Best outdoor storages from Rubbermaid


People who have been looking for best deck boxes under $100 found it hard to make a decision, basically because of the multiplicity of options that are available. In this case, reading the rest of this article will prove to be a lot of help as it lists some of the best products currently available in the market, although they are priced about the $100 range.


Rubbermaid 3747 Horizontal Outdoor Storage


Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage ReviewThe Rubbermaid 3747 will provide you with a total of 32 cubic feet of generous space for storage. Once it is taken out of the box, you will find it easy to put the pieces together, without the need to spend too much time and effort. This is beneficial, especially given the fact that there are some storage boxes that can take forever to accomplish. In the case of this model, you do not even need the manual in order to figure out how it is supposed to be assembled.

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“I keep a lot of stuff and tools in this outdoor storage from Rubbermaid because it has a large interior. No signs of deterioration have been shown by it, even if it has been through near freezing temperatures and hot weather. I’m sure I’ve bought the best Rubbermaid outdoor storage 2018.” – Jason L. Levi


Rubbermaid 5F21 Outdoor Storage


This Rubbermaid outdoor storage review notes that when looking for a product within this category, one of the things that should be taken into account would be multi-functionality. For sure, you want to choose something that can provide you with ample amount of storage space. Nonetheless, it will be better if you can choose a product that can also act as a seat, just like this model. You can put it on the patio and serve as a seat for the guests you are about to entertain.

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“I don’t like to throw away things that I think will be useful in the future. I bought Rubbermaid 5F21 outdoor storage to have a place where to keep all my gardening tools. It’s spacious, sturdy and it looks like it’s a great place for storing different things.” – Carlos Reynolds


Rubbermaid 3749 Outdoor Storage


This storage box stands in a vertical position, like a tall cabinet. This is the ideal choice if you are looking for a place that can secure tools with long handle, such as a rake. It has a total capacity of 17 cubic feet. For many of the people who have purchased and used such in the past, one thing that is often commended is the use of high density polyethylene as the main material. This makes the product capable of being able to prevent chipping, cracking, or peeling, even after years of use.

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“I read the best Rubbermaid outdoor storage reviews and thought that this model would be of great use for me. The 17 cu. ft. of storage space are a great place for tools and other stuff. Its construction looks very stabile and feels very sturdy.” – Irving J. Weeks


Rubbermaid 5E39 Outdoor Storage


This is another model that is highly recommended in this Rubbermaid outdoor storage review. Whether you are looking for a storage box that can be useful for the indoor or outdoor, this is a choice that you will not definitely regret, as proven by many others. It has a total of 16.2 cubic feet of storage space. The door is lockable, although the lock should be purchased separately. This will give you the opportunity to secure all of the things that you plan to keep inside the box.

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“Rubbermaid 5E39 outdoor storage is a secure place where I can deposit some of my tools. I bought it six months ago and to this point it looks like new. Except cleaning it, I don’t have to do anything and I am very satisfied by the quality I got for a decent price.” – Dwight Bullington


Rubbermaid FG376401OLVSS Outdoor Storage Box


Among other things, the beautiful design of this model is one of the reasons on why it is a cut above all others within the product category. Once you look at it, it seems like an ordinary bench that is made from plastic. Nonetheless, it can do more than just provide you with a space for seating. This storage box is made from materials that can resist dust and leaking, and can withstand a variety of weather conditions, making it high quality.

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“I find this outdoor storage box to be excellent for keeping tools or other things and I would definitely recommend it to other people. The price I’ve paid for it was affordable and its customer reports gave it high marks. So far, I haven’t found any flaws in its design.” – Curtis Chapman