What is the best golf club set from Prosimmon



This particular set features a variety of clubs such as; 2 woods (10.5 ° Driver and 3 wood), 2 hybrids (3 and 4), 6 irons (5-PW), and a mallet putter.

You can carry all of your clubs in a six way padded top cart bag with dividers, pockets and a padded shoulder strap.

All the clubs are fitted with a high modulus graphite shaft.

In terms of golf accessories, the set features matching head covers for the woods and hybrids.



While looking through the Prosimmon Golf X9 reviews, many consumers felt these clubs are not intended for tall golfers. Although the length of the clubs are an inch longer as specified in the product description, the angle required for tall players are off by 5 degrees. This can be a big problem, as it can add as much as ten additional strokes to your game.

Another complaint consumers have mentioned is that some of the ferrules on the hosels were coming loose. This could be very dangerous, as the head of the club can fly off completely from the shaft.


Customer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • The clubs in this set are what the best golf club sets should be made of. The set includes a Titanium Matrix driver that features an oversized 460cc head and a 10.5° loft 3 wood. These two clubs are fitted with a preconfigured weight that lowers the center of gravity, thus providing the club with a lower center of gravity, maximizing the ball’s flight. The hybrids are designed to replace the harder to play 3 and 4 irons and are considered to be the most versatile clubs in your arsenal. The irons have an enlarged sweet spot due to the cavity in the back. This cavity also increases the forgiveness.

  • The cart bag features 4-way full length dividers with padded tops. There are six external pockets to keep your smaller accessories neatly contained. The single padded shoulder strap is ideal for carrying your bag across the green.


  • Every club in this lineup is fitted with high modulus graphite. The graphite is lighter than steel, so you will able to increase the speed of your swing, making your shots go much further.


  • In order to keep your golf clubs in pristine condition, you will be able to use the head covers that are included with this set on your woods and hybrids.


Because this set includes everything that the beginner golfer needs to begin their foray into the golfing world, this is one of the best golf club sets from Prosimmon. The clubs are well rounded, the bag is sturdy and constructed well. You even have headcovers to protect the clubs from damage.


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