5.2 Shark Light & EasyTM Steam MopBenefits

Comes with the essential steam mop accessories

Cleans a variety of floor surfaces

Fast heat up time and wide cleaning path

Offers steam-on-demand technology

Lightweight yet efficient



Several Shark Light & Easy S3101 reviews have noted that this best steam mop can stall on floors with a certain texture, although it glides smoothly on vinyl surfaces.

The manufacturer recommends use of distilled water and not ordinary tap water to obtain the best results and prevent development of scaling on the unit.

Streaky results tend to occur when the machine is used on heavily soiled floors.


Customer rating –> B


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Benefits explained

—The Shark S3101 Light-&-Easy Steam Mop comes with a 20-foot cord that lets you go around the room without having to change sockets. The cleaner also comes bundled with a washable all-purpose pad so you won’t need to replace it very often. The filling flask offers a great way to have water on hand for steam production, with its 230ml capacity.

5.1 Shark Light & EasyTM Steam Mop

—With the Shark Light & Easy S3101, you have power over bacteria and germs that require deep cleaning and sanitation to lift them out of wood and hard floor surfaces. This eliminates the need to use commercial rental machines.


—Thanks to its fast heat up time of 30 seconds, the Shark S3101 lets you commence cleaning quickly. Its 11-inch cleaning  path is wide enough to help you complete the job fast.


—With its patented on-demand steam technology, the Shark Light & Easy steam mop lets you control the level of cleaning to your desired setting. You just need to push to pump steam, letting you apply the precise amount of steam to handle the job as you want it.  The washable microfiber pad lifts and locks dirt left behind by other mops. The machine is surprisingly easy to maneuver without getting physical strain.


—The lightweight design of this machine weighs in at 3 pounds. You can easily lift it to transfer areas or go up and down stairs. The Shark Light & Easy steam mop leaves floors clean and sanitized while requiring no bucket and traditional mop. It leaves floors nearly dry, ensuring safety for people in the house.



When you want the best steam mop from Shark, choose the Shark Light & Easy steam mop. It offers on-demand steam production technology, giving you positive control over the cleaning job. The steam mop cleans and sanitizes wood and hard surfaces. It is extremely light and portable at just 3 pounds.


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