2.1 Samson Graphite 25 USB MIDI ControllerBenefits

The Samson Graphite 25 reviews talk about the impressive keyboard dynamics that make the device a responsive and expressive platform.

The Samson Graphite 25 offers expanded mobility that enables ease of use.

Experience impressive control with the device’s range of controller functions.

Create splits and layer sounds as you see fit by using up to three zones on the versatile keyboard.

This is the best MIDI knob controller from Samson for its ability to trigger creativity and its optimal playability.



One of the current users of this device, who still considers the Samson Graphite 25 the best MIDI knob controller, is curious as to why the device drops out shortly for 30 seconds or so after establishing initial connectivity. But the controller always reconnects.

One or two buyers bemoan the hard and stiff touch of the pads, purely a matter of personal preference.

Another purely subjective element is the sluggish feel of the keys, according to one customer.


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Benefits Explained

-Thanks to the Graphite 25’s semi-weighted keyboard, musicians get a responsive and expressive platform designed to give authentic experience of an actual instrument, making the device more than just a controller. The velocity-sensitive keys accurately capture performance dynamics. The unique Aftertouch feature provides customized control over a range of parameters and effects. The 25 keys make a perfect pitch range for performing.

2.2 Samson Graphite 25 USB MIDI Controller

-The Graphite 25 comes with its range of MIDI knob controller accessories that guarantee expanded mobility plus easy use. The dedicated Transpose and Octave buttons allow changing of the key of any given instrument. They also expand keyboard functionality to an entire four-octave range, without need of any shift keys or sub menus. The classic Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels enable control of sound intensity and power.

-Get ultimate control of your DAW as well as virtual instruments with the unit’s remarkable controller functions. The Graphite 25 has a programmable master volume fader, four function buttons and eight encoders that are all customizable, giving you exceptional hands-on control. The components can also be programmed dynamically without needing editor software. The large LCD screen shows you every function in real time, for responsive mapping using any software.

-You can personalize the Graphite 25 by employing up to 3 zones on the keyboard. Assign different sounds to match different sections of the keys for excellent customization. Control from two to four specific voices at a single time. Let your creative ideas flow easily by recording lead, bass, pad and string tones to just one track.

-The four large velocity-sensitive trigger pads are easily programmable and assignable. With them, you can cue one-shot samples, tap out drum beats or start and stop sequences on the fly. A second bank of triggers lets you expand options further by bringing the total to eight. The device is ideal for studio performances and live applications.


Designed for maximum playability, the Graphite 25 is the best knob controller that allows your creative side to come out with its velocity-sensitive trigger pads that are amazingly controllable and programmable. It’s great for creating music on-the-go with its easy connectivity with the iPad. Use the bundled Native Instrument’s Komplete Elements software to enjoy a wide selection of studio-quality sounds, effects and tools for modern music production.


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