Best Touchscreen Monitor Reviews



Tips for Purchasing the Best Touchscreen Monitor:


You can find touchscreen monitors on all types of devices. The brightly lit screens are easy to use, and only display a certain amount of information. There are several types of touchscreen monitors, and trying to decide which model is the best will depend on its intended use. This is why we have listed some helpful buying tips so you can choose the best touchscreen monitor for the money, and all of your applications.



According to the best touchscreen monitor reviews there are three types that are commonly used. The most affordable model is a resistive touchscreen monitor, and it can usually be activated with almost any object. It is simple and easy to use, though the screen can be easily scratched or damaged. The most popular touchscreen monitor are capacitive, and these models are commonly used in kiosks and in point of sale systems. While this type is more durable, it can only be activated with your finger.

The most expensive touchscreen monitor is a surface acoustic wave (SAW), and it can also display high resolution images. These monitors are most often found in offices and labs, and are sensitive to liquids and condensation. The touchscreen can stop functioning until it is cleaned.


Interface and Screen Size

Some of the best touchscreen monitor reviews state that it is extremely important to ensure that it is compatible with your computer. Two of the more common types of interfaces are USB and RS-232 which will work with almost any PC and laptop. Some of the higher priced touchscreen monitors are already compliant with HID, which eliminates the need for a driver.

You also want to make sure that the screen is large enough to read, with the bigger models commonly found in control rooms and labs. Monitors screens are available in a variety of sizes that ranges from a petit 3.2 inches to a clearly visible 52 inches. The best rated touchscreen monitors generally range in size from 15 to 19 inches and can be commonly found on shopping and information kiosks.



Where you are going to place the unit is an important consideration, especially if the touchscreen monitor will be outside in the elements. Some units are not designed to function when wet, while others are simply too large to be mounted where you want it. Some features to look for include stainless steel and waterproof casing that can help protect the sensitive screen from the environment and vandals. Other considerations include whether it will be mounted, or left free standing.


If you are asking the question “what are the best models”, you simply need to consider how you are going to use it. There are several types of touchscreen monitors that are designed for different applications, and each one has its own advantages.


Things to consider:

  • It is important to choose the right type of touchscreen monitor for your particular application, this will also help you to decide on your spending budget.
  • The size of the screen not only makes it easier to read, but it can also influence what you are using it for.
  • Making sure that the touchscreen monitor is designed to handle the environment will ensure that your invest lasts a lifetime.


Top Rated Touchscreen Monitors in 2022


Touchscreen monitors are used for ATMs, credit card machines, and for simply giving information at an information kiosk. The innovative devices are available in a variety of sizes, and include features that can make your system function more smoothly and efficiently.


Bematech LE1000 Resistive Touch Monitor


Best Touchscreen Monitor ReviewsThis is the best touchscreen monitor in 2022 for any point of sale system. It is affordable and durable, but most importantly it is easy to use. The resistive touchscreen can be activated with fingertips, styluses, and even pens without causing any smears or cracks. Since it is easy to operate it is ideal for employees, and can also be used by your customers. See you payment system run more smoothly and efficiently with this durable touchscreen monitor.

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HP Pavilion 23TM Touchscreen Monitor


Manufactured by one of the leading names in the industry, this high quality touchscreen monitor is designed to work efficiently. It features a compact design that is ideal for smaller spaces, and the 23 inch screen ensures that the data is easy to read. It is compatible with Windows 8, and also includes front speakers. Watch movies and videos in HD, and even relax and play your games with the adjustable screen.

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Acer FT220HQL Touchscreen Monitor


Able to connect to your laptop or PC, it will give you a whole new way of browsing the internet. The crystal clear images make it easy to do the things that you enjoy online, including viewing photos and playing games. It features a touchscreen with 10 sensitive points, and it is also adjustable so you can always find the perfect viewing angle. Considered the best touchscreen monitor in 2022, it can also be connected to your mobile phone and video players. Watch everything in HD, and it is also compatible with your new smart phone.

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Dell E2016T Touch Screen Monitor


This amazing touchscreen monitor can recognize up to 5 points simultaneously. This enables you to efficiently go through all of your applications, and give you even more control over your games. The device is compatible with your smart phone and tablet so you can watch everything in high definition. As an added bonus you can also charge your mobile devices while they are connected to the monitor. It is ideal for use at work or home, and for additional peace of mind the touchscreen monitor is backed by a three year warranty.

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AOC E1649FWU Portable LED Monitor


The 16 inch touchscreen monitor is easy portable, and is the perfect tool to use for business presentations when you are traveling. The HD picture is sharp and clear, and it also features a fast response time. The touchscreen monitor is USB powered, which makes it easier for you to use it while you are traveling. It features a slim and sleek design that is easy to pack, and also enhances your professional appearance. Connect to multiple devices at one time, and make sure that all of your presentations go smoothly with this innovative touchscreen monitor.

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Best All in One Computer Reviews



An Expert Buying Guide on All in One Computers:


Reading the best all in one computer reviews helps you with information on terrific products that combine desktop stability and power with laptop sleekness and portability. With no bulky tower to worry about, an all in one computer helps you get the job done while having a small footprint. An AIO desktop PC also offers a trendier Windows 8 experience especially when you have a small model that works like a big tablet. The uncomplicated design is simply genius, as it incorporates light weight with desktop computing capabilities. PCs of this type are a great addition to your workspace at home or in the office.


Display and AIO Performance

Photo editing and graphic design professionals need products that get high marks in ratings best to worst on all in one computers. A high-resolution display is a must and not a luxury here. Make sure the processor has at least 64 bits and the RAM is at 6 gigabytes. The greater the memory, the faster the loading time will be. This is perfect for playing movies or internet browsing. An All in one PC’s components can’t be upgraded after the unit is purchased, so think long term and get the best one that can keep up with your workload and specific work demands.


AIO Features and Accessories

Although there are top ten models that feature a touch screen, using such types of AIO can zap your energy. A product with a wireless keyboard and track pad or mouse can be a better choice. Typing just a few words on the touchscreen may be convenient, but if you type tons of words every hour, it becomes tedious. Cut/paste operations are also easier on entire blocks of text with a mouse or track pad.

An AIO also eliminates the need to get a monitor, giving you quick installation with instant activation. No clutter from cables and no getting lost among the wires. Models with HDMI in/out and USB 2.0 and 3.0 can prove useful. Thunderbolt ports enable fast data transfer.


Design or Form

A lightweight product can be moved from room to room with ease. The clean look and feel of the best all in one computer 2022 facilitates effortless fit into most workspaces. The elaborate elements are housed in a single component that does away with clutter and mess on your worktable, replacing everything with an elegant device featuring a huge and attractive widescreen. Geared for powerful performance with its robust features, an all in one PC indicates that you’re serious about revolutionizing your computing experience and are embracing the best that PC technology has to offer. Therefore, it is vital that you choose wisely!


Things to consider:

  • Get a device that can keep up with your work load and pace performance-wise.
  • Do check out the features and accessories that will make work faster and easier.
  • Get a lightweight model that can fit into your workspace with ease.


Top Rated All in One Computers in 2022


Light and portable while offering top-of-the-line computing features and excellent PC performance, the best all in one computer 2022 embraces simplicity in its design and awesome capability in its features. It is important that you make your decision based on what you need now and what you will potentially require in the future.


HP ENVY All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop


Best All in One Computer ReviewsGeared to be the most notable of the lot in the best all in one computer reviews, the HP Envy is engineered with legendary Beats Audio for the best-sounding richest sound on a PC. IPS Technology is built into the full high-definition screen that you can pinch, swipe and tap. The HP TrueVision HD Webcam captures all the details that matter in stunning, vibrant clarity even when lighting conditions are not ideal. Enjoy the power of HP Connected Photo to bring all your memories in sync in a single location. With HP SimplePass, you can access your online accounts employing just one PIN or password.

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Apple iMAC A1224All in One Desktop


The iMac A1224 All in one desktop features a fast and powerful 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, giving you two independent processor cores housed in a single silicon chip. This helps the best rated product perform complicated computing tasks without lags. Depending on how you use your system, the 2 GB of RAM lets you simultaneously open more applications and work with larger spreadsheets and databases. Both audio and video processing can get a lot of boost. A lot of system-level processes can get speeded up. The built-in iSight video camera plus integrated stereo speakers make online communications greatly enhanced and full of possibilities.

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LG ChromeBase 22CV241-W All-in-One Cloud Desktop


The LG ChromeBase 22CV241-W could very well be the best product for the money thanks to its stunning full HD 1080p resolution, which delivers double the pixel for superior image quality compared to basic HDTV. Get the best of Google products with integrated Apps such as Hangouts, YouTube, Gmail and Docs. There’s also more in store at the Google Web Store. The built-in web camera offers a large side screen where you can see up to ten users. Feel like you’re in the same room with the awesome webcam plus full HD screen. And with Google Drive, sharing data on compatible gadgets is easy via the internet.

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Dell S2240T H6V56 All in One Computer


Made for exceptional usability and user-friendliness, the Dell H6V56 All in One Computer comes with a clean, efficient design perfect for professionals and students. It could very well be the answer to “What is the best all in one computer?”, as it offers full HD 1920 x 1080 maximum resolution supplemented by impressive 3000:1 contrast ratio, giving you amazing onscreen detail and vivid, sharp images. The VGA, DVI and HDMI ports enable amazing connectivity to a variety of devices including your phone, camera, laptop and regular desktop, for seamless collaboration and great productivity. With power consumption of just 20 watts, this AIO computer helps control utility costs.

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Lenovo C260 57327436All-in-One Desktop


The Lenovo C260 is an affordable all in one computer made for the entire family. It works seamlessly for email, communicating socially with family and friends, doing school work, enjoying home entertainment and handling most everyday computing work. The Space-Saving design enables the unit to tuck neatly away when not in use. This nifty device has an amazingly small footprint, leaving the rest of your desk space free for other work essentials. With the stereo speakers, integrated DVD reader/writer, integrated graphics support and HDMI output, you get awesome multimedia experience with surround sound and vivid visuals. The AccuType island-style keyboard with ergonomic keys gives a fluid and comfortable typing experience.

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Best Typing Software Reviews



Tips for Buying the Right Typing Software:


Knowing how to touch type is a necessary life skill that people must have in order to thrive in almost every work environment. Computers can be found in almost every home and work place, laptops and tablets are as much of a fixture in the home as a television. Anyone can learn this technique when one of the best typing software of 2022 is being used. There are many different programs available on the market that will teach you how to touch type, but which is the best? We have looked through some of best typing software reviews, and have come up with some of the most important features you should look for.


Typing Training

The most important thing to consider when you are looking at one of the top ten typing software is how effective the training tools are. The most popular programs use step-by-step training that will clearly demonstrate how touch typing works. The training sessions will guide you through supplementary lessons that will let you practice typing and gain the necessary skills you will need before progressing the next lesson. The cumulative lessons are generally most effective because they build upon one another to create a more dynamic learning experience.


Learning Tools

Other than the core training, highest rated typing software should offer you the opportunity to customize the tools so they are comfortable for you to view. A nice feature some programs have include the ability to import or create your own practice text. You will want to look for a program that has video tutorials and a virtual keyboard, asthese tools can greatly enhance your learning and help you to understand the basic keyboarding concepts. Another helpful feature your new software should include is the ability to set goals. These goals could include setting a specific goal for how many words per minute you can type or achieving a higher accuracy percentage.


Progress Reporting

Tracking your progress is important in anything you do, and this is especially true when you are learning how to touch type. When you are trying to figure out what typing software is the best, always look for the program that has a decent progress-reporting feature. Once you complete an initial skills test that will pinpoint your starting level, and then the software will continue to track your progress along the way. The amount of words you type per minute and your accuracy will be monitored and tracked so that you can have a good idea how well you are learning the concepts and give you the ability to focus on your weaker areas.


Gone are the days where it was not important to know how to use a computer or know how to type. Today, typing is a skill that many children learn at a young age— in some households, the children have to teach their parents how to type! When you use one of the best typing software of 2022, you will be amazed at how quickly your fingers can glide across the keys of your keyboard.


Things to Consider:

  • Look for a program that will show you step-by-step how touch typing works.
  • Choose the program that allows you to set personal goals.
  • The best typing programs offer you tracking tools so you can monitor your progress.



Top Rated Typing Software in 2022


Knowing how to type is not something that only secretaries and office professionals need to know—now, everyone should master the skill. When you read some of the best typing software reviews, you will see how helpful the software can be and how it has improved the users typing skills, even if they were completely computer illiterate at the beginning of their lessons.


TypingMaster Pro 7


Best Typing Software ReviewsAs you use the TypingMaster Pro 7 software, the easy-to-use software intuitively adapts to your needs. The program features five in depth typing courses and dozens of lessons. These tools are designed to give you customized training and provide helpful feedback to guide you through the lessons—error free. The exercises will adjust to your progress and will focus on your weak points. By doing this, the program will help you improve your typing skills. With this innovative software, you can begin using your skills within only three to five hours of training.

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Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing


Learning the ability to touch type has never been easier than with the Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing program. The software provides you with the most efficient way to understand and master the fundamentals of typing. Because the program was designed by educators, the program employs a success-based approach to teaching you how to type. The powerful and motivational way to learn gives you a clear path to learning a new skill by having you create personal goals and progressing along guided road maps.

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Individual Software Typing Instructor Platinum 21


No matter your skill level, Typing Instructor Platinum is designed to improve your typing. It uses the latest technology to give you an educational, entertaining, and motivational experience that will engage a typist of any caliber. The program takes you out of the traditional classroom setting and brings you on a thematic adventure where you learn how to type while taking you on a virtual trip around the world. Not only will you experience challenging games, puzzles, tests and lessons, but also the engaging software makes you look forward to the next task.

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Individual Software Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5


As one of the highest rated programs for children, this is the only software that is designed to teach kids how to type by using the perfect blend of education, entertainment and motivation. Because the software uses this unique blend, the program is engaging and parents will see an improvement in their children’s skills immediately. There are ten age-appropriate lesson plans that are designed for specific age groups—starting at ages 6 and 7.

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Individual Software Typing Quick and Easy V17


Typing Quick and Easy combines effective instructional techniques with easy to navigate menus to teach you how to touch-type quickly and easily. The typing software includes fun elements and challenges to the learning process with timed testing, eight exciting games and interesting articles to practice typing. After every lesson, test, or article transcription, you will receive instant feedback on your speed and accuracy percentage. Every result is saved so you can gauge your progress along the way.

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Best Tax Software Reviews



How to Purchase the Best Tax Software:


When tax season rolls around, people tend to have mixed feelings about the whole process; either it can be exciting or stressful, depending if you are expecting a refund or not. By using one of the best tax software of 2022, you are able to get your taxes done quickly and accurately before the deadline. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on having your taxes done by a chain tax company or an accountant, we recommend using one of the best rated software for filing taxes because they are designed to be user friendly, easy to navigate, and understandable. While we cannot tell you which tax software is the best, we can offer you information that will help you make that decision.



The most popular tax software will boast that they can get you the largest refund, but the largest refund will be the result of an accurate tax return—not some tax loophole. When you do your taxes with a reputable tax software, you are ensuring that the forms are the most up-to-date and they are filled out correctly. The highest rated tax software should include the ability to e-File your taxes. The IRS endorses e-filing and says it is the “safest, fastest, and easiest way to submit” individual tax returns.


Easy to Use

Doing your taxes is not an easy task. Most of the time, confusion and anxiety will take over and make it difficult to concentrate on the forms and questions at hand. If you are trying to decide what is the best software, you want to look for products where you can create an accurate return that is designed to fit your circumstances without needing prior tax knowledge. This means the software should provide you with in depth explanations of the different parts of the return and easy to understand questions to complete.It should also come complete with math computations for you, and be designed to alert you of any common entry errors.


Help and Support

Although your new software should be easy to use, you will still want a software that offers plenty of customer support in case you have a problem that the software cannot help you solve. One thing you should be aware of is that once you submit your return, even the best tax software of 2022 can only provide so much help. Usually if you have a problem after the return has been filed, you will be interacting with the IRS or state tax division directly. The program that you used to file your taxes can only help you if you are going to file an amendment.


Tax season does not have to be a stressful time. When you read the best tax software reviews, you will see that many users experience little to no anxiety when using the programs and they are pleased with the results. By choosing a popular program that has good reviews, you are almost guaranteeing that you will be one of those satisfied users.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a program that allows you to file accurate tax returns quickly and easily.
  • The program should explain the various questions in order to create an accurate return specific to your needs.
  • You want a program that offers plenty of help and support.


Top rated Tax Softwares in 2022


As you go through the best tax software reviews, you may think that they are all the same. This is not always the case. One software can have more in depth features, an extensive help section, and even feature better tools to help you create an accurate return.


H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State


Best Tax Software ReviewsThe H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe is an ideal program for homeowners and investors because it provides you with powerful tools for filing federal taxes. If you have any trouble along the way, the program also offers you help from the tax professionals that you have come to trust. With the simplistic interface, the software will search through hundreds of deductions to bring you the largest refund possible. In addition, you have the ability to use the live-chat feature to talk with a tax expert, just in case you have a little bit of trouble along the way.

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TurboTax Deluxe Fed + State+ Fed e-File Tax Software


TurboTax software helps you get your taxes done accurately for a maximum possiblerefund. The program will search over 350 deductions and credits that will help make tax preparation easy and comprehensive. With the TurboTax Deluxe software, it will accurately deduct mortgage interest and property taxes. You do not need to have previous tax knowledge when using the program because it walks you through the questions. If you do run into any problems, you can get in touch with the Intuit tax professionals for help.

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H&R Block Tax Software Basic


You can file your state and federal taxes with ease when you use H&R Block Basic Tax Software. This software is designed for simple tax situations and it will walk you through the questions. The easy-to-use interface makes the program the perfect tool for first time tax preparers, and with the tools provided within the program, you can be certain your forms will be filled out correctly. The program will double check for mistakes and if you have a problem, you can chat directly with a tax professional from H&R Block.

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TurboTax Basic Federal + e-File 2010


TurboTax Basic Tax software is designed for those who have little to no tax knowledge. When you use the program to do your taxes, you will be guided through the questions so that they are answered accurately. TurboTax guarantees their calculations are 100% accurate. If you do have to pay IRS penalties, TurboTax will pay you the cost of the penalties plus interest. Not only does the program guarantee the accuracy of the calculations, it also double-checks your return to help you get the most deductions and credits that you are entitled to receive.

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H&R Block Tax Software Premium and Business


H&R Block Premium and Business tax software provides you with the most complete suite of tax filing tools. It has everything that you need to help you file persona and business federal and state taxes. The question and answer process will locate deductions that are specific to corporations, S corporations, partnerships, LLCs, Nonprofits, estates and trusts. The program also offers unlimited live chat features with a certified tax expert.

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Best Utilities Software Reviews



Useful Tips for Purchasing the Best Utilities Software:


If you have ever been busy working on a project on your computer and you have gotten that blue screen of death, you are already well aware of how infuriating it can be to lose your work. When you use the best utilities software of 2022, you can use the optimizers to clean up unneeded files, repair registries, defragment the hard drive, and more. Since there are so many different options on the market, you may be wondering what are the best utilities software. While we cannot tell you which is the best software, we can provide you with useful information that will make the decision-making process a little easier.


Repair and Recovery

If you ever read the best utilities software reviews, you will find that the most popular programs feature numerous tools that will get your computer back into top shape. These tools include registry and hard drive repair, internet activity cleaner, shortcut repair, as well as system backup and restore. It is also important that the software you choose makes it easier to recover lost data and securely delete unwanted files and programs. The highest rated utilities software should have easy-to-use features such as one-click fixes, scans, and optimizers, tutorials, automatic problem detection and a simplistic user interface.



To figure out what is causing your computer to run slowly, you will have to run a diagnostic scan on the entire system. Some programs feature a quick scan and a full scan, while others do not perform scans at all. You will want to find a new program that will analyze your computer completely. The best computer maintenance software will allow you to control the automatic or manual scans of your PC. These scans will diagnose and monitor hard drive failure, hardware failure, drivers and system information.



When the errors have been corrected on your PC, you will want to prevent these problems from reoccurring. With the best rated utilities software, you can manage startup programs so that your computer will run more smoothly. Your software should also perform regular maintenance tasks like defragging the hard drive, optimizing memory, updating the operating system, as well as keeping an eye on internet settings.

In order to keep your computer in the best operating condition, you will want to use a utilities tool to fix any problems you currently have as well as prevent any future problems. When you keep your computer working properly and free of errors, it will last longer and save you money in the end.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a program that can both fix and prevent problems with your computer.
  • The program you choose should be able to run diagnostic scans to find the problem on your system.
  • Once the problem has been fixed, the program should be able to optimize your computer.


Top Rated Utilities Software in 2022


One of the best ways to fix and speed up your computer is by using one of the best utilities software of 2022. The software is able to run diagnostic tests on your computer so you can find the problems, it will fix those problems and prevent them from reoccurring while also speeding up your computer considerably. Before you make the decision which product is right for you, we encourage you to read some of the best utilities software reviews to get a better idea of what the software can do.


Symantec Norton Utilities 16.0


Best Utilities Software ReviewsNorton Utilities can fix common computer problems, free up memory, improve startup time, and boost program and system performance. The program will erase unneeded files, outdated registry entries, and hard disk problems that may slow down or even crash your computer. Norton Utilities has the ability to clean and speed up your computer so it runs like the day you purchased it. The program will find and fix issues that are common with Microsoft Windows, and it will prevent freezing, crashing, slowing down, and even the loss of your important files.

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IOLO Technologies System Mechanic


IOLO Technologies System Mechanic will protect and repair up to three computers for one year. The program is complete with over seventy tools at your service—it has everything you may need to keep your computer safe, error free, and running smoothly. The System Mechanic can boost performance, eliminate crashes, and defend against malicious spyware, hacker attacks, viruses and much more. The single centralized system dashboard is used to perform all vital PC maintenance.

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Avanquest Fix-It Utilities Professional Version 14


Fix-It Utilities software uses innovative, patent pending Analyzer Technology to identify the problems that are causing disruption with your computer. With the software, you can repair registry problems and optimize Windows up to 400% faster than other programs. The program optimizer will speed up the time it takes for a program to launch and the overall response time of the system by fixing slowdowns, while the Windows optimizer customizes the behavior of numerous system settings. The redesigned user interface is easier to use, making repairs easier and more intuitive.

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AVG PC Tune-Up


When you install and use AVG PC Tune-up, your computer will feel as fast as when you first purchased it. The Turbo Mode releases extra power when you need it while gaming, browsing the internet, or watching videos. The program features tools such as Turbo Mode, Program Deactivator, Startup Optimizer, Startup Manager, and Drive Defrag. These tools will locate and repair the gaps and errors that cause your computer to run slowly.

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Avanquest System Suit PC Tune-Up and Repair


The Avanquest System Suite detects and repairs problems that are causing low performance. The software uses a variety of tools to repair the problems that are plaguing your computer andit features a patent pending PC analyzer technology that pinpoints causes for decreased performance. The utilities software allows you to optimize your computer according to your specific needs. The registry repair tool has been improved so it not only cleans up the system registry, but it also protects your hardware from potential damage.

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Best Sound Recording Software Reviews



An Expert Buying Guide on Sound Recording Software:


How many times have you sat through a class lecture and could not jot down the notes fast enough? In situations like this, it is incredibly helpful to have one of the best sound recording software of 2022 available. The software provides you with plenty of features and tools that can give you a high quality sound—whether it is music from a cassette tape, a phone conversation, or a lecture in a large classroom. Of course, it may take a little bit of practice in order to master the user-friendly software. You may be wondering what sound recording software on the top ten list is really worth the investment. We cannot tell you which is the best software, but we can offer you some information that will help you make that decision for yourself.


Audio Feed/Input Source for Voice Capture

Recording is typically done by using a microphone and line-in input jacks that are located on the audio panel on the computer system. However, as technology advances, more advanced sound recording software supports voice recording from an audio or video source such as CD, VCD, DVD, portable storage devices, streaming internet video or radio, phone recordings that use a modem, and other audio that can be played by a computer.


Recording/Rip/Burn Features

It is essential to have additional recording features in order to get your sound files from a ripped format to a burned format successfully. The highest rated sound recording software use recording times that can define the time period that it should be recording. Recording schedulers make it possible to pre-schedule an upcoming recording session; while voice activated recording is a great feature that can start recording whenever the software detects the predefined level of audio signal (decibels). According to the best sound recording software reviews, you will want to choose a program that has the ability to rip media digitally. Analog ripping is used when digital media cannot be ripped and it is copy protected. Burning tools are useful for saving files to optical media (CDs and DVDs) for storage or playback options.


Editing Options

Most of the time, simply by hitting the record button on a device is not enough to create a good quality audio recording. You will want to edit the file by adding or removing silence, adding background noise or music. When you choose a new software, you may want to look for a software that allows you to change the size and format of the file. By doing this, you can control the sound quality of the recorded audio file.


When you are trying to figure out who makes the best audio recording software, you may want to read some of the best sound recording software reviews. The reviews will be able to give you a better idea of how the program functions and if it will suit your needs.


Things to consider:

  • Choose one of the best sound recording software of 2022 that supports a variety of recording sources.
  • Select a software that can burn your ripped media easily.
  • Make sure the software you choose allows you to edit the recorded sound file.


Top rated Sound Recording Software in 2022


We understand how important it is for people avoid being sucked into buying the most popular sound recording software without being properly informed of their options. It is our mission to provide you with information that will help you choose the best rated software for your needs. Below are just some of the audio recording software we feel are worth looking at.


Ableton Live 9 Standard Audio Recording with Sound Library


Best Sound Recording Software ReviewsThe Ableton Live 9 Standard Audio Recording with Sound Library software is a professional software for creative individuals who specialize in music production and performance. You can enhance the audio with an array of sound effects, instruments, and ambient sounds. The program bridges the gap between the studio and the stage with a workflow that allows you to record and edit in real-time. The powerful time-stretching, arranging, and sequencing capabilities allow you to create and capture musical ideas and turn them into completed projects that are stage ready.

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Avid Pro Tools 11 Channel Audio Software


Avid Pro Tools 11 Channel Audio Software is a powerful audio workstation that redefines professional audio and music production for modern workflows. The all-new audio and video engines and the turbocharged 64-bit performance allows you to take on the most challenging recording sessions while letting you unleash your creativity without having to hold anything back. The optimized audio engine provides you with more processing power than the previous versions. The program includes over 70 sound effects and plug-ins, making this software a valuable asset to have in any recording studio.

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Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10


The Sound Forge Audio Studio software is the simplest way to record, edit, and master audio on your computer. You can capture live performances in Hi-Fi sound with a touch of a button. The sound card on your computer leads directly to the Audio Studio, giving your audio recordings realism and a polished sound, thanks to the built-in effects like: equalizer, reverb, delay and chorus. With the program, you can create your own CDs and general the necessary files for sharing the audio online.

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Propellerhead 99-101-0029 Reason Essentials 1.5 Audio Software


Reason Essentials is a complete program that has all the recording, editing, and mastering tools you need to create incredible audio tracks. With this program, you have an array of instruments and effects that can add to your recorded audio, or you can mess with the drum machine, loop player, sampler, synths, reverb and delay to create your own unique sound. Those who play the guitar will appreciate the built-in virtual guitar and bass POD that is included in the software to bring a wide range of high quality guitar amps, cabinets and effects.

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NCH Software Wavepad 5


The Wavepad Software is a professional audio editor that is complete with recording, editing, and mastering tools. You can edit out background noises and disturbances from the tracks, as well as add effects with a wide range of special features. This sound recording software allows you to record messages, voiceovers, and record music in mono or stereo.

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Best Speech Software Reviews



How to Purchase the Right Speech Software:


There is no denying that people tend to talk a lot faster than their fingers can move on the keyboard. When you use one of the best rated speech software, you have the ability to streamline your workflow and work as quickly as you speak.In addition, the programs also give you the ability to create customized voice commands. Hands-free computing is one of the main reasons people choose the best speech software of 2022 because it eliminates the arduous task of going back and forth between multiple tasks just to type something on the computer. Now you may be wondering which is the best software on the market. We cannot tell you which one you should choose, but we can provide you with useful information that will help you make that decision on your own.



The whole purpose of using one of the top ten speech software is the dictation function. This function allows you to speak and have the program translate your speech into text onto Microsoft Word or another text editor. When you are looking at a new program, you want to make sure it can accurately transcribe the text. One way of finding this information out is by reading the best speech software reviews. The reviewers will give you a better idea how well the transcription process works.


Featuresand Commands

Some of the features you may want your software to include voice training capabilities, customizable commands and accent support. The voice training capabilities is essential because it ensures that the computer is familiar with your voice and will respond to the standard and customized commands. The standard commands allow you to use your computer just by talking to it. Some of the commands that you can perform include opening and closing programs. Some of the highest rated speech software will let you create customized commands for functions you use often.


Help and Support

When you are using a new program, sometimes it takes a learning curve to master all of the features. By choosing the most popular speech recognition software, you will probably run into a few snags. One of the easiest ways to gauge the customer service and help services offered by the software’s manufacturer is by reading the best speech software reviews. These reviews will give you a better idea about the quality of help and support they received from the company.


No matter why you want to use the best speech software of 2022, you want to make sure it suits your needs. For example, you may need a program that has an excellent dictation function but you could care less about the command functions.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a program that will take what you say and transcribe it into a text editor with minimal errors.
  • The program you decide to use should be able to recognize your voice through the voice-training feature.
  • Make sure the program has plenty of ways for you to get support if you have any trouble running the software.


Top rated Speech Software in 2022


Whether you are an aspiring author, a busy executive, or someone who wants to record their thoughts without having to type them out, speech software can help you stay productive. Since technology has been advancing through the years, you can find dictation programs that can transcribe your speech to a text editor with minimal mistakes, thus saving you the time and effort it would take to make corrections.


Nuance Communications Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0


Best Speech Software ReviewsThe Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0 makes it easy for you to dictate, edit and format letters, articles, papers, essays and a number of other documents just by using your voice. You can use the program to search the internet to find useful information and even graphics to include in your document. You have the ability to take notes while on the go using a voice recorder or a smartphone, and then have the software transcribe it later. With the simple voice commands, you can enter frequently used graphics or text into the document. Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows you to send emails, instant messages, filling out online applications, registration forms, and even create shopping lists, all without ever having to touch the keyboard.

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Nuance Communications Dragon Dictate for Mac 4.0


Nuance Communications

Dragon Dictate for Mac is the best productivity tool that is designed to save you time and complete more tasks. You can dictate, edit, and transcribe documents, thanks to the speech recognition capabilities. You can even create customized commands that allows you to control your computer. The easy-to-use interface and flexibility of the transcription feature makes it easy for you to get more things done, accurately and quickly.

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Nuance Communications Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 13.0


If you are new to speech recognition software, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home edition is the perfect learning tool. The tool makes it easy to dictate documents naturally and guarantees 99% accuracy. You can create documents three times faster with dictation than you can by simply typing. As you talk, your words will instantly appear on the screen—all you have to do is speak naturally and the program does the rest. You do not have to worry about spelling mistakes, as the program uses a built-in spell check to spell words correctly while it transcribes. You can control applications using voice commands so that you are able to accomplish more on your computer with less time.

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TextAloud with AT&T Natural Voices


With TextAloud, use the power of computer voice synthesis to have documents, web pages, email and more read to you. The text on the document is converted into spoken word that you can listen to on your computer, save to a USB drive, or upload it onto your MP3 or smartphone for later playback. The batch file converter allows you to convert audio files quickly from numerous documents all with a simple press of a button.

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Nuance Communications Dragon Premium 13 Student/Teacher Edition


For academic users, this program is ideal for accomplishing more on their computers just by using their voice. The program turns spoken word into text and it can perform multiple voice commands much faster than typing. This is ideal for students and teachers because it increases productivity, allowing them to get much more done in a shorter period. The program makes it easy for users to dictate and edit documents, write and send emails, search the internet, and even use social media. This speech software enables users to work wirelessly, transcribe notes that may have been previously recorded on a portable device like a smartphone.

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Best Language Learning Software Reviews



How to Purchase the Right Language Learning Software:


There is no questions about it; in today’s diverse world, it is recommended that you know at least one other language. If you are not in school and cannot face to face guidance while learning, it can be difficult. With one of the best language learning software of 2022, you have the perfect opportunity to learn a new language from the comfort of your own home and learn it at your own pace. You may be wondering how you are supposed to know which language learning softwareis the best. While we cannot tell you who makes the best program, we can offer you advice on what makes for an excellent program.


Engaging Learning

When you are choosing a new language learning software, you want to be engaged. You do not want to sit through hours of boring vocabulary lessons and repetitive “listen and repeat” practices. The program you decide to go with should be interactive and keep you wanting to learn more. In addition, thelanguage-learning program should be immersive. What this means is that the program should use as little English as possible. Why? Studies have shown that people will pick up a language much easier when they are surrounded by it, rather than hearing it mixed in with their native tongue.


Cultural Relevance

If you ever tried learning a foreign language before, you might have noticed that the word order is completely different. Unfortunately, what is deemed appropriate in English is not always the case in a foreign language, as they use different idioms, phrases, and terminology. You want to find a program that has been written by a native speaker or someone who can speak the language fluently and has lived in that particular country for some time.


Social Features

Based on the best language learning software reviews, many people find the programs that have a social aspect incredibly helpful. Some of the top ten language learning software offers social networking support, games and puzzles, or other elements that will help people learn the language better. These social features are a fantastic way to enhance your learning experience and increase overall fluency—not to mention you can meet some interesting people as well.


It can be exciting learning a new language, and with one of the most popular programs to help you along the way, you will find yourself enjoying the learning process. It is important that you read the best language learning software reviews before you invest in a program though. These reviews will help you determine which is the best software for the money, and which is a waste of time.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a program that is engaging and immersive.
  • Make sure the program is culturally accurate and relevant.
  • A social aspect to the program is always a plus.


Top rated Language Learning Software in 2022


There are many reasons to learn a new language, and unless you travel and experience the language first hand, the only way you can learn the language is by using one of the best language learning software of 2022. With these programs, you can learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home, while still grasping the fundamentals of the language.


Learn French: Fluenz French 1+2+3+4+5 for Mac, PC, and iPhone


Best Language Learning Software ReviewsThe Fluenz program uses a customized approach that guides you in English while teaching you the challenges of learning French while immersing you its unique culture. With the program, you will get hundreds of videos with helpful explanations. The program is designed to help you speak, listen, read, and write fluently in the language. You have the ability to access the program from your iPhone, computer, or you can use your PC or Mac for the study sessions. With 150 sessions that are 2.5 hours each, you will learn the first five levels of French.

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Brak Software Human Japanese


Human Japanese is one of the highest rated programs for learning the Japanese language. There are over 40 chapters where you can learn the ins and outs of the language. With over 1,800 recordings of native speakers, you will be able to notice intermediate pronunciations and sentences. The over 800 example sentences, include recordings and instant sentence breakdowns, allowing you to understand the structure completely. The program features four different types of quizzes that will track your response history. Then it will adjust the questions so that you can focus on your trouble spots.

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Transparent Language 101 Languages of the World


With 101 Languages of the World, you can quickly and easily learn survival phrases in 101 different languages. You will learn greetings, how to exchange money, navigate travel situations and much more. There are up to 5,000 words per language for you to learn, as well as key phrases that will help you get by in a foreign country. The program will tune your ear and enhance your comprehension by using games and listening activities. You can perfect your speaking skills with advanced pronunciation analysis.

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Instant Immersion Italian Family Edition Levels 1, 2, and 3


Learning the Italian language is more fun when you can do it with the family. The program has a unique user interface and graphics, user tracking and new installation options that allow you to install the program on several computers. With three complete levels of language-learning software, the program utilizes the same proven methods as similar language programs. You will be able to use audio lessons anywhere and follow along with a printable guide. There is also a pocket phrase guide to practice while you travel.

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Instant Immersion Spanish Family Edition 1, 2, and 3.


Why not make the whole family learn Spanish. With this language software from Instant Immersion this scenario can be possible. The software has 3 complete levels of learning which at the end will help you speak fluent Spanish. The lessons are interactive, making sure they don’t bore you, making you lose interest in learning. The program also uses game-like lessons which will prove to be very fun for your little ones. Installing the software is a piece of cake and you won’t have any problems with it. Finally, the language learning software has a very decent price range which can be easily afforded.

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Best Legal Form Software Reviews



Tips for Buying the Best Legal Form Software:


No one likes to deal with legal matters, but sometimes there is no way to avoid it. Fortunately, there are some situations where you do not have to go to a courthouse to handle legal issues. With the best legal form softwareof 2022, you can avoid the trip to a courthouse. Whether you need a contract for a landlord/tenant agreement, a no-contest divorce, or just a bill of sale, you can find them all (and more) just by loading the new software. Now you may be wondering what is the best legal form software. While we cannot say which is the best, we can offer you information that will help you make that decision for yourself.


The Forms

When you are looking for the best rated legal form software, you want to make sure it has the specific documents that you need. According to the best legal form software reviews, the program should have a wide variety of forms available—no matter how popular or mundane the category. For example, you do not want to purchase software that is geared more for small businesses when you need a tenant/landlord agreement.



Now that you have your preferred program, you will want to make sure you are filling them out properly. The top ten programs should provide you with plenty of resources that will help you understand the legal jargon that many of these forms use. Some of these resources include legal dictionaries, legal guides and form requests. You should find a program that can provide you with resources that will help you prepare the forms.


Ease of Use

As the one of the best legal form software of 2022, the program should be simple to navigate and searching for the specific form that you need should not be a hassle. If you are uncertain about the exact form you are looking for, the program should provide you with comprehensive descriptions about the various forms. In addition, the most popular programs should include a reader-friendly questionnaire that is designed to help you fill out the forms.


There is no denying that throughout our lives, we will hit a bump along the way and have to deal with legal paperwork. Instead of becoming frustrated while trying to get some help from a lawfirm, with the help of the best rated legal form software, you can take care of many legal concerns. Whether you are preparing a bill of sale or you are writing up a will, these programs can make the entire process easier.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a program that has a wide array of legal forms in its library.
  • The program should have plenty of resources to help you understand the forms you are using.
  • Choose a software that is easy to navigate and can help you fill out the forms correctly.


Top rated Legal Form Software in 2022


By using the highest rated software for legal forms, you can find forms that cover many legal situations without having to hire a lawyer, go to a courthouse, and waste an entire day in the process. As you read the best legal form software reviews, you will see that these programs have helped their users take care of personal and business affairs without difficulty.


Avantquest MyAttorney Home and Business


Best Legal Form Software ReviewsMyAttorney Home and Business provides you with the appropriate paperwork to take care of your legal needs. Whether you require contracts, documents, letters and worksheets, the program has over 1,300 legal forms in its library. You can protect your loved ones with MyAttorney Home and Business’ estate planning tools. If you run into trouble while filling out the forms, the software provides you with resources that can answer your questions and walk you through the questionnaire.

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PC Attorney


With this affordable software, you can create over 200 legally binding documents that are valid in all 50 states. In order to fill out the forms, all you have to do is answer the questions that appear on your screen as the program walks you through the document. Some of the documents you can find in this program include wills, living trusts, child support agreements, divorce papers, insurance claims, bills of sale, and affidavits.

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Adams Personal Legal Forms and Agreements


If you are looking for a program that provides you with an economical and simple solution to your legal needs, then you may find Adams Personal Legal Forms and Agreements to be a useful program. The software offers over 100 legal forms and agreements. Some of the documentation that is provided includes ways to manage your credit, create binding contracts and even protect yourself against legal action without dealing with a lawyer and their fees. When you use this program, you can create unlimited forms in a variety of formats whenever you need them.

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Nolo Quicken Legal Business Pro


As a small business owner, you are required to fill out legal paper work. With Quicken Legal Business Pro, you can fill out the legal forms without an attorney to explain the legal jargon; all you have to do is follow the on-screen questionnaires and the program will create customized documents. These documents will allow you to structure or buy a business, prepare minutes for a corporation or LLC, rent commercial space, buy real estate, and even borrow money. If you run into trouble along the way, the program provides you with useful information that will help you solve the problem, while the “how to” check lists give you an overview of all the essential tasks every small business owner must do.

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100 Professional Legal Forms for Personal Use


With this collection of legal forms, you can create general contracts, finance and investment agreements, leasing agreements, wills and more. The forms in this program are professionally prepared by American legal experts and can be used and customized with Microsoft 97 or 2000. The installation menu allows you to select the desired documents that you want to work with.

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Best Scrapbooking Software Reviews



Top rated Scrapbooking Software in 2022


Some people prefer the tangible feel of a real scrapbook, but do not have the time to put it together. The best scrapbooking software of 2022 turns a time consuming (and expensive) hobby and makes it a past-time that anyone can do in a short amount of time. If you are interested in trying this creative hobby out, you will see that there are many programs available and you may be wondering which scrapbooking software is the best to try. While we cannot tell you what is the best software, we can offer you information that may help you figure out which is the right one for you.


Design Features

While you are looking for the best scrapbooking software for the money, you want to make sure it comes with a wide variety of useful design tools. These tools will give you the ability to create beautiful scrapbook pages that you will be proud to show off to family members. You want to choose a program that has numerous templates that are appropriate for any occasion. In addition, the best rated programs also allows you to manipulate the existing templates, but they should give you the ability to create new ones as well.


Sharing Your Work

After all the hard work you put in to creating the lovely scrapbook of the family vacation at the shore, of course you will want to share the results. Now, how you decide to share your scrapbook depends on the program you are using. The top ten scrapbooking software allows you to digitally publish your project to the internet, in an email, and it can also give you the ability to print out the pages so that you can create a tangible photobook.



According to the best scrapbooking softwarereviews, many users appreciate an easy-to-use program that does not require a long time to learn the software. In addition, the reviewers prefer the most popular software that allows you auto-place photographs and features a large, searchable graphic library. When you use the searchable graphics library, you should be able to find the perfect graphic that will add another interesting element to your scrapbook page.


Scrapbooks are a wonderful keepsake that can be passed down from family member to family member through the generations. While nothing compares to aphysical book of memories, modern technology allows anyone to create and share their memories with others, no matter where they are in the world. Therefore, even if you do not have a creative bone in your body, with the help of the best scrapbooking software of 2022, you can create beautiful works of art that uses your memories as a focal point.


Things to consider:

  • Look for a program that gives you freedom to manipulate templates or create your own.
  • The program should give you multiple ways to share your works of art.
  • Scrapbooking software should be easy to learn and fun to use.


Top rated Scrapbooking Software in 2022


Scrapbooking projects can be time consuming and costly. Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive supplies and the project taking weeks to complete, you can create a beautiful scrapbook within a few hours—thanks to a computer program.


Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software Card for Scrapbooking


This card features a scratch-off license key code that allows you to upgrade to Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. The Designer upgrade include more features that will help designers import their own art as well as create new designs to use with other Silhouette products. The Designer edition contains all the same features as Silhouette Studio as well as giving you the ability to open, manipulate, and cut .svg files. The rhinestone tools are used to convert designs into rhinestone templates and create your own unique designs. The sketch tools are used to convert designs into different styles of sketchable art.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 with Learn Digital Scrapbooking


Photoshop Elements is a software that combines power and simplicity, which enables you to make your photographs look incredible. You can share your memories with loved ones via the internet or you can print them out and create a physical album. According to the best scrapbooking software reviews, the program is superb because it allows you to save a lifetime’s worth of photographs and video clips, and bring them together in an easy-to-use organizer. From the organizer, you can dive into a full range of activities that allow you to let your creativity run rampant and create stunning ways to share your memories.

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Lasting Impressions Memory Mixer 4 Software


The Lasting Impressions Memory Mixer 4 allows you to bring your memories to life. The easy to use software allows you to combine photographs, music, narration and video to create a keepsake that will last forever. You can use designer layouts for your scrapbook, or you can create your own from scratch. These layouts can also be used to make DVD’s, photobooks, calendars, and much more. The program is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8. The program is also Mac OS x10.4 X or greater.

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StoruRock MyMemories Suite 5.0 Digital Scrapbooking Software


The MyMemories Suite 5.0 Digital Scrapbooking Software features over 241 papers, 952 page elements, and over 12 templates for albums. This complete program provides you with all the essential components you need to create your own unique scrapbook or photo album within a matter of minutes. The easy to use software is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, and it also allows you to save all of your work to PDF format for self-publishing; however, you can export your work to JPG, PNG, and SVG formats for easy web and email sharing.

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Encore Software MyMemories Suite v3 with Colossal Kit


MyMemories Suite v3 is a complete digital scrapbooking software that provides you with easy to use tools that allows your creativity to shine. The intuitive workspace and enhanced timesaving features make the application perfect for beginners to create a beautiful album within minutes. You can include video, music, and narration to your digital scrapbook that will bring the memories to life. The creativity knows no bounds with this kit, because it features numerous textures, page design elements, and digital papers and backgrounds that will be the perfect way to accentuate your photographs.

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