What is the best sling box alternative from Sling Media



Expands your TV’s capability

Seamlessly connects your PC to your TV

Provides access to your USB hard drive for big screen enjoyment

Connects your DVR and TV for integrated control and viewing

Lets the whole family enjoy internet video content from your personal media library



As noted by Sling Media SlingCatcher SC100-100 reviews, this product hasn’t been designed to provide Mac OS support as well as 64-bit Windows Vista for use of a computer as a source of signal.

Virtual operating systems such as Parallels and Fusion are not recommended for use with this device, as with all other video or CPU intensive applications.


Customer rating –> B+


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  • Engineered as a universal media player for your TV, the SlingCatcher lets you access the Slingbox on another TV in the house or anywhere on the planet. With the SlingCatcher, you can truly enjoy the digital age on just your TV screen.

  • Watching a video on your PC just got a bit more exciting with the SlingCatcher. Use SlingProjector, special software that lets you wirelessly project Video on your PC straight to your TV. SlingProjector is built for 32-bit Windows XP and Vista. This allows you to select any window on your PC for full screen projection onto your TV.


  • When you have children in the house, it’s not unusual to have a whole collection of family videos taken on their special moments. However, compiling and organizing them can be a real chore. With the SlingCatcher, the best sling box alternative from Sling Media, you can now share your kids’ library of great moments with the entire family by storing everything on a portable USB hard drive. Then plug the USB hard drive into the SlingCatcher and have immediate access to your video library of precious memories.


  • With the way DVR has revolutionized TV viewing, it can be difficult to imagine going back to the old way. However, having more than one TV in the house can be useless as DVR use is limited to just one TV. Now, there’s a ready solution by easy hookup of a Slingbox on one TV and a SlingCatcher on another. This lets you watch and control the DVR and all its programming from the second TV, without having to pay monthly fees.


  • When you have to go away to college, you can take along the SlingCatcher for installation in your dorm room. When you want to connect to your Slingbox at home, it’s always possible. You can now enjoy games, shows and TV programs straight from your parents’ TV at home. View clips from Hulu and YouTube together, full episodes of NBC.com and CBS.com shows, even full length movies from NetFlix for projection to a big screen thanks to SlingProjector software that works with most web sites and video players.


With the SlingCatcher, you have the best sling box alternative that lets you optimize your high-performance PC to make the most out of your TV and DVR experience. Project whatever media content you choose from your PC, DVR and USB hard drive to the big screen. Let the whole family enjoy special memories of your children compiled in USB hard drive format. Access what’s on TV even when you’re not home.


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