with the Sony STR-DH540’s revolutionary Front Height mode that allows 3D effects and vocal height. This means you can enjoy truly theatrical-quality movies, concerts and action sequences as they play out on your TV screen, making this product the best home theater receiver from Sony.


  • Thanks to Sony’s Digital Cinema Auto Calibration, you can get the best sound experience possible from this audio/video receiver. Set up the supplied microphone in your desired location and the A/V receiver automatically optimizes settings based on placement, delays and distance of your speakers.


With the Sony STR-DH540, you can truly bring the excitement home. It boasts of 5.2 channels, mobile device connectivity, and integration via 4K and 3D pass-through. Get multi-layered sound quality via HD Digital Cinema Sound with auto calibration that enables easy set-up. This is truly the best home theater receiver when you want value for money.


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