This is probably one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Florida. There’s nothing like witnessing the sunset on the coast while sitting on the beach and enjoying a coffee or maybe even a cocktail if you’re still partying from the night before.

There are plenty of tourist attractions to satisfy even the most demanding of customers, from local restaurants with excellent menu options to the local architecture and the welcoming nature of the inhabitants, but there are also a few critical issues that you need to know about.

What most people are not aware of is the rate of crime in this area, which can be quite frightening. Despite the pessimism of this statement, it’s safe to say that not all the neighborhoods in Key West are risky spots, and you can get by without having to deal with any troubles.

However, to make sure that you stay safe during your travels, we’ve decided to discuss a bit more about which places you should avoid, especially if you don’t want to put yourself in risky situations.  



Drug trafficking

This is one of the most severe issues that the island is dealing with, and it affects this spot because of the accessible route it provides towards South Florida. The tricky thing is that the neighborhood most affected by this hazard looks just like any regular hometown, peaceful and quiet on the outside.

Do not let yourself be fooled by appearances, because below the surface of Windsor Lane lies the violent world of trafficants and addicts, with all the conflicts that might ensue.

Even though most of these situations usually only concern the people involved, so they shouldn’t bother tourists, we still recommend that you steer clear of that place, to preserve your safety. This is currently rated as the most dangerous area in Key West.


Pickpocketing and theft

Every tourist town becomes a victim of this common practice, but it’s a lot worse in South Street and Reynolds Street area. There are two main reasons for this. One of them is the fact that both the police stations of the island are very far from this neighborhood, so they don’t have much control over it.

The other reason is the fact that, being a small island where all the residents know each other, the criminals wouldn’t want to be recognized, so they mostly attack tourists, because they’re sure they’re the ones who are going to leave soon.

This makes the neighborhood especially unsafe for visitors, so we suggest you avoid it at all cost, although it might look safe and reasonable during the daytime.

Dangerous entertainment

If you’re not much of a family person, traveling with an expensive designer diaper bag and everything, or you’re merely looking to have some harmless fun without being judged for it, then some districts in Key West might appeal to you.

For example, around Whitehead Street and Truman Avenue, you’ll find a bar called Bare Assets. The name probably already suggests what you’re likely to find there, and if that’s your type of entertainment, no one is judging.

Our only recommendation is to take note that this is situated in an area dominated by crime, and you should be cautious while you’re there. Make sure you park in the vicinity of the location, and you avoid getting into unnecessary conflicts with strange looking individuals.

All in all, if you’re looking for a bar or a liquor store, chances are you’ll find one just as good in the safe areas where tourists are protected, so there’s no need to venture into the unsafe part.