Which Is the Best Drywall Sander from Porter Cable



What buyers love about this product that has earned plenty of high ratings in Porter Cable 7800 reviews is the dust-free sanding performance.

Enjoy variable speeds ranging from 1400 rpms to 2000 rpms with this versatile device.

The machine comes with hook-and-loop straps that enable easy handling and mounting.

The drywall sander comes with standard drywall sander accessories that ensure out-of-the-box functionality.

Get awesome sanding power of 4.7 amps from this easy-to-use tool.



Users have to get some practice to ensure that the machine does not make plenty of swirl marks.

The machine can’t be used in doing inside corners, since it doesn’t come any closer than about 0.75 inches to an actual corner. It is primarily designed for relatively flat surfaces.

This machine can get to be a bit on the heavy side when doing high walls or ceilings.


Customer Rating –> A


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Benefits Explained

You won’t need a mask when using this tool as it generates very little dust while in operation. The 13-foot static-dissipating vacuum hose removes potentially harmful dust that can be scooped up by a standard shop vac after use of the machine. Simply use the shop vacuum with installed high-efficiency bags for a consistently clean work environment.


This terrific best drywall sander from Porter Cable offers variable speeds from 1400 rpms to 2000 rpms so you can sand at your preferred rate.


Easy handling is enabled thanks to the ergonomic design and pole. The hook-and-loop straps enable you to work along surfaces without having to continuously worry about the hose and cable getting tangled. They also let you mount the machine easily for storage and problem-free attachment to a dust-removal device.


The unit ships with a sanding pad and instruction manual aside from the hook-and-loop straps and long vacuum hose, which helps you get started immediately after taking the item out of the box.


This tool is surprisingly easy to use as it offers the power you need to handle sanding projects without resorting to hand sanding, which can be a real hassle. It offers 4.7 amps of sanding power so you won’t ever have to suffer from fatigue at manual labor just to eliminate annoying material from plaster and drywall.




The PORTER-CABLE 7800R is the best drywall sander that lets you enjoy customized sanding according to your choice. It has an 8.5-pound body that is easy to maneuver and handle around the work surface. The powerful motor ensures a smooth result every time.

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