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We may not have full control of what happens but we can surely prevent tragic things from happening if we start acting responsibly. Beware of dangers and have full protection of your baby when driving. Safest car seats 2021 sure takes some pressure of your back for knowing your baby in good hands while driving. Constantly tested before released on the market, this seats have been designed to challenge all safety demands when it comes to protecting the ones we love.


What baby car seat we recommend – Professional buying guide


6Parents know how important it is to choose the most reliable and safest car seats, after all, your child is precious cargo! With so many options on the market, new parents may not know what to look for when choosing the right car seat. That is why we have created this guide—to help you navigate all the options that are available and understand the different things to look for.

If you are buying a car seat for a newborn, you will want a rear-facing infant carrier or a convertible seat (it begins as a rear facing car seat, but as the baby becomes a toddler, the car seat can be turned into a front facing car seat). This is among the most popular options because it can save you money, since it can transition into a regular car seat.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type Price Max weight (lbs) Special feature Our Rating Where to buy

Britax Marathon G4

Convertible $$$$$ 65 Premium Latch Installation A+ AMAZON


Convertible $$$ 65 Safety Stripe System B+ AMAZON

Chicco Keyfit 30

Infant $$$ 30 RideRight 2 Easy-to-See Bubble Level Indicators A AMAZON

Britax B-Safe

Infant $$ 30 Four harness heights B AMAZON

Chicco NextFit

Convertible $$$$ 65 Height-adjustable headrest with 6 positions B AMAZON


Every car seat you look at should feature a five-point safety harness. This harness has two shoulder straps two straps around the waist, and then a strap between the legs that meet in the middle. In addition, the highest rated and safest car seats feature side impact padding around the head and the car seat is compatible with the LATCH system (it is a way to secure the base firmly without using seatbelts).

It is common for car seats to get rather expensive, but you will want to keep a budget in mind. The pricier models have little perks like nicer fabrics, accessories like a padded harness or a cover to go around the baby’s feet, but you can find a cheap car seat that is still safe.

While there is no way to say who makes the best and safest car seat, you can rest assured that every car seat that is available to the public has gone through numerous tests and have been approved by the current safety standards. When in doubt, check for the JPMA certification stamp on the box. We recommend that you never accept a second hand car seat, unless it has been purchased recently. We only make this suggestion because safety standards and technology evolves often and older car seats may not meet today’s standards.

While we feel that the information that we have provided you with is good, we suggest that you thoroughly research the different models of car seats and compare the safety specs and reviews. When it comes to the safety of your child, you can never learn enough. We recommend that when you go looking for the safest car seat, you keep these key points in mind.


Things to consider:

  • Look for a rear facing car seat if your child is under two years old. To conserve money, you may want a convertible car seat because it starts as a rear facing car seat and then as your child grows up, it can turn into a front facing car seat.
  • Make sure the car seat has a five point harness system. This will prevent your child from wiggling around and getting loose from the car seat. It will also keep the child secure in the car seat if there is an accident.
  • Look for a car seat that has ample padding on the sides and around the head. This padding will protect your child in case there is an accident.


Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car Seat


Safest Car Seats 2021Your child will have ultimate safe measure with this safest car seat 2021 that brings a whole new definition to the term safety in case of a crash. It will provide optimal distribution of forces, lowering the center of gravity and keeping the seat from going in front. Most reviews have provided real life situation of car accidents and praised the utility of this convertible car seat as a life savoir. But safety must not come with the on-going price of having your baby stay still. Comfort and maneuverability are just as important for long term daily usage.

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RECARO ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat


Better to avoid than have it happen. Place your baby in good hands as this is one of the safest car seats 2021 will fit numerous ages and baby weights. Precisely engineered for safety, it protects head, neck, face, torso and pelvis and has a good protections system for side impact. This convertible seat will not only bring you some peace of mind while driving but it will also have a comfortable place for your baby to sit and one easy to handle around car seat.

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Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat


The safest car seat 2021 has gained huge popularity among parents because it adjusts to protecting your child as he grows up. From new born baby to toddler, this car seat is the best options for having your child enjoy comfortable car seat while feeling confident he will not be exposed to any unexpected dangers. For parents, nothing is more of a challenge than dealing with complicated attaching requirements. This car seat is one click away from staying fixed and having your baby safe and sound.

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Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat


All of your family friends will envy you for having purchased a great car seat at one affordable price. It brings all features for having a fully protected baby on the road: distribution of crash forces and complete body protection. This nice looking car seat will instantly adjust its harness for fitting your fast growing child. Gain excellent mobility because this car seat adjusts to strollers as well and you can have it installed in your car in just a few seconds.

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Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat


This car seat will have your baby sit in up to 9 comfortable positions whilst still providing safety measures on a regular basis. Once you read the manual, you will easily understand how this chair has been designed to incorporate all needed features for protection, comfort and stability. There is no need to be an engineer to have this chair installed and ready to go on the road and your baby doesn’t need to adjust to stiff and non-appealing car seats which he or she will be using for years.

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