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A common complaint against this high-end appliance in Samsung RF4287 reviews is the price tag it carries. This is not surprising since products in the same category typically command a higher price due to their advanced technology and features.

The appliance is programmed to default to display or demo mode (read: reboot) when a power outage occurs. This merely requires starting the compressor again or switching the unit off for a few more minutes.


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Benefits Explained

  • With its 28-cubic-foot capacity and flexible shelving, what’s there not to love about this best french door refrigerator from Samsung? The innovative FlexZone drawer slides out automatically when the main freezer drawer is pulled out. This enables you to easily access small items and favorite beverages. It can be pushed back easily. Its bottom zone offers storage for big items. There’s a narrow shelf, too, and it runs across the width of the front for even more shelf space. This lets you store small items without necessitating that you open the entire drawer to retrieve them. The bottom drawer that makes the 7.7-cubic-foot freezer stores an awesome amount of food. Its full-width shelf lets you store and have easy access to heavily used items.


  • Given its superb Energy Star rating, the Samsung RF4287 shows a successful marriage of functionality and energy efficiency. The unit’s compressor runs at variable speeds for the different storage zones, which means you only utilize the energy needed for specific storage tasks. This means you can easily cut back on energy consumption based on what you actually put inside for storage. The Samsung RF4287 is programmed to deactivate certain functions when you set it to energy saving mode, effectively saving on energy costs.


  • This is the best french door refrigerator thanks to its surround air flow and exclusive Twin Cooling System. The twin system lets you open the freezer without worrying that the compressors get overworked unnecessarily. Have cubed and crushed ice plus filtered water at the ready at all times. Blue LED display controls let you view inside temperature. Chilled air is not allowed to flow out thanks to the drawer design. Built to be tough and hardworking, the Samsung RF4287 French Door Refrigerator employs strong thin wall insulation technology. The walls have been adjusted further to allow more storage space for a variety of food items and food sizes.


  • The Samsung RF4287 has a specially-designed middle drawer divider that allows differentiation into four various-sized zones so food items are kept separate from one another. Chill wine, store cooked and uncooked food, or enjoy ice-cold drinks kept at their optimum temperatures in each zone, with no alteration in taste and quality thanks to the adjustable temperature controls.


When you want an impressive fridge that packs in plenty of awesomeness in its package, the Samsung RF4287 is exactly what you need. Even without a whole horde of french door refrigerator accessories, the fridge outperforms any standard single door fridge in whatever criterion. Advanced technology, huge storage space, energy efficiency and overall functionality make this product a must-buy.


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