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One of the Pelican Bass Raider 10E reviews rues the fact that the boat does not come with a plug or connector to hook up the trolling motor to the front mount, which was not an issue with the other happy buyers.

One buyer encountered a problem with the registration for the boat, but the issue got resolved eventually.


Customer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • The boat is built with a tri-keeled hull that ensures excellent tracking and minimizes side-slipping as well. You can stand on the boat when you have to in order to haul in a particularly jumpy or heavy fish. The beam provides stability and ensures maximum carrying capacity for the water vessel.

  • Outfitting this best fishing boat from Pelican with a motor is no problem. It comes to you prewired for an electric motor or sonar, depending on what you want to use the component for. The boat has built-in motor mounts so you do  not have to figure out how to steer the boat in the water. It comes with a 12-volt electrical outlet for easy integration with an electronic device. It offers maximum horsepower of 3.5 hp for a separately-purchased motor.


  • This stable and light boat is easy to launch and push into the water. It is built with carrying handles so you can easily take it from the shed to the driveway to your pickup truck and down to the lake or river. It has nifty cup holders so you can enjoy a drink while waiting for the fish to bite. Multiple compartments give you sufficient room to put in your fishing essentials including your bait, tackle and cooler for the fish you catch. Two folding and swiveling seats enable you and a companion to sit comfortably on the boat. Two vertical rod holders let you position your fishing rods right within easy reach.


  • Weighing just 66 kilograms or 145 pounds, the Pelican Bass Raider is light and is very easy to fish out of. Getting it in and out of the water shouldn’t be a problem.


  • The boat’s hull material is of exclusive RAM-X™, an exclusive multi-layer material recognized for its high resistance to impact and its ability to maintain its shape even after strong force. The exterior finish is also given ultraviolet protection to ensure consistent quality. The hull material alone makes this product the best fishing boat to get for the money.


It may not come with all the fancy trimmings and fishing boat accessories, but the Pelican Bass Raider serves its purpose wonderfully. Enjoy great fishing trips with a buddy and be amazed by the stability and capability of this awesome fishing boat. Take it with you during your next expedition down the river or lake and discover the real joy of fishing.


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