What is the best fireplace from Real Flame



Programmable features

Doesn’t use combustible fuel

Great source of heat

Easy set up and use

Fabulous finish



When electric outages occur in the winter or during storms, this best electric fireplace from Real Flame cannot provide heat or light.

This best electric fireplace does not have real flame that gives the snap, pop and crackle of real wood, or the scent of burning wood.


Customer rating –> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • The unit comes with a remote control, thermostat and timer, which can all be programmed to the desired settings. One or two of the Real Flame Slim Crawford reviews even declare satisfaction over the many features of the remote. There’s even a cool ember feature where the wood glows and varies in intensity without a flame. The adjustable LED light allows you to modify flame vividness to your preference. The Real Flame Slim Crawford is a highly efficient and generally practical way to enjoy having a fireplace.

  • Electric fireplaces like the Real Flame Slim Crawford have a longer lifespan than either gas or wood-burning ones. That’s because they don’t run on combustible fuel, which also ensures that there is minimal corrosion. The investment made on this electric fireplace can last for years.


  • A standard electric space heater may be able to give more heat than an electric fireplace like the Real Flame Slim Crawford, but that’s due to the larger amount of electricity that the heater utilizes to operate. Emitting no harmful fumes such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, the Real Flame Slim Crawford offers a revolutionary way of getting the room heated and lit, with 4700 BTUs per hour. You don’t have to spend a few minutes trying to get a fire going when it’s cold out. The electric system of such a unit is also simple to maintain and clean since it doesn’t produce ash or soot to give heat and light.


  • The Real Flame Slim Crawford is easy to install, as it just anchors to the wall. Installing it is a DIY job since all you need is a standard AC outlet. You can even move the unit from room to room without hiring a professional to do it. Or you can choose not to install it at all. Just plug it in and it’s good to go!


  • The product offers a great way to brighten up your living space with its solid wood construction combined with veneered manufactured wood in white finish.


With effortless installation and efficient heat- and light-giving power, the Real Flame Slim Crawford has all the necessary electric fireplace accessories for convenient functionality. It has a remote, an adjustable thermostat and timer that allow you to customize its features. You don’t even need to have a chimney to enjoy fireplace heat and light.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($489)