What is the best boombox from Sony



Power Drive

CD-R/RW Playback Compatibility/Syncing/Integration

Preset Features





For those who want power without the awesome size, this may not be what they are looking for. However, the size and weight capably carry the features that this best boombox holds in its substantial packaging.

Thanks to the built-in presets, the Sony CFDG700CP Xplod foregoes manual bass/treble settings. People who want to be able to customize their Boombox on their own may find this a minor nuisance.


Customer rating -> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • Built for serious audiophiles who love a powerful listening experience from their sound systems, the Sony CFDG700CP Xplod Portable CD/Radio Cassette Recorder/Boombox/Speaker System provides an excellent way to enjoy awe-inspiring sound. The Sony CFDG700CP is engineered to be as loud as its revolutionary design. It is built with a 130mm power drive woofer (PDW) plus 20 watts of total output power. Expect nothing less than aggressive bass response from the 130mm Power Drive Woofer. With 20 watts of total RMS, the Xplod possesses enough punch to push the power drive woofer to do its job, effectively filling the entire space with ear-busting sound. The Sony CFDG700CP is nothing but ordinary, representing the perfect marriage between power and high quality in a new rugged profile.


  • Listen to your well-loved tunes no matter where you may be, thanks to the Xplod’s hassle-free plug-and-play integration with a PC or digital music player. Sony CFDG700CP Xplod reviews express elation over how the product is able to play all CD-R/RW discs burned in a home recording deck or PC. This allows the user to craft personalized mixes from an existing music collection so there is always great music to enjoy. With synchronized CD/Cassette dubbing, recording on the cassette begins simultaneously with CD playback. The remote even has keys that directly access CD tracks in addition to preset stations programmed into the tuner memory. You can even connect separately purchased American DJ D-Light Sync Pak Stage Lights for amazing visual effects.


  • This best boombox from Sony is built with preset sound modes. It allows users to choose an appropriate sound level to go with the type of music that’s currently playing. The selections include Flat, Salsa, Reggaeton, Dance and Rock. Use the electronic settings to get easy, one-button tuning to your choice of 20 FM and 10 AM stations, a total of 30 Station Memory presets. Get precise drift-free tuning of radio broadcasting stations that offer a variety of music programs and talk shows, delivered to you in awesome stereo sound.


  • This single 2-channel stereo cassette offers widely-recognized Sony sound quality with total output power of 20 watts. Running only on 28 watts, it has a CD drive with rating of20Hz-20kHz and Cassette drive with 50Hz-13 kHz rating on frequency response.


The Xplod may not have an entire caboodle of boombox accessories save for the Remote Control, AC Power Cord and 90-Day Limited Warranty, but thanks to its delivery of an awesome listening experience, it can surely give larger sound/speaker systems a run for the money. This is your go-to machine when you want listening experience that’s levels apart from the rest.


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