What is the best sling box alternative from Sling Media



Maximum 1080p output resolution

Remote viewing on Android and iOS apps

Wireless connection and on-demand movies

HDMI input and output

Playback of personal media library



One of the Sling Media Slingbox 500 reviews notes the absence of a separate digital coaxial audio input, which was present in the earlier generation Pro-HD. The lack of the component could have a direct effect on sound production should the HDMI not work.

The product requires SlingPlayer app to run smoothly. Fortunately, the app is available through a wide variety of sources including: Windows Store, Amazon Appstore, Google Play and Apple App Store.


Customer rating –> A+


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  • With the right connection speed, the Slingbox 500 makes the best sling box alternative from Sling Media due to how it can transmit up to 1080p resolution. A minimum of 2 Mbps is required for on-location upstream connection. The same speed works at the destination as well. You can enjoy full high definition at your fingertips.

  • With purchase of SlingPlayer for Android and iOS devices, you can enjoy convenient remote viewing. For both Windows and Apple OSX, the Slingbox software is free to download and install. It is also available through Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Watch TV on your phone and other tablets even when you don’t own an iPad. You can enjoy live (in real time) or recorded TV over WiFi, 3G or 4G.


  • Enjoy your photos and videos on the big screen when you’re at home. Archive your personal media wirelessly from your phone to a USB hard drive. Attach the hard drive to the Slingbox 500 and browse and watch videos, movies and photos from your personal media collection using a Mac or PC via SlingPlayer for iPhone. Get access to an entire library of international shows, sports and movies.


  • With HDMI in and out, you can schedule DVR recordings. You’ll never miss another game or show even when you’re out of the house. Pause, rewind, fast forward what you’ve recorded with ease. Watch channel line ups live. Enjoy remote control programming in real time. Watch recorded shows on your DVR.


  • With the Slingbox 500, primetime is always social time. You can sit down and catch up on shows and episodes you’ve missed on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Instant. Get live TV anywhere. Hook it up with your streaming device and your big screen TV and be able to watch what you want on your satellite or cable subscription, all without recurring monthly fees.


When you’ve got the Slingbox 500, you can be sure you have what no other best sling box alternative can offer. The Slingbox 500 lets you watch what you want, where and when you want on all the channels you subscribe to. Use your laptop, PC, phone or tablet and hook it up to your big screen for truly high definition performance. Have access to your personal library of media, set up favorites and sort by program genre.


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