Safe-T-Proof Solar, Hand-Crank Emergency Radio – B007P0Z4EU



This best emergency radio from Safe-T-Proof needs no batteries and charges all mobile devices, such as smart cell phones and tablets.

The radio charges via hand crank generator or the solar panel.

The super bright LED flashlight provides reliably clear illumination.

The AM/FM/Weather Band radio pulls in the strongest transmitting stations within the range, so you can get fresh information on weather and emergency alerts in your area.

In addition to the radio feature, the device also provides multiple uses.



As with most other emergency radios of this caliber, the Safe T-Proof emergency radio does not have a charging level indicator.

One of the Safe-T-Proof STP-ER-01 reviews expresses disappointment that the product is too lightweight to lend it a solid feel.

The item does not come with a carrying case.


Customer Rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

–>    The product never needs batteries in order to charge mobile devices. It uses state-of-the-art technology to power up your portable gadgets so you can stay connected with the people that matter the most.

–>    The device is solar-powered and also has a hand crank generator for renewable power sources every time. The high-capacity battery offers revolutionary rechargeable battery technology. Just put the device in direct sunlight with the solar panel facing the sun. Or pull the handle from its storage position and crank it clockwise. You may also use the included USB cable or appropriate vehicle or wall charger for plugging into the power input and the DC6V jack.


–>    The LED bulb in the flashlight keeps your environment adequately illuminated during emergencies or when power outages occur. You won’t have to grope helplessly in the dark when you have this emergency radio on hand.


–>    Never be hopelessly in the dark either in terms of timely information, thanks to the AM and FM transmissions you can obtain from this device. Catch the strongest signals possible for weather data and updates that could save your and your loved ones’ lives.


–>    This best emergency radio is equipped with an emergency siren, a flashlight, a beacon light/blinker, so you should keep it in your vehicle or next to your bed, ready for use when emergencies occur.


Short Summary:

You can never be too secure and safe so it is best to keep emergency devices like the Safe-T-Proof STP-ER-01 beside you to be prepared for any sudden occurrences. It may be small and lightweight but it offers versatile use and function to keep you alert and connected all the time.


Buy from for ($27.75)