A few years ago we started a website called storiesfromspace.co.uk based on our passion for unique images. We lost most of the content when the domain expired, but here are some nice snippets we found.


Look what the cat dragged in…
Crystal Palace Park, London

During a stint of cat-sitting earlier this year, Lucky the cat proudly presented me with the remains of two jenny wrens and three field mice.
I know it’s nature and I know it’s just what cats do but it still breaks my heart to see such tiny expired lives…Have a few videos made with my pocket camcorder

aba Yaga’s kingdom
Batman St, Fitzroy North, Melbourne, 2009
With huge thanks to Agent PD, Carl and Moog for their photography skills and general help

“Walk through the gate of bleached white bones, set with grinning skulls whose eyes glow with fire. Here is the home of Baba Yaga; on the border between the world of mortals and the world of spirits. Ever watchful, restless, creaking, groaning, it spins on its chickenlegs, dancing on the edge of reason.”

One day, not so very long ago, a brave prince and princess journeyed from a far off land called Melbourne to find the kingdom of Baba Yaga.
They had heard tales from far and wide of her misdeeds and wanted to put a stop to them once and for all. Sure enough they came upon the evil
witch inside her funny house on chicken legs, hatching evils plans against the next unwitting visitors to her forest. The little prince and princess
gave her such a jolly good ticking off for her naughty ways that she certainly won’t be up to any of her usual mischief for a little while at least! You should also check places to avoid in New Orleans and Baltimore.




Some projects that I have done, and others that I have been meaning to get around to for ages…


Ideas Factory

Use breeze blocks to make graves for the many forgotten dead worms and pigeons that die on our streets each day

Nature Reserve

A weed enclosure, bridges across cracks in the pavement, a house on stilts where ants might shelter from the rain and a riverside residency for spiders (which they could make more homely with as many cobwebs as they felt necessary). Oh, what a comfort it is to stay on my leather sofa and review all these.
The “insect architecture” turned out to be of a temporary nature, no piece lasting longer than a few days, but I like to think that at least one or two bugs took advantage during that time…Some urinals can be seen as well.