What is the best sling box alternative from SiliconDust



Seamless operation with multiple computers

Works with Windows Media Center

High-quality streaming

Free broadcast TV

iPhone and iPad compatible



One of the SiliconDust HD HomeRun HDHR3-US reviews notes that setting up a static IP within the device is impossible without a DHCP server on the network, which can be an issue with some users.

The device has no recording software and little to no documentation, but offers intuitive controls.


Customer rating –> A


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  • Use multiple computers to run Windows Media Center, all sharing the pool of HDHomeRun tuners. Automatic allocation of tuners between computers is handled by this superior product, the best sling box alternative from SiliconDust. Multiple units can be used to obtain even more tuners. Through WiFi connection in your home network, you can wirelessly watch, record or pause live HDTV on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Being one of the most popular DVR applications to date, Microsoft’s Windows Media Center is included free with Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate, and also with Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise versions. This product also works with MCE 2005 and popular third-party DVR applications such as NextPVR, SageTV and BeyondTV.


  • The HDHomeRun streams full-quality digital stream from an existing cable or broadcast provider. This enables you to enjoy premium quality 720p and 1080i HDTV when available. Even when no antenna is available, you can connect the HDHomeRun straight to the incoming cable line and receive non-encrypted digital cable channels from your cable provider.


  • Pick up free broadcast digital TV in your area, including PBS, NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, and other networks with use of an antenna. In most locations, more sub-channels are available with programs for classic TV, children, weather channels and plenty more, with no recurring monthly subscription fees.


  • You can enjoy streaming of HDTV live on your iPhone or iPad via your wireless network. Three different ways to stream are at your disposal. You can opt for the InstaTV Server software operating on your Windows PC and the InstaTV app for live TV streaming to iOS 5+ devices. Utilize the Elgato EyeTV software on your Mac and EyeTV app on your portable device for both live and recorded TV streaming to any device operating on iOS or later versions. Or use your iOS device’s InstaTV app for direct channel streaming on newer iOS devices using the HDHomeRun.


The SiliconDust HDHomeRun DUAL High-Definition Digital/TV Tuner is the best sling box alternative thanks to its versatility as a TV tuner for Ethernet-connected PCs. When connected to your home router, the HDHomeRun Tuner can be accessed from any computer in the home. You can watch and record what’s on TV from your living room, garage, kitchen, and backyard or anywhere you have a computer.


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