What is the best garage door opener fro Skylink



When you are looking for one of the best garage door openers, you want to make sure it features a soft start and stop, much like this one.

The Skylink garage door opener uses a belt drive to quietly and smoothly open and close your garage door.

The unit features an infrared safety sensor that protects loved ones from getting hurt if they should happen to be in the way when the door is closing.

This Skylink garage opener features a keyless entry system, allowing you to use the garage door without carrying a remote control.



When it comes to the Skylink EQ-1522BK reviews, it is worth mentioning that the majority of customers who have purchased this door opener are fairly happy with their purchase. Some of the small complaints include too many different instruction manuals. Some users feel that the company need only include one easy to read instruction booklet, rather than the “cliff notes version”. One consumer stated they received the booklet for the chain drive when they purchased the belt drive.

Another complaint a customer pointed out is the remote control seemed to work only four feet away from the wall unit. While this is the only customer to report this issue, it is worth mentioning because most cars are usually more than four feet away from the garage door or the wall unit when actually want to open the door.


Customer rating –> B


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Benefits Explained

  • When you purchase and install this garage door opener, you will quickly understand why this is one of the best garage door openers from Skylink. It uses a CD motor which provides a much quieter operation and has an adjustable soft start and stop operation. This allows the door to be opened slowly then come to full speed, and when it is almost at a stop, it will slow down before reaching a complete stop. This function reduces the wear and tear on the hardware.

  • The belt drive of this garage door ensures an incredibly smooth and quiet operation. The drive uses a flexible rubber belt to open and close the door and the rubber is the perfect material because it reduces vibrations and eliminates excess noise.


  • In order to keep your loved ones safe, this opener features an infrared sensor that monitors the opening of the garage while the door is closing. If there is an obstruction blocking the sensor while the door is closing, it will stop immediately and then go back up.


  • Although this features a keyless entry system and you don’t have to carry a remote control, you still will receive the standard garage door opener accessories. This includes two remote controls with visor clips and a deluxe wall console.


Consumers who wish to upgrade to a high quality garage door opener will want to consider this one from Skylink. Previous customers are happy with their purchase, the safety features are on par with other top quality openers, and it is relatively affordable.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($184.38)