How to Buy the Safest Crib?


For all parents, getting a new baby crib is one of the most important steps in preparing to welcome their newborn. Unfortunately, with so many versions and models available on the market, this simple step most often becomes a hassle and puts additional stress on the family. Wanting to help parents decide on the best product, we put together a small list of the most important aspects to keep in mind when getting a new baby crib. Reading this article will make your decision easier and your new life as a parent a bit more stress free.

A. Safest Cribs


Placed on top of any other aspects or features, the safety of a baby crib is essential. Helping the baby sleep in completely safe conditions not only helps him develop without any problems, but also aids parents avoiding constant worrying about him. Remember that when you’re getting a new baby crib, you have to look for the safest cribs before going down the list of other features. Put safety first and you will rest assured that your precious baby is out of harm’s way and can sleep soundly, cradled by nice dreams.



After narrowing down your selection to the safest cribs you may now start looking for additional features in order to get the best model for you and your baby. One of the most important aspects of a new crib is its capacity to grow up with the baby. As your child develops, the crib must keep up with him and adapt to his ever changing needs. Newer crib models are capable of converting from cribs to toddler beds and even full beds.



While a baby is not particularly demanding on the crib, as he grows so do his own strength and ability to damage things. The safest cribs are extremely durable and capable of resisting years of abuse, biting, kicking, pushing and pulling. A good, durable crib will keep your baby safe and protected while in the same time resist to his constantly increasing energy and strength. When choosing a new baby crib look for a durable model and you will rest assured that you did not waste your money and have to replace it once the baby grows.


What Are the Safest Cribs in 2022


While looking for more information about the safest cribs available today, we read through all the baby crib reviews and user comments until we found what we wanted. Here are the best three baby cribs that you can buy right now. With excellent safety records and superb features, any of these cribs is an excellent choice for a safety conscious parent.


Stork Craft Hampton


1. Stork Craft HamptonCertified by both JPMA and PTPA, this crib is one of the safest cribs you will find today. Simple and elegant, with an excellent design that combines a classic look with modern functionality, the Stork Craft Hampton convertible crib is an excellent choice for both you and your baby.

Easy to assemble and perfectly suited for any kind of nursery, this baby crib is designed to grow with your baby and convert from a crib to a day bed with ease and without the need for any additional parts. Featuring a sturdy wooden frame, this crib is durable enough to withstand the baby and his full blown energy throughout the years.

Elegant and comfortable, the Stork Craft Hampton can accommodate any kind of standard crib mattress you will find on the market. Featuring a three level adjustable mattress system, this crib is capable of adjusting its height to match your baby development and keep him comfortable all the time.

Called by many one of the best cribs 2022, the Stork Craft Hampton convertible crib is an example of functionality, style and safety and a perfect choice for any parent in need of a new and safe baby crib.

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Child Craft Camden 4-in-1


2. Child Craft CamdenHaving a new baby is always a celebration, and this crib will keep it that way for years. Sporting an exquisite classic wooden design and superb flexibility, the Child Craft Camden convertible crib is one of the best baby cribs you will ever find.

Created from quality hardwood and featuring excellent craftsmanship, this baby crib is extremely durable and safe. Strong, resistant to wear and tear and capable of withstanding any kind of abuse that a baby can put it through, this crib is a favorite among parents and reviewers alike.

Durability aside, the Child Craft Camden features excellent flexibility. With its smart design, it is capable of converting from a baby crib to a toddler bed or even a full size bed. Adjusting to your baby needs as he develops is one of the best capabilities of this superb crib.

Having one of the most beautiful classic looks, created from the highest durable materials and designed to adapt and adjust to your baby as he grows, this crib is also named the safest crib 2022. Certified by all the major safety organizations including JPMA, ASTM and CPSIA, the Child Craft Camden is by far the best baby growing environment a parent can wish for.

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Graco Lauren


3. Graco LaurenLoved by all parents for its adaptability and durability, this baby crib is also one of the safest we could find on the market today. Passing all tests and getting all safety certifications from ASTM, JPMA and CPSC, this crib will keep your baby safe without compromising on his comfort and happiness.

Created from durable materials, having all possible safety certifications and following all the safety rules and regulations today, this baby crib is a perfect choice for any safety conscious parent. Simple to move and assemble, with clear and easy to follow instructions, the Graco Lauren Convertible will be ready to accommodate your baby in no time.

When it comes to adaptability and flexibility, this crib is capable of converting with ease in a toddler bed or a day bed and it can even become a full bed. Adjusting to your baby as he develops, this crib is a great investment. The easy to adjust tree level mattress system will provide the optimal comfort regardless of your baby’s age.

Created with safety in mind and named the safest crib 2022, the Graco Lauren Convertible is a great baby crib. Simple, elegant and functional, this model will keep your baby safe and comfortable and his parents relaxed and stress free.

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