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A customer who submitted a comprehensive assessment of the appliance to Samsung RF323TEDBSR reviews mentioned that the fridge only has two layers of drawers in the bottom freezer, which is deep. This characteristic of the freezer does not allow easy organization of food items specially when storing irregularly-shaped frozen ones.

The left door of the refrigerator section is unable to stay open on its own, which is a minor nuisance when you’re unloading a full bag of groceries to be stored.


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Benefits Explained

  • Built to be the best french door refrigerator from Samsung in terms of size, the Samsung RF323TEDBSR offers an incredible 31.6 cubic feet of storage. You can easily put in a number of bags of groceries inside for chilling, cooling, freezing or just to keep fresh. Store your favorite beverages on the door shelves. Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and crunchy inside the produce crispers. Store jams and jellies, prepared and cooked food on separate shelves, an entire platter of entrée for storage before eating. The Samsung RF323TEDBSR provides an optimum amount of storage to address your refrigeration demands with ease. The auto-pullout freezer drawer slides out automatically for easy access. Organize and store commonly used frozen goods the way you want.


  • Producing up to 12 pounds of ice daily via the in-freezer icemaker, the RF323TEDBSR is the best french door refrigerator that offers value for the buck. The Ice Master even stores up to 10 pounds of ice, giving you a steady supply for huge family and special entertainment events at home. Enjoy superb-tasting filtered water straight from the fridge, helping you save time and money on buying bottled water.


  • Built with Samsung’s exclusive Twin Cooling Plus® technology, the RF323TEDBSR helps fresh produce stay juicy longer. Cooling air is kept at a high level, at humidity levels that approximate commercial-grade cooling so perishable items such as fruits and vegetables are effectively kept from spoiling. The cooler freezer air also guarantees virtually no freezer burn, helping retain taste in foods even when they are frozen. The dual-action cooling system also locks in freshness inside without affecting temperatures of freezer air. LED lighting has been engineered to deliver high efficiency illumination to every corner of the inside of the fridge. This helps you spot what you want to retrieve easily. The sleek design of the LED lighting takes up less space than a conventional incandescent bulb.


For temperature performance, energy efficiency and overall functionality, there won’t be any need for an entire collection of french door refrigerator accessories to convince buyers that the Samsung RF323TEDBSR Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator is a great buy. With its huge storage capacity and innovative ice maker and water dispenser, entertaining and staying healthy are not difficult at all.


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