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7.2 Peak FCB4N2 Programmable Midi Foot ControllerBenefits

According to Peak FCB4N2 reviews this midi foot controller has been upgraded to work with all midi devices.

The heavy duty construction and multiple switches make it the best midi foot controller from Peak for guitarists and other musicians.

The midi controller is easy to use, and can support and change different midi messages.

With the ability to use different power sources, the midi controller can be used almost anywhere.



Any necessary midi foot controller accessories must be purchased separately, but this only includes a 200mA adapter that is needed for an additional power source.

It has been mentioned that the foot switches might be too soft when pressed, but this is only a matter of preference and does not affect the midi controller’s performance.

While this is the best midi controller from Peak if you are looking for one that has a small footprint, some consumers have complained that it is difficult to press the switch if you are wearing oversized shoes or boots.


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Benefits Explained

  1. With new technological advances being made every day, it can be difficult to find a midi controller that is inexpensive and able to keep up. This midi foot controller has been upgraded to work with all midi devices. It is the latest version of the 2.0 model and can now be programmed with midi messages that can then be saved to EPROM memory. This gives you the benefit of having all of your favorite effects and sounds available when you need them.

7.1 Peak FCB4N2 Programmable Midi Foot Controller

  1. The midi foot controller features a durable aluminum chassis that is constructed by laser cutting, and is coated with a tough and stylish black anodized finish. The rugged design can withstand hard foot stomps during rehearsals and live shows, and its compact size makes it easy to carry. The smaller footprint also takes up less room on the stage when you are performing for a live audience.


  1. There are 2 bank and 4 patch switches, along with a durable foot switch. The switches are conveniently placed so you can quickly press the one that you need, without interrupting your performance. There are 128 presets that can be programmed, and the midi foot controller can change and support different midi messages. There are also separate midi channels that you can pick and assign to the different switches.


  1. This is the best foot midi controller for musicians who frequently travel. It features a lightweight and compact design that is easy to pack with the rest of your gear. In addition to being able to use the midi device with CC and a PC, you also have the option of using different power sources.



The fully programmable controller is easy to use and can work with all of your other midi devices. It can have up to 128 preset that you can arrange in banks of 32. Assign PC and CC messages and channels with your presets, so all you have to do is concentrate on your music. Use it in the classroom, studio, or on stage, and see what a difference the affordable midi foot controller can make.


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