What is the best washing machine with agitator from Smart+ Products



Selectable wash programs, water levels and water temperature

Flexibility and Form



Dependable washing machine with agitator accessories



One of the Smart+ Products SPP55AW reviews mentions the inability of the tiny plastic wheels to pivot, limiting movement to just forwards and backwards when the machine is to be stored inside a closet or transferred.

Delicate clothes may get stretched over time, as what typically happens with most other machines with agitator.


Customer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • The Smart+ Products SPP55AW offers a variety of washing options to give you reliable cleaning. The four wash programs include Soak, Wash, Rinse and Spin. You can also choose from Jeans, Heavy, Normal and Gentle cycles. Water levels are electronically controlled by setting from 1 to 10. Water temperature selections vary from Hot, Cool and Warm, to help you get optimum washing performance.


  • The compact washer doesn’t just go into any tight space, but it also quickly connects to existing plumbing fixtures and any sink. The product plugs into any standard triple-prong AC outlet and can be used almost anywhere in the house, without need for complex electrical connections or special adapter apparatuses, making this the best washing machine with agitator from Smart+ Products.


  • With its remarkable 1.65 cu feet capacity, the Smart+ Products SPP55AW can wash up to 12 lbs. of laundry. This means larger loads and less work for you on laundry day.


  • Featuring a durable stainless steel tub, the washer can be operated via a simple touch pad that lets you obtain the best combination every time. A pause button lets you interrupt the cycle when needed. The top-mounted clear viewing window allows you to constantly check on your laundry. LED lights enable you to monitor the cycle status. Thanks to the Delay Start feature, you can load the washer now and have it run later. The pulsating bottom means no agitator is needed. The Bi-Fold Lid Childproof Setting is an innovative feature that sounds an alarm and drains the washer if the lid is opened during operation. The Noise Damper Plate enables quiet operation.


  • The machine ships with Fill and Drain hoses or water inlet hoses, a faucet adapter, a removable and washable lint filter, a hot water connector lid,  and 2 rubber washers.


When you want the best washing machine with agitator, look no further than Versonel’s Smart+ Products SPP55AW Portable Compact Top Load Washing Machine. With a large variety of wash cycles you can combine to get the best washing performance, you’re sure to get awesome results that should make laundry less of a chore.


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