Best Laptop Cooling Pad Reviews



How to Buy a Reliable Laptop Cooling Pad


Running several programs at one time, even in the background can take a toll on your laptop. While most laptop computers do include cooling fans, these are often not enough to prevent dangerous overheating. This can result in painful skin burns, along with potentially damaging your laptop and even increasing your risk of an electrical fire. To protect yourself and your laptop, many computer experts recommend investing in a cooling pad. In this buying guide you will find tips that will help you make an informed decision so you can find the best laptop cooling pad in 2022.

Best laptop cooling pad

Check your Laptop

The best laptop cooling pad reviews recommend checking your laptop for its “hot spots”. Normally located on the base, these warmer areas are where you want to place the cooling pad. If the cooling pad you purchase doesn’t cover the affected area, it can turn into a waste of money and your laptop can still be damaged by the excessive heat. Once you have figured out where the problem areas are on your laptop it will be easier to find the right size cooling pad.



According to the best laptop cooling pad reviews the design is also an important consideration. There are three types of cooling pads to choose from, and each has its own advantages. Plastic cooling pads are more common, and this is generally due to its inexpensive price. Metal laptop cooling pads are heavier and priced slightly higher, but have the advantage of being able to quickly dispel the extra heat for a faster cooling time. There are also mats that feature a cooling gel, and are extremely efficient and durable. The lightweight construction makes these mats ideal for travel, but it should be noted that these cooling pads might be priced out of some consumers’ budgets.



You also want the size of the laptop cooling pad to fit your particular computer. One that is to small is simply a waste of your hard earned money, and pads that are too large will not be able to effectively cool the areas that are prone to overheating. If you are not sure about the dimensions of your laptop you can usually find it on the manufacturer’s website. If you do decide to purchase a laptop pad that is slightly larger, it is important that it fits underneath the areas you need to keep cool.


Top Rated Laptop Cooling Pads in 2022


While we can’t choose the right model for your computer, we can show you the top rated laptop cooling pads for 2022. Each of these products is designed to fit different laptops, and each will effectively reduce the amount of heat. Affordably priced and simple to place underneath, maybe one of these cooling pads is exactly what you need to keep your laptop functioning properly.


Cooler Master R9-NBC-XSLI-GP


1.Cooler MasterThis slim cooling pad is designed to fit 15″ and 17″ laptops, and includes a 160mm fan to help prevent overheating. The mesh surface also helps to promote cooling air flow, and you will appreciate its slim, lightweight design. The pad can be adjusted to two height settings so you can easily find a comfortable working position, and you will also appreciate the included grooves that will help you control the connected cables. You also have the advantage of its innovative design that ensures you won’t lose one of your USB ports. With its powerful fan capable of 1500 rpm and slim design, this cooling pad is perfect for gamers and anyone else that expects a consistent performance from their laptop.

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Thermaltake Massive23 LX CLN0015


2.Thermaltake CLN0015With its lightweight and innovative design this laptop cooling pad might be the perfect choice for you. The large 230mm fan is amazingly quiet and capable of dispelling all of the excess heat from your laptop or notebook quickly and easily. The powerful fan features bright LED lights that add to the fun design, and can also be easily turned off with the convenient power switch. You will appreciate the side handles for easy portability, along with the convenient storage compartment. Perfectly sized to hold cords and cables, it will help you stay neat and organized even when you are on the go. It also features a USB connector for easy connecting, and the fan can also be switched off when it’s not needed.

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Targus AWE55US


3.Targus AWE55USThis cooling pad may look simple and unsophisticated, but it is more than able to effectively dispel extra heat from your laptop. The slope design gives you a comfortable angle to work on, and it also allows for plenty of room to house the two powerful cooling fans. It can extend the life of your laptop and prevent it from overheating. The neoprene surface is also comfortable to place on your lap, and your will appreciate the included one year warranty.

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4.AVANTEK CP172There are two 160mm fans to ensure every area on your laptop stay cools, and it is sized to fit most 15″ and 17″ models. The metal construction is durable and long lasting, and you will love how quickly and efficiently it can cool your laptop. The mesh exterior also helps to promote cooling air flow, which can help you stay comfortable when working. It can also be adjusted to two heights, and it will connect easily via a USB port so you don’t need to purchase an extra adaptor.

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Sanoxy LT-COL


5.SANOXYYou will love having three fans to keep your laptop cool and functioning at its optimal level, along with helping to extend its life. The clear pad is constructed from durable plastic so you have the advantage of its lightweight design, and affordable price. The three fans can emit a pretty blue light when it is turned on, and you also have the advantage of the small legs. The little legs on the bottom help to provide additional support and stability when you are working, and the pad is also powered by a USB port. Since you don’t have to purchase an adaptor, you have one less cord you need to worry about keeping organized.

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Best Desktop Computers 2022



Top Rated Desktop Computers Reviews


Getting the best desktop computer in 2022 may look like a daunting task, but we’ll try to make your buying journey as easy as pie. If you don’t require the portability of a laptop, a desktop computer might help you achieve more and even cost less in the long run. Moreover, their performance can be upgraded, as purchasing separate parts and replacing the older ones is always an alternative.

Before sticking to a model or another, an important tip would be to go over the top rated desktop computer reviews. Customers’ opinions make a whole lot of difference when it comes to making up your mind, because most buyers will sharply express their dissatisfactions, thus telling you what you can expect from a unit.

A.Desktop computer in 2015

Decide on the type of desktop computer you need

Don’t be fooled by any ads telling you what to purchase. The first and most important thing you need to do is assess your preferences. Are you a basic PC user or a home PC user? Maybe you’re a gamer or you would like to take up gaming as a hobby at some point. If, for example you need a PC to write, perform any work-related tasks or simply surf the web, looking for an economic model might be the right idea.

If you’re a home PC user and you engage in a variety of activities such as using Photoshop or other programs that might require some more memory and a more capable graphics card, you might need to look for a faster machine.

As a gamer, you are obviously the most versed computer user out there. You’ll constantly be on the search for the best desktop computers of 2022, because you need as much performance as possible. Most modern games ask for a fast processor, a lot of memory and top-of-the-line graphics.


Things to look for

There are three main features you need to research: the processor, the graphics card and the RAM.


Windows vs. Apple

Windows computers are a little more versatile, as people can install any type of program thereon. The parts of Apple products are more difficult to upgrade. On the other hand, it is said that Apple PCs are a lot faster and work better.


What Are the Best Rated Desktop Computers in 2022?


After having consulted the best desktop computers reviews, we’ve decided to put together a short list of the top three PCs that we’ve come across. For your consideration, we’ve collected the most acclaimed and popular models. These are the most capable and affordable units out there.


HP Pavilion 500-490


1.HP Pavilion 500-490 DesktopThis HP model is a great option to consider. It comes with an Intel Core i3-4130 processor and 4GB of SDRAM DDR. If you’re a big fan of storing documents, movies and any type of multimedia on your computer but find that you are constantly running out of space, you won’t have any issues with this one, as it offers a whopping 1TB 7200 rpm hard drive.

As is the case with other PCs manufactured by HP, this is a Windows computer and it comes with a preinstalled Windows 7 Professional operating system. This is a net advantage if you don’t want to invest in an operating system for the moment and if you’d like to try out the Windows 7.

An absolutely breathtaking detail about this PC is that it comes with integrated wireless, which is a rare feature in desktop computers.

Since price is a dealbreaker for most people in the world, you’ll be glad to know that the HP Pavilion 500-490 can be purchased for a little less than $500.

The best desktop computers reviews recommend it as being very fast and highly versatile. Some users have upgraded its memory to 16GB and are very pleased with the product performance.

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Acer Aspire AXC-603-UB17

2.Acer Aspire AXC-603-UB17If you’re looking for the best PC for the money, this Acer model is one you might want to have a look at. It costs less than the aforementioned HP desktop, as it can be bought for as little as $399.99. On sale, customers can purchase it for less than $300, provided they shop on Amazon.

Let’s move on to more serious details. This is a moderately capable PC that speaks to home users and basic gamers. It features an Intel Celeron J1800 2.41 GHz processor and a RAM memory of 4GB DDR3. Basically, it comes with the same amount of memory of the previously described HP. However, the Acer doesn’t offer as much space, as its drive is a 500GB 7200 rpm one. Graphics are ensured by the Intel HD card.

As is the case of other products of the line, this one comes with a preinstalled Windows 8.1 version, thus eliminating the expense of buying an operating system.

Reviews recommend it as one of the best desktop computers in 2022, particularly if you’re looking for an affordable option. Buyers state that it is lightweight, easy to setup and easily upgradable.

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Dell 3000 i3646-2600BLK


3.Dell 3000 i3646-2600BLKDell is undoubtedly one of the most well-known PC manufacturers. The company’s products are reputable and are known for offering superior performance. However, compared to the previously mentioned models, this is a pretty basic unit. It has an Intel Pentium JD900 Processor and 4GB of RAM. As for space, it features the same 500GB as the Acer model above.

While it might not be particularly designed for cutting-edge performance, it does feature a wonderful design. It is small, lightweight and it can be placed on any table without visitors frowning upon its looks.

As for the operating system, buyers get a preinstalled Windows 8.1 version.

This desktop comes with a free PocketCloud 2.0 for easy backup. Dell users have the opportunity to upgrade the storage on their accounts, thus making sure they never lose any type of data.

Finally, we’ll say that this is one of the most affordable models we’ve come across. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that this is the best desktop computer 2022 particularly if you’re a basic user who isn’t into gaming. Customers’ mentions are mostly related to the operating system, not to the actual machine.

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The Best 10 Desktop Computers Reviews



While there are hundreds of desktop computers to choose from there are some aspects to consider if you want to be able to do more than simply connect to the internet. Speed and performance matter when you are trying to find the best desktop computer, and trying to find the right components can be overwhelming. This is why we have included the following brief reviews of the top 10 desktop computers, so you can spend less time shopping and start enjoying all of the advantages you get when you have the performance and power you need to perform all of your applications.


Asus Chromebox-M004U


1.ASUS CHROMEBOX-M004UConsidered one of the top 3 models, there is very little you won’t like about this powerful computer. The 1.4GHz Intel processor features 2GB of RAM, and a convenient SD card slot. It is also incredibly quick and easy to set up so you can immediately start surfing the web. This processor also features 4 USB ports for amazing speed and performance, along with HDMI ports for your HD TV. The included parental controls will give you additional peace of mind when your children are online, and you also have the advantage of the extra apps which will keep you entertained even when you are not connected to the web.

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HP Pavilion 500-336


2.HP Pavilion 500-336With a 4th generation Intel processor you will love the power and performance of this top rated desktop computer that also features a 1TB hard drive. It is perfect for gamers and streaming high definition movies, and with an expandable memory you have plenty of space for all of your graphic rich applications. Gamers will love having the incredibly fast data transfer rate that ensures all of their games will stream smoothly, and with the included DVD burner you can easily record all of your favorite movies. Compatible with Windows 8 and easy to set up, you will love being able to accomplish all of your tasks with this powerful desktop computer.

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Dell Inspiron i3847-2310BK


3.Dell Inspiron i3847Compatible with Windows 8 operating systems, this desktop computer is easy to set up. You have the advantage of the 1TB hard drive, and the expandable memory. There are plenty of ports to ensure all of your devices can be easily connected, and the Intel processor gives you the speed and performance you need to complete all of your applications. You also have the advantage of being able to access your data from your other devices, and with automatic backup you never have to worry about losing your important information.

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Lenovo Ideacentre Q190


4.Lenovo Ideacentre Q190The included keyboard and mouse make it even easier for you to get started, and you will also appreciate the simple setup steps. The powerful processor is able to efficiently and smoothly stream all of your data, and this desktop computer also includes Windows 8. There are plenty of ports so you can connect all of your devices, including HD TVs and most gaming consoles. The powerful hard drive can handle graphic rich games and movies without experiencing any lag time. Perfect for home and office use, you will love seeing what you can accomplish with this desktop computer.

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HP Pavilion 500-490


5.HP Pavilion 500-490Whether you just want to browse the internet or send and share documents for work, this desktop computer will help you complete all of your tasks quickly and efficiently. You have the advantage of Windows 7 which is designed to help you create professional documents, spread sheets and reports, along with the powerful Intel processor which will keep the data smoothly streaming. The wireless design makes this desktop computer more convenient than other models, and the included warranty gives you additional peace of mind. You also have the advantage of the included mouse and keyboard so you can immediately start work.

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Dell GX745 Optiplex


6.Dell 745One of the reasons this is such a popular model is its professional and efficient design. You have the advantage of the preloaded Windows 7 software, along with the high performance Intel processor. With 2 GB of memory you have plenty of room to store all of your important data, and you will also appreciate the speed and performance of this desktop model. Along with being able to simply plug this computer in to start browsing the web, you can also enjoy watching sharp and clear videos. Perfect for conference calls and streaming games and movies, you will love seeing what you can do with this desktop computer.

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Dell Optiplex 745


7.Dell Optiplex 745Everything you need to stream movies, games, browse and share is included with this convenient and powerful desktop computer. The keyboard and mouse are designed to be comfortable and easy to use, while the 19 inch LCD monitor ensures a crisp and clear picture. The Intel processor will provide you with the speed and power you need, along with 2 GB of RAM. Preloaded with Windows 7 so you can immediately start enjoying all of the features, you will also appreciate the powerful 80GB hard drive. Designed to be efficient and leave a small footprint on the environment, you can feel good about purchasing this powerful desktop computer.

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CyberpowerPC GUA880


8.CyberpowerPC GUA880This desktop computer was developed with avid gamers in mind, and includes everything you need to seamlessly stream all of your graphic rich games. The quad core processor is fast and powerful, and you also have the advantage of the included NVIDIA graphics. See all of the levels in stunning color and detail, and adjust the contrast to see shaded areas. With 6 ports to connect all of your devices and the included keyboard and mouse, you can immediately start playing all of your favorite games.

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Acer Aspire AXC-603-UB17


9.Acer Aspire AXC-603-UB17Designed for work and play, this desktop computer is perfect for home or office use. The powerful Celeron processor will give you the speed and performance you need to complete your tasks, and with 4GB of RAM there is plenty of room to store your important data. You also have the advantage of the included HD graphics which ensure that movies, photos, and games are all sharp and clear, along with Windows 8 so you can immediately start working. Designed to be affordable and efficient, you will love the speed and performance you get with this desktop model.

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Dell 3000 i3646-2600BLK


10.Dell 3000 i3646-2600BLKWith a 2.67 GHZ Intel processor and 4GB of RAM you have all of the speed and performance you need to complete applications for work and school. Affordably priced to fit most budgets, and with a 500 GB hard drive you can browse through websites, send and share documents, along with streaming online games and movies. It features a compact size that is perfect for smaller work areas, and with the ability to store your data in the Cloud you can easily access your information from any device. Fast, efficient and affordable it is easy to see why this is one of the more popular models.

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The Best 10 Board Games Reviews




Gaining more and more popularity among all age groups, board games are an excellent way to make friends, socialize and have fun with guests or family members. Having a good board game around can be a great way to socialize, spend the afternoon with friends or bond with your family. With so many models and versions on the market, finding a good board game that all can enjoy is quite a hard task. Providing hours of entertainment and fun, these top 10 board games will never let you down. Read ahead and find the best game for you and your family.


Cards Against Humanity


1.Cards Against HumanityPraised by all reviewers, this extremely fun game is definitely not for anyone. In order to enjoy it to the fullest, you, as well as all others players must have a good sense of humor and not take the game too seriously. In exchange, Cards Against Humanity gives out plenty of laughs that make it one of the funniest board game of the year. Used with great success at parties, this game is not intended for small children and is targeted for a more mature audience.

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Ticket To Ride


2.Ticket To RideLoved by players of all ages, this board game combines the spirit of adventure with fun trains and route planning. Based on the great success title “Around the World in 80 Days”, this excellent game will keep all players involved, offering them a lot of fun challenges during playing sessions that can last up to one hour. If collecting train routes and making yourself rich is one of your dreams, then this board game will make it true. Excellent for 2 to 5 players, this fun but challenging game will keep both kids and adults entertained for hours.

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The Settlers of Catan


3.The Settlers of CatanCombining strategy, development and history, this board game is perfect for anyone older than 10 years old. Friendly with new players, yet offering plenty of depth and variety for more advanced ones, the Settlers of Catan can entertain up to four players at once. With so much popularity, it is no wonder that this board game is number one in both US and Germany. Balancing fun and strategy, this game will surely be loved by both kids and parents, making it one of the best family strategy board games you can buy right now.

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Jenga Classic Game


4.Jenga Classic GameWhen it comes to dexterity, suspense and strategy, the Jenga Classic is by far the one of the funniest games that you can get right now. With its simple rules, this game is so easy that even eight year olds can enjoy it. Simple, challenging and fun, this dexterity game is excellent for parties of all kinds. Breaking the ice and making new friends, are what the Jenga Classic does best, making it one of the top 3 games for parties that you can buy right now.

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HedBanz Game


5.HedBanz GameGeared mostly towards kids, this board game offers plenty of entertainment and fun to keep adults interested long enough. Using headbands, each player must guess the card on their foreheads by asking different questions to the other players. Simple and fun, this game is an excellent game to help children learn to interact with each other, ask and answer questions, use logic and find solutions, by turning into small detectives. Fun and educational, the HedBanz Game is an excellent family game where parents can easily find themselves as entertained as their kids.

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Pandemic Board Game


6.Pandemic Board GameThis game offers players the challenge to save the entire earth from the scourge of four evil pandemics. While not particularly simple, the rules can be understood by all kids above ten, making it an excellent family board game. Using various cards and strategies, each player must cure a disease and help others do the same. Unlike all other board games this one will not make players compete against each other, but instead it will stimulate and reward them when they cooperate to solve the problem together.

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5 Second Rule – Just Spit it Out!


7.5 Second Rule - Just Spit it Out!Easy to play and offering lots and lots of fun, this card game is an excellent party game, helping everyone show their goofy side without any embarrassment and allowing all to feel good at the same time. The 5 Second Rule will give each player a simple topic and only a few seconds to name three different words that match that topic. Targeted at everyone aged 10 or more, this fun party game is an excellent ice breaker. Used at parties or for family fun, the 5 Second Rule is a good way to have a blast and spend some good time together making friends.

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A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition


8.A Game of Thrones The Board Game Second EditionWith its excellent design and superb quality, this game is one of the top rated board games you can buy right now. Based on the famous HBO series with the same name, this strategy board game will challenge each player against each other for the throne of the fantasy world of Westeros. Accurately portraying the look and feel of the movie, this board game will make all the players immerse themselves into politics, war and diplomacy. With plenty of suspense, thrills and challenges, this strategy board game is an excellent choice for everyone above the age of 13.

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Monopoly Board Game


9.Monopoly Board GameWhen it comes to the best board game ever, nothing can beat the classic game of Monopoly. With its fair share of fun, strategy and randomness, this game does a decent job portraying the wild nature of real estate business. Known all around the globe, this game is still one of the favorite board game of many, regardless of age. Simple to start, yet hard to master, this game will keep you, your family and guests entertained for hours and hours. Advertised as a good fit for all ages above eight, the Monopoly is a board game that offers all players a fair share of competition and fun.

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Tokaido Board Game


10.Tokaido Board GameCreated by the author of the famous 7 Wonders game, this board game will offer a great adventure to all its players. Traveling along the beautiful East sea road, each player will create their own adventure. Visiting temples, talking to interesting characters and even collecting items, everyone will take part in an amazing and fun journey. Beautiful, detailed and superbly illustrated, the Tokaido board game is one of the best family games of the year. Loved by all players, this game offers great ways to socialize and have fun together.

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Best Motherboard 2022



Top Motherboard Reviews


One of the most important components you need to consider when you are building a new computer or upgrading an old one is the motherboard. A motherboard provides support for your CPU, video card and even your Ethernet jack, and choosing the wrong one can quickly become an expensive mistake. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you choose the best motherboard in 2022 that meets all of your requirements.



As stated in the best motherboard reviews you budget will affect your final decision, but first you need to determine the type that fits your needs. Some of the best motherboards in 2022 are integrated, which gives you the advantage of a smaller size and lower price. All of the ports, connectors, and slots are already built into the motherboard, and gamers also appreciated the advanced peripherals that are able to support graphics cards. Non integrated motherboards do give you the option of picking which components are absolutely necessary, but this can also become expensive. You do have the advantage of being able to upgrade different components separately, unlike integrated models where everything must be replaced at the same time.


RAM and Socket

The best motherboard reviews agree that RAM is important, especially if you want to improve the speed of your applications. The amount of RAM should be compatible with the processor to ensure all of your applications run smoothly. You also want to make sure the motherboard is compatible with the amount of RAM. The socket is also important to consider since it is how the motherboard will connect to the processor. There are two main types of sockets commonly used, and choosing a motherboard that is not compatible will be an expensive mistake.



There are several types of connections to consider once you have decided on the type of motherboard that is also compatible with your processor, and the applications that you will be most commonly using will help you make a decision. Some of the best gaming motherboards of 2022 feature two Ethernet jacks, along with a Network Interface Card. USB ports and firewall ports are essential if you want to be able to connect any of your digital devices, and some newer motherboards also feature HDMI ports to enhance your viewing experience. Serial ports are convenient for connecting printers, and you always want to ensure that there are enough connections in the rear panel.


What Are the Best Motherboards


While we can’t choose a motherboard for you, we can show you the top components. Designed to deliver speed and performance, these components might be exactly what you need to handle all of your applications.


Asus Maximus VII Hero


1.Asus MAXIMUSThis is considered one of the best gaming motherboards of 2022 for its speed, performance, and price. Complete with everything you need to instantly upgrade your old system or build a powerful new one, you will love seeing the difference in your game play. You have the advantage of the included KeyBot which instantly improves the feel and functionality of your keyboard, and with software already installed for you instantly access and start playing your games.

There are plenty of ports for all of your devices, including USB and HDMI. See all of your visuals in stunning high definition color, including your game screens. Colors will appear brighter and more vivid, and you will appreciate the clearly visible details when you are trying to complete a level. This motherboard also features precision tuned audio so every sound is crystal clear, even at a lower volume.

Compatible with Intel processors and featuring a 10 GB data transfer rate, you never have to wait on slow downloads. Enjoy having the power to keep up with your action packed games, and this motherboard is also ideal for any of your other data rich applications. Affordably priced and designed for speed and performance, you will love the difference this motherboard makes.

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MSI Z97-G45 Gaming


2.MSI ATX DDR3As stated in the top rated gaming motherboard reviews you will love seeing the difference this component can make. This motherboard is compatible with the LGA socket, and also features a powerful Intel Z97 chipset. Enjoy graphic rich games without any problems, along with faster download times. Affordably priced and designed to enhance your gamin experience, you will love seeing what this motherboard can do.

You never have to worry about slow lag times, and you can also improve performance with the over clocking function. Add up to 20 percent more power for increased memory and improved performance. Perfect for gamers and streaming live content, you also have the advantage of the powerful audio boost. Music, movies, and games are crystal clear, and your headphones will never sound better.

There are plenty of ports to connect all of your digital devices, including a convenient port for your gaming mouse. It is constructed to be durable and powerful, along with being an affordable option for anyone that is looking to upgrade their existing system or build a new one.

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Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3


3.Gigabyte AM3+Improve speed and performance with this motherboard that is also priced to fit any budget. Perfect for students, gamers, and even business applications, this motherboard will ensure all of your applications run smoothly. With an AMD socket to support your graphics card and processor, along with plenty of ports for your devices you will love seeing what you can do.

This motherboard can support up to 32 GB of memory in the system, which is more than enough for your graphic rich games. Dual channel ability ensures that you have plenty of speed for your applications, and you never have to deal with annoying lag times. There are also slots for your external devices, and this motherboard also includes Windows 8.

Immediately start working on school or business projects with all of the features included with Windows 8, and this motherboard will also charge your devices when they are connected. Keep your Android devices ready to go, while still enjoying all of the stored content. Designed to fit most student budgets, this affordable motherboard will give you the speed and performance you need without breaking your wallet.

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Best Inkjet Printer Reviews



An Expert Buying Guide on Inkjet Printers


An inkjet printer can be a convenient accessory to have at home, and there are several models to choose from. While this does give you several possible options, finding an inkjet printer that meets all of your needs can be confusing. With the helpful tips included in our informative buying guide, you will be able to confidently choose the best inkjet printer in 2022.

A. Inkjet printer


One of the first aspects to consider is the type of printer. Laser color printers can be expensive to operate, while inkjet models are recommended for home use. According to the best inkjet printer reviews these models are able to quickly reproduce text and color images inexpensively, and also include many of the same features. All in one or multifunction printers are another option, and have the advantage of being able to copy and scan documents and photographs.


Color Control

The best inkjet printer reviews recommend considering the cost of using color. Color ink packs are more expensive to use than black, and the cost can add up over time. Some of the best inkjet printers in 2022 do not require all of the ink when printing text, and include settings that let you turn off the color not being used. This will help to cut down on the printing costs, though you also want to make sure the unused ink doesn’t congeal in the tubes.


Printing Quality

You also want to carefully consider the printing quality or resolution, which can be critical for photos and images. Most of the best inkjet reviews suggest choosing a model with a resolution of 1200 x 1600 dots per inch. While this is ideal for printing documents and most color images, some of the higher priced models can have a stronger resolution that will handle images with more intricate details.


Additional Features

You also want the inkjet printer to be Wi-Fi capable, or include a USB or Ethernet port. Some multifunction printers also include two sided printing and scanning, along with a convenient automatic document feeder. Some models also include slots for your memory cards, while other printers will even connect directly to your digital camera.


Top Rated Inkjet Printers in 2022


We can’t choose the right model for you, but we can show you the top rated inkjet printers for 2022. Maybe one of these affordable and efficient printers will be exactly what you need for your home or office.


Canon PIXMA MX922


1. Canon PIXMA MX922According to the best inkjet printer reviews this model can also copy, fax, and scan. You’ll appreciate its compact size and wireless construction, especially if there is a limited amount of available work space. This Canon printer will recreate bright color images, and you have the benefit of only having to replace an ink tube when it is empty.

The wireless printer is easy to set up, and it is also compatible with most of your mobile devices. Print images directly from your smart phone or iPod, and even send faxes and make copies. The printer can be accessed from almost any device, making it easy to share with friends and colleagues.

You will appreciate being able to control the printer from almost any location, and it is also designed to be convenient to operate. The controls are simple to navigate, and you’ll appreciate being able to print on both sides of a page without having to stop and flip it over. The printer also includes an automatic document feeder that will keep up with the high speed fax capabilities. Easy to use and compatible with most of your digital devices, you will love how bright and clear your documents and photos turn out with this wireless printer.

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Epson Expression XP-410


2. Epson Expression XP-410Designed to be easy to use, this wireless printer will also copy and scan. It features a space saving design that is ideal for small home offices, and the printer is also Wi-Fi compatible. Print documents and photos easily from home, or connect to your mobile device. With access to the cloud you can access the printer from almost anywhere.

This multifunction printer is designed to be easy to operate, and features a 2.5 inch LCD screen and one touch functions. Along with printing from your smart phone or tablet, the included card slots also let you access digital photos. Print recent or even older photos with this high quality printer, and easily copy your favorites to share with friends.

You have the advantage of only replacing empty ink tubes, and you can also customize your prints. The easy to navigate touch screen will let your create different layouts and remove unwanted borders without having to connect to your PC. This wireless printer is not only affordably priced, it can also reduce the cost of your replacement ink. Designed to be easy to use, you will love the convenience of being able to print, scan, and copy with this multifunction device.

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HP Envy 4500


3. HP Envy 4500Print, scan, and copy text and images with this wireless printer. It features a compact construction and sleek design, and it is also extremely easy to use. You have the advantage of the built in Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables you to access the printer from your PC, tablet or Android device. Capable of printing text at a rate of 21 pages per minute, this printer is perfect for small home offices.

This printer will also print vivid color images at a speed of 17 pages per minute, and you will appreciate its energy saving design. The wireless printer also lets you use only the colors that you want, which can help you save money on replacement costs. With dual side printing you can save time and waste less paper, and you will love how easy it is to set up.

Customize your photos before you print, and remove borders for unique images. Program this top inkjet printer to run at a set time, or copy directly from your smart phone or tablet. The 2 inch LCD display is easy to read, and you’ll love the convenience of being able to print and copy from home.

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Best Monitor for Gaming Reviews



What to Consider When Buying a Top Notch Monitor for Gaming


Getting the best monitor for gaming in 2022 sure looks like a complicated thing to do particularly with the number of models out there today. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you can start by going through the best monitor for gaming reviews, because the opinion of buyers is often unbiased and will let you know whether the model’s worth purchasing or not.

Try to think of your research as an investment instead of believing that time spent reading reviews is wasted pointlessly. If you buy the right gaming monitor, you might never need to replace it with another one. So, what should you look for in such a device?

A. Monitor for gaming

Refresh rate and pixel response

A high refresh rate and a fast pixel response are two features that are the most important when it comes to buying a gaming monitor. The pixel response is measured in milliseconds so what you need to know here is that a response of less than 2 ms will always be better than one of 4 ms. Nevertheless, even the last one is also adequate for some types of games.

A higher refresh rate is responsible of reducing image blur. This is why you should probably pick a monitor with a refresh rate of over 120Hz. Regular LCDs nowadays come with rates of 60Hz, so this is basically the difference between a monitor that’s specifically designed for gaming and one you can use for browsing the internet.


Resolution and panel size

Do you know the saying ‘the bigger, the better’? That might not go for all products of all kinds, but in this case it couldn’t be truer. A higher resolution is great, but since it can generally be displayed on larger screens, you might be forced to spend your bucks on a 27-inch monitor instead of being satisfied with a 24-inch one.

If you have the space and the money, just go ahead and do it. If you don’t, don’t be disappointed. A 24-inch one will be perfect for most games you might play.



Since you need the monitor to work with a computer or a laptop it really wouldn’t hurt if it came with HDMI, USB and even DVI ports.



Prices of gaming monitors vary largely according to the specs and the features. Some low-end models can cost less than $200, whereas one of the best monitor for gaming in 2022 could make you spend up to $3,500.


Top Rated Monitors for Gaming in 2022


Regardless of your choice in the matter, what you need to know is that your personal preferences have a say. Don’t ignore your natural gaming needs and don’t choose a model simply because it looks cool and is big enough for your friends to be amazed. Don’t forget to check out the best monitor for gaming reviews.


Philips 272G5DYEB G-Sync


Philips is a Dutch company that has a long and withstanding reputation of manufacturing top quality products. Let’s just say that this device is one of the top rated monitors for gaming of 2022. It comes with a 27” display and a brightness of 300 cd/m2.

You might be keen on getting a higher resolution, but the one of the model is more than enough to make you feel satisfied with the graphics of any game: 1920 x 1080 HD.

With a refresh rate of 144Hz and a response time of 1ms it’s practically impossible to be disappointed with this model.

You’ve probably heard by now that some monitors go well with some games. Since most games and graphic cards are manufactured by NVIDIA, the Philips model is NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready. Movies, games, photos, you name it. You can watch anything in 3D technology on this monitor.

More than 75% of the reviews of the product are associated to 5-star ratings. This means that the Philips model has received some of the best monitor for gaming reviews. Characterized by buyers as ‘amazing’, ‘the best thing ever’ and ‘beautifully awesome’, the monitor is nothing less than a must have.

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LG Electronics Gaming 24GM77


This LG model comes at a friendly price. Although it is a bit smaller-sized than its Philips counterpart it is known for doing a great job of displaying games and movies. The resolution is the same, which is 1920 x 1080.

Since most of the gaming monitors manufacturers focus their efforts on developing low response times, this one also comes with a 1ms one. Input lag is optimized thanks to the Dynamic Action Sync system.

The refresh rate is the classic 144Hz which allows users to focus on their actual gaming instead of on motion blur.

The device features increased brightness, although you’re of course not forced to use it at maximum levels: 350 cd/m2. If you’re keen on playing at night time, you’re probably struggling with contrast and visibility. This monitor takes care of the issue thanks to the Black Stabilizer it comes with, which automatically makes dark scenes look brighter.

As for connectivity, this monitor features 2 HDMI inputs.

Over time, the model has also received some of the best monitor for gaming reviews. More than 73% of the buyers that chose the LG claim it comes with zero lag and provides top quality displays, be they images, videos or games.

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BenQ GL2460HM


The BenQ is by far the cheapest model we’ve come across. This doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily let you down. It’s still a gaming monitor, but since it is an LED, it unfortunately can’t be compared to the LG or the Philips models we’ve mentioned before.

Yet the BenQ performs decently and does come with the cutting-edge Senseye human Vision Technology, which it seems that is responsible for displaying tones that are fit for human sight. The display can be customized according to your activities. For instance, if you’re looking to browse through some pictures, simply use the Photo mode.

The refresh rate of this one is just a tad higher, considering the fact that it comes with a 2ms one instead of the 1ms one donned by its counterparts.

The monitor is optimized for Windows 8. The operating system isn’t exactly loved by everyone, but it is widely known that some games work best on Windows.

Additionally, if you are keen on saving energy and on being friendly with the environment, this model’s a great bargain. The item is in compliance with the Energy Star Program, which means that you won’t spend your entire paycheck on electric bills.

Buyers state that the model works wonderfully when used for gaming and casual use.

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Best Printing Calculator Reviews



Things to Consider When Trying to Buy a Top Printing Calculator


If you’re looking for one of the top rated printing calculators of 2022, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you make up your mind about what you need to look for in such a product. Remember, reading some info on what you intend on buying means additional savings. To choose a model that satisfies your needs, make sure to also check out the best printing calculator reviews.

Functions and colors

Printing calculators are basically desktop calculators that are generally utilized for accounting purposes. Most people make use of these devices during tax seasons. Some of these products are capable of performing advanced tasks, such as printing percentage values and even specific graphs.

Some users might require printing calculators to have enough memory to store important numbers or figures.

As for colors, the majority of printing calculators out there can either print with black and white or with black and red. Black is traditionally used for additions, whereas red is used for subtractions.


Replacement supplies

When it comes to spending money on supplies, users technically like to set up budgets. But what will you spend your bucks on? It really depends on the type of printing calculator you end up choosing. Some come with batteries, while others have AC adapters. Ribbons, ink cartridges and paper rolls need to be periodically replaced.

One of the most important features of the best printing calculator 2022 is the standard size. This means that you’ll be able to buy replacement supplies from anywhere. The replacement paper of standard-sized calculators is normally cheaper than the one used in special models.


Speed and noise level

Speed largely depends on the model you end up picking. Some models are slower and are capable of printing only 3.5 lines/second, whereas faster, professional models can print up to 45 lines/second. Accountants and finance professionals predominantly choose faster models.

If you intend to use your printing calculator on a regular basis, it’s recommended that you get one with a lower noise level.



Cheaper models of printing calculators can usually be bought for less than $50, whereas professional products can often times cost up to $100.


Top Rated Printing Calculators in 2022


If you want to get the best printing calculator in 2022, our advice to you is to perform a thorough research. After we’ve done our homework on the topic, we can honestly declare that the following three models are among the best ones on the current market. Our conclusion is also based on the best printing calculator reviews that we’ve found.


Canon MP11DX


The Canon brand has a long history of manufacturing calculators, printing calculators and other electronic devices, including photo cameras. This device comes with a clock and calendar function, and much more. It features a decent speed of printing, with 3.7 lines per second.

The model also comes with 12 digits that can practically be used for any type of calculation. As for the display, you won’t have any trouble reading the figures with this one, considering the fact that it comes with a fluorescent display.

As we were saying in the buying guide, there are basically two types of printing colors when it comes to these devices. The Canon MP11DX prints in black and red, which is useful because you’ll be able to accurately see subtractions.

The model has received some of the best printing calculator reviews, considering the fact that more than 60 users gave it a 5-star rating. Buyers claim that the keys it comes with are easy to read, and that the figures on the paper are easily distinguishable. There are many people out there that state that it’s among the most comfortable printing calculators to use.

It seems that the only noteworthy complaint of buyers is that the instruction manual is a bit hard to read.Printing

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Sharp EL-1801V


With a 12-digit blue fluorescent display and a lot of desirable functions, this Sharp model is also a must-have for anyone doing his or her taxes. Although it is portable, it only comes with AC operation. When compared with the aforementioned Canon, it is a bit slower, considering the fact that it can print only 2.1 lines per second. It does feature the same two colors as the previously described item, black and red.

The Sharp EL-1801V is also among the easiest printing calculators to use. Calculation functions can be changed with a single touch. For overly enthusiastic finance geeks, it even features advanced keys, for establishing the cost, sell, margin, the grand total and the average of any calculation.

The great thing about this one is that it comes in a standard size, which means that users won’t be forced to spend a lot on supplies. Calculator plain papers can be bought in packs of 3 for as little as $7.

As is the case of the Canon model, the Sharp one has also received some of the best printing calculator reviews. With more than 81 5-star ratings, it would be difficult to ignore this model when browsing for printing calculator alternatives.

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Casio FR-2650TM


One of the most amazing things about this Casio model is its display. It is as large as it can be, so you’ll be able to read the numbers with no effort whatsoever. It comes with an average speed of printing, of 3.0 lines per second. It also prints in two colors, red and black. As for the size of the printed numbers, you will not have to go through the hassle of trying to understand them, what with the product featuring large print.

No one is perfect, not even accountants. That is why this Casio device comes with a Backspace key, making sure you don’t get to print out errors and have the much needed opportunity to correct what you’ve just typed.

Moreover, the model comes with a variety of keys, including the desirable cost/sell/margin ones and the +/- switch ones.

Let’s have a look at what buyers had to say about the item. Some individuals emphasize the fact that it’s perfect for speedy typists, whereas others claim that they like the large printed numbers. Even retired accountants are big fans of the Casio FR-2650TM, and they’re known to be more picky than regular users.

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Best Windows Operating System Reviews



An Expert Buying Guide on Windows Operating Systems:


It can be difficult trying to decide what is the best Windows operating system for your personal computer. As the most popular software  there are several versions for you to choose from, and each one is designed to enhance your computer experience. To help you pick the right operating system we have included some tips in our buying guide, which is designed to help you make an informed decision so as to get the most out of your PC.


Type and Ease of Use

When you are trying to decide what’s the best software, you want to make sure that it is easy for you to use. The search functions should be clearly displayed, and the interface should be easy to navigate. According to the best Windows operating system reviews, you also want to consider what you typically use your computer for. Some of the operating systems are designed specifically for entertainment purposes, and can usually support videos and music without additional software. Other systems feature advance internet security and administration tools to support general office and home use.


Security and Networking

While all of the best rated Windows operating systems include some type of internet security, you do want to make sure that it can be easily upgraded. Viruses and other malicious online threats are constantly evolving, and you want to make sure that all of your personal data and documents are always protected. This is especially important if you are frequently browsing online for work or pleasure. The Windows operating system’s ability to network is also important for home or business use. These systems should not only have advanced security and web protection, but also include all of the administration tools you need to complete your projects.


Help and Support

Any new operating system can be confusing and it is not uncommon for questions to come up. This is also true for experienced users who may be dealing with occasional technical glitches. The technical support should be available whenever you need help resolving an issue, and also be reachable by several different methods. Since the operating programs by Microsoft can perform a remarkable number of different functions, the computer giant has provided plenty of technical support for its business and home based customers.


A Windows operating system can enhance your computer experience, bringing music, videos and games to you in brilliant detail. It can help make your home or business office run more efficiently, while keeping your valuable information safe.


Things to consider:

  • Choose an operating system for your computer that is easy to use, and designed for your applications.
  • You always want to consider security and protection, especially if you are frequently online. Networking capabilities will also provide you with the administrator tools you need to create professional documents and projects.
  • Technical support is always important, especially with the more advanced operating systems. The “help desk” should be easy to reach, and your questions thoroughly answered.


Top rated Operating Systems in 2022


The most reliable software is the operating systems designed by Microsoft, and there are several for you to choose from. Some are designed to enhance your online entertainment, while others can help you manage your workload more efficiently. Deciding which Windows operating system is the best will depend on how you plan to use your computer.


Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit


Best Windows Operating System ReviewsConsidered the best Windows operating system by reviews, it has been a popular favorite since its introduction several years ago. The software is designed to make all of your computer tasks easier with improved navigation, and a start button. Create a home network in minutes, and customize your user experience. It can connect to your printer, and makes it a breeze to find all of your important documents. Perfect for home or office use, you also get the benefit of knowing that you are also securely protected.

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Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit System Builder


Designed to make your office function more efficiently, this operating system puts everything you need at your fingertips. The interface is easy to navigate, and the software is compatible with your printer. Create professional documents and safely browse the web, the operating system will also let you run several XP programs at the same time. It is remarkably easy to use, and features Windows search mode that can quickly find anything you need. The software will also let you connect and share files with other PCs on your network.

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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro – Full Version


Considered the best Windows operating system of 2022, it includes everything you need for your home or office. The software is also designed to support all types of entertainment from videos and games to songs and movies. It features an improved start screen, and there are also new apps available. You can create a customized business network, or sit back and enjoy crystal clear images. The software also features an advanced security system that will protect your PC from any malicious malware.

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Windows XP Professional


Often referred to as the best Windows operating system for 2022, it can help make your business run seamlessly. It is designed to handle larger amounts of data, and features a larger memory than other software models. This operating system is also preferred by gamers for its ability to handle more complex images. It features an easy to navigate interface, and a powerful search tool to help you find all of your documents. Powerful enough for your office and still easy to use, this operating system can handle almost anything you want to do.

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Microsoft Windows Home Version 2002


This operating system is ideal for general home use. It is more affordable than the professional versions of the software, and is great for beginning computer users. The interface is easy to navigate, and the software also features Microsoft’s innovative start button. Check your email in seconds, browse the internet, and download movies with this easy to use operating system. It is also designed to work with Word and Excel, making it ideal for students who frequently need to write papers.


Best Printer Toner Reviews



How to Purchase the Right Printer Toner:


Laser printers, fax machines, and photocopiers are often preferred over models that use ink jets for their ability to put out high quality text and pictures. The laser models can handle larger volumes of text, and can often be found in schools and businesses. Using toner that is fast drying and able to print fine details, these models can make all of your printing jobs easy. In order for these devices to work properly you need to make sure that you are using the best rated toner, which is why we have included some helpful tips in our buying guide.


Model and Quality

When you are trying to determine which printer toner is the best, it is important to make sure that it will work with your device. The model number can usually be found on the side or bottom of the printer, and it can also be located in your owner’s manual. The most popular product will not be the best choice for you if it does not fit in your device.

The quality of printer toner is also important when you are deciding what are the best products for your model. Some toners have been refilled which lowers its price, but it can also prevent it from printing all of the finer details. The best printer toner reviews recommend always purchasing a new product, especially if it is being used for business purposes.


Yield Value

This refers to the number of pages the toner cartridge can print before running dry. You can find the “yield value” listed on the printer toner’s packaging, and documents that only contain a page of text are counted as one yield. Colored charts, graphs, and photos do count as more than one page, and can quickly the toner cartridges dry. To find the best product for your money you will want to look for printer toner cartridges that have a high yield count.



New printer toner cartridges are available in a wide range of prices that can go from economical to extremely expensive. The type and amount of printing can help you decide on a budget, along with a product that includes a manufacturer’s warranty. Some of the more expensive printer toners are also refillable, which can also save you money.


Printer toner cartridges can make your images and text come to life on the page, but it is important that you find the right one for your device. According to the best printer toner reviews choose the right product will depend on your needs, and how you plan on using it.


Things to consider:

  • It is important that you make sure that the printer toner is compatible with your device.
  • The page yield will determine how much the toner cartridge can print, before running out of powder. Colored images will require more toner, and should be consider when you are looking at the cartridge’s yield.
  • Printer toners are available in a range of prices, and you should one according to what you are going to be printing.


Top Rated Printer Toners in 2022


Printer toners are used in laser devices and can produce high quality text and visual images. There are several different products to choose from, in a wide range of prices. Deciding on what you are going to be printing, and the volume can help you make the right choice for you and your wallet.


Brother TN450 High Yield Black Toner


Best Printer Toner ReviewsThis is considered one of the best printer toners in 2022 for its amazing ability to reproduce lush black colors, and muted grays. It can print every fine detail of your text and images, and best of all the cartridge is designed to be easy to install. It has a page yield of 2,600 and can last you for a lifetime of printing. The black printer toner is compatible with certain Brothers laser printers, and is inexpensively priced to fit most budgets.

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Cannon 128 Toner Cartridge


One of the best aspects of this printer toner cartridge is that it arrives as preassembled. The toner, development, and drum comprise this single cartridge system that can also print every fine detail included in your text. It is designed to be hassle free, and the cartridge is also recyclable, which means that you can feel good about leaving a small carbon footprint on the environment. The cartridge has a page yield of 2,100, and its innovative printing system can also help to prolong the life of your laser device.

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Brother Black Toner Cartridge (TN-350)


Compatible with several Brothers printer models, this affordable toner cartridge features a page yield of 2,500. Capture every detail in your text, along with recreating lush black colors. The fine particles in the toner can also capture the subtle grays in your text. Able to print professional documents without smudges or smears, it is also affordably priced for home or business use.

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HP 85A Black Original Toner Cartridge


HP is proud to manufacturer the best printer toner in 2022 that is also an affordable investment for your business. The cartridges are easy to use, and will consistently create crisp and professional looking documents. The toner can recreate every nuance in your text, and print crisp black and white images without smears or smudges. The printer toner works with most HP devices, and will give your professional looking documents every time. With a page yield of 1,600, the printer toner also features free recycling so you can feel good about your business’s contribution to the environment.

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V4INK Compatible 131A Toner Cartridge


With both black and color toner powder the possibilities to what you can print are virtually endless. This printer toner cartridge includes a one year warranty, and has a page yield of 1,600 for black and 1,800 for color. It is compatible with several HP devices to give you consistent and professional looking text and images. Capture every detail of a photo, and all of the subtle shading in your text with this affordable and professional printer toner cartridge.

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