What’s the best shortwave radio from Sony



Wide variety of frequencies

Tuning variety

Versatile functionality

Slim and lightweight

Synchronous Detection Circuitry



A customer who wrote one of the Sony ICF-SW7600GR reviews mentions the absence of a traditional knob for tuning and the buttons having no backlight. The same user acknowledges that it’s all pretty much covered by the impressive tuner power.

Installation of the batteries has to be managed within one minute to avoid having the presets erased.


Customer rating —> A


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  • If it’s pure tuner power that excites you, the Sony ICF-SW7600GR should be in your sights as the best shortwave radio from Sony. It pulls in AM frequencies, plus short wave, long wave and medium wave. It also picks up FM frequencies. The radio delivers FM sound in full stereo capability. You can enjoy accurate reception over a wide variety of broadcast stations. With Single Side band or SSB, you can enjoy optimum multi-mode reception and fine tuning, with interference reduced to a minimum on the narrow AM band. This ensures better sound delivery. You can opt to use the fine 1kHz step-tuning for effortless and precise reception by picking up at 1kHz intervals.


  • Be amazed by how this sleek radio can pull in even that near-impossible station you’d never think any radio can get. Thanks to the awesome tuning power of the Sony ICF-SW7600GR, you can capture distant stations in a snap, and it’s only like you’re using a pocket calculator. The radio rides on Sony’s 10-key Direct Access Tuning. In addition, you can get optimum stability that minimizes drift to the barest level, all thanks to the extremely accurate method called phrase-locked loop (PLL) Quartz Frequency Synthesized tuning. With auto-scan tuning/memory scan, you can enjoy professional-grade microprocessor-controlled tuning that does one-at-a-time scanning of all 100 memory presets that are saved in memory.


  • This product fits the bill when it comes to premiumshortwave radio accessories. It provides World Time Clock/Dual Clock functionality. View the current time at various places around the world along with your local time. You can mobilize the dual standby function to set the alarm so you get two different wakeup times. You can also use this function to wake you up to two different radio stations. The built-in 3.5mm headphone jack allows you to do private listening while improving sound clarity amidst background noise. The radio is built with a ferrite bar antenna for long wave and AM, plus a telescoping antenna for shortwave and FM. The LCD display shows you the digital read-out of the frequency so you’ll know which station you’re on.


  • Thanks to the Sony ICF-SW7600GR’s synchronous detection circuitry, fading is reduced as well as annoying beat frequency interference from nearby stations. This technology reduces distortion on your tuned-in stations.


Don’t let this product’s small size fool you. It is the best shortwave radio you can get at an unbeatable price. Thanks to its awesome tuner power, you can capture an endless variety of stations on different bands, whether AM, FM, long wave, medium wave, shortwave, or SSB. It can be tuned manually, directly, via scanning or the memory presets. Listen to the whole word on the Sony ICF-SW7600GR.


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