Which Power Smart gas snow blower is the best



The fairly large clearing width of 24 inches coupled with the 20-inch snow clearing depth earns raves for this piece of equipment in Power Smart DB7651 reviews.

The drive speed is supplemented by the direction control panel for complete machine control in the hands of the operator.

The solid build and great design are made for durable use.

This best gas snow blower combines the great qualities and advantages of both gas and electric snow throwers.

Designed for use in cold climates, this two-stage snow thrower has a professional LCT 208cc snow engine.



There is no engine manual included with the assembly manual, which is rather inconvenient for the buyer.

The dipstick can prove to be difficult to make out, which can be an issue for maintenance.

The machine has no built-in light or even wiring for such a component.


Customer Rating –> B


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Benefits Explained

  • With 24-inch wide coverage, 20-inch clearing depth plus the 21-inch intake height, the Power Smart DB7651 is designed for moderate to heavy snowfall. It utilizes two-stage technology to enable efficient snow removal, getting rid of snow faster and further. The great throwing distance lets you clear your driveway thoroughly.

  • The drive speed and direction control lever is conveniently located on a panel between the pair of handles, so speed and direction change is right within your reach. The four forward speeds and two backward speeds can be adjusted simply by shifting the lever. The backward speeds allow you to double back to handle tricky bits without need of turning the machine around completely.


  • The snow thrower has all the needed gas snow blower accessories for durable use. The adjustable skid shoes allow you to modify the height of the scraper so that the machine can be used on a variety of surfaces, including ice, dirt and concrete. The sturdy tires make the Power Smart DB7651 easy to move. The remote chute direction control lets you throw the snow way out of the completed area.


  • The gas-powered quality gives the machine essential weight and power. The snow thrower combines the cost-effectiveness of electric-powered equipment and the overall performance of gas-powered units.


  • The push button electric start ensures that the engine of this best gas snow blower from Power Smart fires up without difficulty, so the operator doesn’t have to fight with the recoil starter just to get the machine going in cold weather.


Our Summary

The gas-powered Power Smart DB7651 Two-stage snow thrower is a well-built machine that offers reliable operating versatility and strength for the long term. Do more in less time with this self-propelled snow thrower!


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