Best Typing Software Reviews



Tips for Buying the Right Typing Software:


Knowing how to touch type is a necessary life skill that people must have in order to thrive in almost every work environment. Computers can be found in almost every home and work place, laptops and tablets are as much of a fixture in the home as a television. Anyone can learn this technique when one of the best typing software of 2020 is being used. There are many different programs available on the market that will teach you how to touch type, but which is the best? We have looked through some of best typing software reviews, and have come up with some of the most important features you should look for.


Typing Training

The most important thing to consider when you are looking at one of the top ten typing software is how effective the training tools are. The most popular programs use step-by-step training that will clearly demonstrate how touch typing works. The training sessions will guide you through supplementary lessons that will let you practice typing and gain the necessary skills you will need before progressing the next lesson. The cumulative lessons are generally most effective because they build upon one another to create a more dynamic learning experience.


Learning Tools

Other than the core training, highest rated typing software should offer you the opportunity to customize the tools so they are comfortable for you to view. A nice feature some programs have include the ability to import or create your own practice text. You will want to look for a program that has video tutorials and a virtual keyboard, asthese tools can greatly enhance your learning and help you to understand the basic keyboarding concepts. Another helpful feature your new software should include is the ability to set goals. These goals could include setting a specific goal for how many words per minute you can type or achieving a higher accuracy percentage.


Progress Reporting

Tracking your progress is important in anything you do, and this is especially true when you are learning how to touch type. When you are trying to figure out what typing software is the best, always look for the program that has a decent progress-reporting feature. Once you complete an initial skills test that will pinpoint your starting level, and then the software will continue to track your progress along the way. The amount of words you type per minute and your accuracy will be monitored and tracked so that you can have a good idea how well you are learning the concepts and give you the ability to focus on your weaker areas.


Gone are the days where it was not important to know how to use a computer or know how to type. Today, typing is a skill that many children learn at a young age— in some households, the children have to teach their parents how to type! When you use one of the best typing software of 2020, you will be amazed at how quickly your fingers can glide across the keys of your keyboard.


Things to Consider:

  • Look for a program that will show you step-by-step how touch typing works.
  • Choose the program that allows you to set personal goals.
  • The best typing programs offer you tracking tools so you can monitor your progress.



Top Rated Typing Software in 2020


Knowing how to type is not something that only secretaries and office professionals need to know—now, everyone should master the skill. When you read some of the best typing software reviews, you will see how helpful the software can be and how it has improved the users typing skills, even if they were completely computer illiterate at the beginning of their lessons.


TypingMaster Pro 7


Best Typing Software ReviewsAs you use the TypingMaster Pro 7 software, the easy-to-use software intuitively adapts to your needs. The program features five in depth typing courses and dozens of lessons. These tools are designed to give you customized training and provide helpful feedback to guide you through the lessons—error free. The exercises will adjust to your progress and will focus on your weak points. By doing this, the program will help you improve your typing skills. With this innovative software, you can begin using your skills within only three to five hours of training.

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Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing


Learning the ability to touch type has never been easier than with the Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing program. The software provides you with the most efficient way to understand and master the fundamentals of typing. Because the program was designed by educators, the program employs a success-based approach to teaching you how to type. The powerful and motivational way to learn gives you a clear path to learning a new skill by having you create personal goals and progressing along guided road maps.

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Individual Software Typing Instructor Platinum 21


No matter your skill level, Typing Instructor Platinum is designed to improve your typing. It uses the latest technology to give you an educational, entertaining, and motivational experience that will engage a typist of any caliber. The program takes you out of the traditional classroom setting and brings you on a thematic adventure where you learn how to type while taking you on a virtual trip around the world. Not only will you experience challenging games, puzzles, tests and lessons, but also the engaging software makes you look forward to the next task.

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Individual Software Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5


As one of the highest rated programs for children, this is the only software that is designed to teach kids how to type by using the perfect blend of education, entertainment and motivation. Because the software uses this unique blend, the program is engaging and parents will see an improvement in their children’s skills immediately. There are ten age-appropriate lesson plans that are designed for specific age groups—starting at ages 6 and 7.

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Individual Software Typing Quick and Easy V17


Typing Quick and Easy combines effective instructional techniques with easy to navigate menus to teach you how to touch-type quickly and easily. The typing software includes fun elements and challenges to the learning process with timed testing, eight exciting games and interesting articles to practice typing. After every lesson, test, or article transcription, you will receive instant feedback on your speed and accuracy percentage. Every result is saved so you can gauge your progress along the way.

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Best Hard drive enclosure reviews



Top rated hard drive enclosures in 2020


Having an external hard drive is very helpful when you need that extra memory space for your data, but it is your responsibility to properly take care of your important data and for this a good idea would be to have a reliable hard drive enclosure for protection. To make sure you have the most efficient and the most durable enclosure you should check out our recommended models which have been chosen after carefully consulting the best hard drive enclosure reviews.


What hard drive enclosure should you pick -A buying guide


A hard drive enclosure turns an internal hard drive and makes it an external hard drive. This can be a useful process if you want some extra storage for your computer or if you need to get to the information on a dead laptop. We have created this guide to help you decide which is the best hard drive enclosure and what you should look for when choosing what is the best one for your needs.

When choosing your enclosure, you will first want to decide the size of your hard drive. Most laptop hard drives are 2.5” whereas a hard drive for a computer is an inch larger. You can find enclosures for both, but the most popular hard drive enclosures are suited for laptop-sized drives.

You will have to determine if you have an ATA (also known as IDE) or an SATA hard drive. The ATA hard drive connects to your computer via a ribbon that is 2-inches wide. The SATA hard drive uses a cable that measures merely 1/2-inch. You can check your hard drive or the computer manual to determine the correct interface and purchase a new matching enclosure.

why to buy from amazon

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price Interface Max Capacity Our Rating Where to buy

Mediasonic HF2-SU3S2 ProBox

4 x 3.5 inch $$$$$ USB 3.0 & eSATA 4 x 6 TB A AMAZON

Rosewill RX35-AT-SU

3.5 inch $$$ USB 2.0 & SATA 2 TB A AMAZON

Sabrent EC-TB4P

2.5 inch $$$ USB 3.0 & eSATA 1 TB B+ AMAZON

Vantec NextStar TX

2.5 inch $$ USB 2.0 & SATA 1 TB B+ AMAZON

Sanoxy Sata

2.5 inch $$ USB 2.0 & SATA 160 GB B AMAZON


Next, you want to decide how the drive will connect to your computer. The USB ports and IEEE (FireWire) are among the highest rated options because of the quick data transfer speeds, but some people prefer eSATA and Ethernet. You may be able to find cheap hard drive enclosures that feature more than one connection method.

When it comes to choosing the material for your enclosure, we recommend aluminum or another kind of metal, rather than plastic. The metal can conduct the heat away from the hard drive, keeping it cooler and protecting the information stored on the drive—and the metal enclosure serves as protection from dust and accidental droppings.

You will also want to take into consideration the number of bays you need. A dual bay enclosure can house two internal drives whereas a single bay can only house one. This is an important thing to consider if you are building a powerful computer that will need a lot of processing power and memory; however, most users can get away with a single bay and then upgrade later if they realize they need extra space.

Most people go out and purchase an external drive that is already assembled, but if you already have an internal drive from a dead computer or laptop, creating your own is a good way to go.


Things to consider:

  • The enclosure you need depends on where the internal drive is coming from. There is an inch difference between a computer hard drive and a laptop hard drive.
  • You will want to know what kind of connection the drive is. ATA (also called IDE) uses a 2-inch wide ribbon whereas a SATA drive uses a 1/2-inch cable.
  • When choosing how the device will connect to your computer, most people choose USB 2.0 or IEEE (FireWire 1394a) because of the high data transfer speeds, although eSATA and Ethernet are possible options as well.
  • Choose a metal or aluminum enclosure for extra durability and protection. Although plastic is an option, it will retain the heat and could possibly damage the hard drive.


Mediasonic HF2-SU3S2 ProBox Hard Drive Enclosure


5To have access to the latest technological advancements in the hardware department you can invest in the Mediasonic HF2-SU3S2 which has all sorts of high-tech features, besides its protective role. First of all it can support all types of SATA hard drives that are on the market and even is fitted with a 3.0 USB interface for that ultimate data transfer speed. A smart fan equips it which with the help of its Thermal-Sensor will make sure that your hard drive won’t overheat.

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Rosewill RX35-AT-SU External Enclosure


Your hard drive will be very well protected if you opt for the Rosewill RC35-AT-SU which is constructed out of light aluminum that makes it durable and also has superior heat dissipation properties. The compact design means you will feel very comfortable when you take it with you. It is also fitted with a USB 2.0 port which can ensure a transfer rate of 480 Mbps. All these features can be yours for a very decent price and at the end of the day this is surely a solid candidate for the best hard drive enclosure in 2020.

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Sabrent EC-TB4P Aluminum Hard Drive Enclosure Case


The Sabrent EC-TB4P has all the features you would expect from a top hard drive enclosure and is easy compatible with all Windows and Mac operating systems. Also it can be connected to 3.0 USB ports as well as the other older versions so you will have at your disposal a lightning fast data transfer speed. The aluminum cast casing while having a protective role also is there to cool the hard drive off when you are using it extensively. The best hard drive enclosure reviews think highly of the Sabrent EC-TB4P.

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Vantec NextStar TX External Hard Drive Enclosure


Probably one of the most successful models of this year is the Vantec NextStar TX ,which some even go so far as to consider it the top rated hard drive enclosure in 2016. Whether that it is true or not is left for you to decide but what is for certain is that this casing for your hard drive made from aluminum is extremely reliable. This enclosure will support any SATA I or II system and can work with Mac or Windows without any complications. The quality to price ratio is the main reason behind its undoubtable success.

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Sanoxy Sata Hard Drive HDD Case Enclosure


The Sanoxy HDD case enclosure can protect your hard drive and the data that is memorized on it, while you keep it near you at all times. The compact design will even mean that you can fit it in your pocket, plus it is fitted with a USB 2.0 interface that will allow you to make data transfers at speeds of 480 Mbps. It is even programmed to automatically shut off when your notebook or PC will be turned off. The title of the best hard drive enclosure in 2020 is given to it by a lot of specialists.

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Best Desktop Publishing Software Reviews



Top Features to Consider When Buying a Desktop Publishing:


Desktop publishing programs may not have the same features as professional programs, but they do offer plenty of guides to help complete any project. The best rated desktop publishing software is designed to create simple publishing projects. These could be newsletters advertising the neighborhood book club, flyers for a function at the local elementary school, or even a new menu for a small family owned restaurant. For these simple tasks, why spend hundreds of dollars on a design firm when you can do it yourself? Now you may be wondering what desktop publishing software is the best to use for these types of projects. There are so many great programs available, we cannot tell you who makes the best. We can offer you useful information that will help you make the decision for yourself.


Layout and Publishing Tools

Even if you are not going to use these tools every time you will be working on a project, some tools will always be invaluable for the right job. For example, a master page will let you define pictures and text that will be on every page of a publication. Therefore, if you are creating a small pamphlet, you may want the logo and the name of the publication on each page. Customized guidelines let you snap lines to any spot on the page. This makes it easy to align the different components on the page. Smart snapping automatically changes the height or width of an object you want to resize to match the existing dimensions on the page. CMYK optimization is a feature that only the best desktop publishing software of 2020 programs will have. CMYK is the color format used by ink printers and when the program converts the RGB colors to the CMYK, you will have better quality printing.


Graphic Design

Even if you are not a skilled graphic designer, with one of the highest rated desktop publishing software at your disposal, you will be able to create simple changes to images. These changes can be as simplistic as replacing a solid color with a gradient or altering a logo for your business. Many of these programs also have photo correction tools that allow you to smooth blemish or correct color problems.



Most people are aware that it takes more than beautiful images and easy to follow layouts to create a publication that is pleasing to the eye. Typography is as important as these other elements. The new software that you install will help you to create tables and charts, grant you the ability to control text reflow, and even install new fonts onto your computer.


Whether you are creating a home business or you are just running the PTA at your child’s school, desktop publishing software can be a fast and easy way to create beautiful projects. When you are reading the best desktop publishing software reviews, take note of which features the reviewers enjoy and which they felt were not so good. These reviews will help you in the decision making process.


Things to consider:

  • Look for a program that has comprehensive layout and publishing tools—as they can make or break your publication.
  • Choose a program that gives you the ability to manipulate graphics to some degree.
  • The program you choose should give you the ability to alter the font and the text of the publication.


Top rated Desktop Publishing in 2020


When you are looking for a program to make your publications more interesting than the typical Word document, you may want to consider reading the best desktop publishing software reviews to get an idea what others are using. The reviews can highlight the pros and cons of these programs and let you know which programs have the best features for the money.


Microsoft Publisher 2013


Best Desktop Publishing Software ReviewsAs one of the best desktop publishing software of 2020, the Microsoft Publisher program allows you to create dynamic publications with very little effort. All that has to be done is insert and customize prebuilt blocks of content. Here, you can choose from a library of page components such as sidebars, calendars, borders, advertisements and more. Then you can use the professional-quality effects to liven up text, shapes and images. You can search through your online albums on Facebook, Flickr and other services to add pictures directly to the publication.

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Serif PagePlus X6


This publishing software has everything you need to create professional-quality publications without needing experience to do it. There are themed graphic packs and pre-made logos that can simplify the process of scratch designing. If you need an eye-catching flyer and a matching, beautifully put together slide show, every component you may need is within your grasp with this program. The interactive “how to” guides help you every step of the way without feeling getting in the way. There are also video guides and written tutorials to help you through the creative process.

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Easy Flyer Creator 2.0


The Easy Flyer Creator software helps you create beautiful flyers, brochures, pamphlets, certificates and much more with the help of pre-made templates. You can save both time and money by choosing one of these templates rather than going to a design firm. You can upgrade the program free of charge from the Windows Store App. When you decide to upgrade, you will gain access to hundreds of professional quality templates, which you customize to suit your needs.

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PrintMaster 18.1


With the PrintMaster 18.1, you have the ability to create beautiful publications and projects with the help of the extensive template library. The template library has something for every occasion and it features thousands of premium images, fonts, sentiments, and more. If you are not satisfied with the selection provided with the program, you can find images and templates online through their website (registration is required). The program is easy to use and requires little to no previous design knowledge.

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Avanquest Design & Print


In order to create professional quality publications like brochures, letterheads, newsletters and more, Design & Print offers over 8,000 professionally designed backgrounds, 10,000 fonts and millions of photos and images at your disposal. For a quick presentation, you can use one of the 75 complete sets that comes with the desktop publishing software. In addition, the program gives you the ability to adjust images, alter the look of text and graphics, add gradient fills and drop shadows, as well as alter the opacity of text and graphics. Also, there is a built in address book that allows you to mail merge, as well as printer alignment tools and print on both sides of the paper.

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Best Computer Motherboard Reviews



Things to Consider When Buying a Top Notch Computer Motherboard


Although often ignored, the motherboard is a crucial part of any computer, and choosing the right one is a long and tedious process. If you still have not made up your mind about what you’re looking for in a model, it might be a good idea to estimate your own requirements before picking a unit over another one.

Never underestimate a well-performed research, as going through a large variety of models and reading some of the best computer motherboard reviews can help you correlate your needs to the features of the product you’re looking to buy. In order to give you a helping hand, we’ve created a concise buying guide, filled with very important info related to motherboards.

Best computer motherboard

Form factor

Although form factors have been standardized for a while now, the overall size of the unit actually matters a whole lot. One of the most commonly met form factors is the Standard ATX. Others include Micro ATX, Mini ATX, Flex ATX, Mini ATX and even Nano ITX. Choose the right one for the right type of device you own. For example, small computer cases are a great fit for Micro ATX and Micro BTX, but digital entertainment devices require Nano ITX.


CPU compatibility

There are two main manufacturers of central processing units out there on the market today: Intel and AMD. If you’re building your computer system around the motherboard, you needn’t worry about CPU compatibility, as you’ll probably purchase the processor later on. If, on the other hand, you’re only lacking the motherboard, what you need to do is look for the right type of socket. Pay attention to this detail, because neither Intel’s nor AMD’s sockets are interchangeable.


RAM compatibility

Standard ATX units usually come with four slots destined for RAM memory modules. Smaller ones sometimes have two. An important thing to consider is what the maximum memory capacity on each slot is and the exact slot number of the computer. On the same note, it’s important to know that some older models of motherboards might not work with modern RAM standards (DDR). The same goes for the other way around.


Top Rated Computer Motherboards in 2020


To make matters easier, we’ve selected three of the most acclaimed models that we have come across during our research. All of the following are convenient, affordable and dependable and have gathered the appreciation of American and worldwide customers alike. It sure wouldn’t hurt having a look at them.


Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0


1.ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 AM3+ AMDThis is an AMD-compatible unit that’s probably the best computer motherboard of 2020. Judging by the customer reviews gathered by the model over time, it’s one of the most popular ones out there. It has 4 memory slots available, a total of 8 SATA ports and 6 total PCI slots.

This is a Standard ATX motherboard, so it will not be a good fit for small-sized cases. The product dimensions are 10.4 by 2.7 by 12.9 inches.

The model has a large array of interesting features, from DIGI+ power control to real-time VRM adjustment. Remote GO! is yet another detail to consider when buying this model, as this is a technology specifically designed by AMD which allows the user to benefit from all the advantages offered by seamless wireless entertainment. The user’s audio experience is greatly enhanced by this motherboard, on account of the DTS Ultra PC II and DTS Connect.

Let’s see what customers had to say about this model. First off, more than 70% of the people who have chosen this variety were satisfied with their purchase, so much so that they provided 5-star ratings. Buyers claim that this model is the right pick even for the most hardcore gamers.

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Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3


2.Gigabyte AM3+ AMD DDR3 Micro ATXAs is the case of the formerly mentioned Asus model, this is an AMD-compatible motherboard. The main difference between the two stands in the form factor, as the Gigabyte unit is a micro ATX motherboard, which means that it addresses small-sized cases.

The CPU model socket of this one is AM3+, and the chipset is an AMD 760G. It has three total PCI slots, 4 memory slots and a total of 6 SATA ports. Unlike other older models, this one supports USB 3.0, allowing users to charge their iPads, iPhones and iPods on account of the speedily connection.

The product measures 11 by 11 by 3 inches.

This is an inexpensive motherboard that is Windows 8 ready and comes with a wide array of features that are hard to say no to. It supports memory capacity of up to 32GB, although few users actually require that much RAM. Ultimate graphics support is an innate feature of this unit, and customer reviews attest to this statement.

In fact, this Gigabyte model is one of the top rated computer motherboards of 2020, considering that almost 70% of the people who bought it thought it was worthy of a 5-star rating.

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MSI Z97-G45 Gaming


3.MSI ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150 Motherboard Z97-G45This is a standard unit that comes with a total of 7 PCI slots, 4 available memory slots and 6 SATA ports. It doesn’t seem all that different compared to the formerly mentioned models, but the Z97 chipset and the LGA 1150 CPU model socket are two features that some buyers are looking for. This is a gaming motherboard, so it’s capable of an excellent performance, as is the case with pretty much any computer component destined for gaming.

There’s only one downfall of opting for this model, and it stands in the price. It’s considerably less affordable compared to the Gigabyte and Asus models, which might be an inconvenience for some people.

Nevertheless, the unit has managed to gather some of the best computer motherboard reviews, with people raving about how solid it is and about how much room for expansion it has. It doesn’t come with WiFi or Bluetooth, but it has been highly spoken of in matters of gaming and reliability. It’s capable of turning regular computers into fast and furious machines, complete with decent graphics.

It seems that this MSI motherboard is easy to install and will be up and running in a matter of 2 to 3 hours, regardless of the technical background of the person installing it.

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Best CPU Coolers Reviews



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best CPU coolers money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered plenty of information about the best CPU coolers on the market by consulting expert review sites and looking into owner feedback. This has led us to the best product, the Cooler Master V8 GTS, which ensures that no part of your CPU ever develops plenty of hotspots, especially when it’s heavily used for gaming, thus ensuring dependable performance of the vital PC components. Cooling performance is maximized, ensuring that damaging heat will not build up. You can finetune the fan speed and noise to achieve a perfect balance between performance and sound generation for full fan control. The dustproof 4th generation Polyoxymethylene (POM) bearing delivers durability and longevity for years of use, giving you hours of worry-free gaming and letting you overclock your system so you can squeeze every last ounce on the performance chart from your gaming computer. If the Cooler Master V8 GTS is unavailable, we recommend buying the second best option, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO.


Top rated CPU coolers in 2020


If you are going to purchase a new cooler for your CPU, reading the rest of this article can prove to be beneficial. It will identify some of the products that have been given words of praises in the best CPU coolers reviews that have been published in the past. You will also learn about some of the reasons on why they are preferred choices.


How to end up with the most efficient CPU Cooler


Thousands of Americans own personal computers and laptops which after a while heat up pretty fast. This is where a professional CPU cooler comes in handy. Keeping the central processing unit running smoothly represents an investment in the “health” of your computer. The growing demand for efficient coolers has determined manufacturers to release high quality products. Well, your computer needs to breathe and a cooler ensures proper processing speed and performance. As the CPU generates heat, other computer components are in danger of melting or breaking down. Well, this is why so many IT specialists recommend coolers in order to ensure smooth CPU performance. CPU fan combined with heat sink manage to safely dissipate heat. This is why you need to carefully weigh your options and select a reliable product.

Taking into account the sheer number of products available on the market deciding on one particular product is pretty challenging. We took the liberty of studying 30 of the most efficient CPU cooler models available for purchase. Each test took over 12 hours on each model. When the results came through we were able to draft the best cpu cooler reviews for interested parties to consult. A good CPU fan will deliver smooth airflow and keep the computer running without heat problems. There are many things to take into account while browsing for a brand new CPU cooler. Still, the first thing that you have to do is check the computer’s construction, brand, size of CPU and socket type. Why? Well, you need to find a CPU fan that safely matches the processor!

why to buy from amazon

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Radiator Material Price Compatibility Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Noctua 6 NH-D14

Aluminum $$$$  LGA1366, LGA1156, AM2+ and more No A+ AMAZON

Cooler Master Seidon

Aluminum $$$ LGA2011, LGA1366, AM2 and more 2 years A AMAZON

Cooler Master Hyper

Aluminum $$ LGA1366, LGA1155, FM1 and more 2 years B AMAZON

Cooler Master GeminII

Aluminum $$ LGA1156, LGA775, FM3 and more No B+ AMAZON

Corsair Hydro Series H60

Copper $$$ AM2, AM3 and more 5 years B AMAZON


How can you identify the best cpu cooler in 2020? Things become way easier once you learn more about computer structure and CPU fan power. You need to know the exact dimensions of the cooler and PC size. You will notice that some CPU fans are taller and smaller, matching PCs characteristics. If you own a Micro-ATX computer case you need a CPU cooler that matches the output. This is why you have to check if the CPU cooler includes a heat sink for proper airflow management. In addition to the solid construction you need to check if the heat sink uses copper, a material that safely dissipates heat faster. You should know that there are coolers with aluminum heat sink, a material which dissipates less heat. This is an important distinction which needs to be taken into account with more attention.

Installing the best cpu cooler in 2020 in your PC ensures proper computing performance. The cooler increase CPU clock speed and due to overclocking system even exceeds it. This is why you should read more about the CPU cooler specifications and more importantly find out the airflow rating. Once you know more about the airflow rating you will know the amount of air maintained by the CPU cooler. A high level of airflow rating ensures heightened volume of air per minute every time you turn it on. You should also try to find a CPU cooler that comes with an exclusive warranty.



Cooler Master V8 GTS


1.Cooler Master V8 GTS

Chip manufacturers have continuously pushed their hardware to run at greater speeds, so PC components need more energy to run. Thus, the various hardware and PC components generate more heat than ever, causing the electronic impulses to travel more slowly. Here’s what distinguishes the Cooler Master V8 GTS from other products on the market.




The latest addition to the popular V-Series from Cooler Master, the V8 GTS has a power car engine-inspired look. The horizontal vapor chamber technology inside this CPU cooler powers it to distribute heat evenly up to 8 times faster compared to standard heat pipes, effectively reducing CPU hotspots while balancing the heat load at a fast rate between all the heat pipes. This means greatly dependable high efficiency cooling performance so you can overclock without worrying about the system slowing down

The Triple Tower Heat sink features 8 high performance heat pipes that channel the heat for even distribution to maximize cooling performance. You can even fine tune the noise and fan speed so you can achieve the ideal balance between sound and performance from the fan control system. Get increased longevity from the dustproof 4th generation polyoxymethylene bearing.



The cooling blocks runs huge, so it might prove to be too big for a mid-size computer case. You may have to cut a hole in the side panel to accommodate the entire system. To make sure there’s enough real estate in your PC to handle the unit, make sure to measure one or two inches bigger.


Buy from for ($62)



Noctua 6 Dual Heatpipe NHD14


Best CPU Coolers ReviewsAs it has been noted in the best CPU coolers reviews, this specific model can prove to be a good choice basically because of the six heatpipe dual radiator design. The latter is basically the reason on why you can expect more efficient air flow and better heat distribution. It also has an excellent cooling system to make sure that it functions effectively. This model is also known for having an asymmetrical design that increases its compatibility. According to the experts who have reviewed this product, this can prove to be an exceptional choice even for the most demanding needs.



As one of the most popular CPU cooler from Axpertec Inc,the Noctua 6 features six heatpipe dual radiator which delivers a cooling effect to more computer surface area for a better heat distribution

This powerful CPU cooler incorporates NF-P12 (140mm) and BF-P14 (120mm) fan setup which enhances cooling performance

Due to the quiet operation system this CPU cooler offers more clearance to the RAM slots in order to set proper airflow

It incorporates a solid thermal compound which enhances thermal resistance and durability, so the CPU will cool down the computer for a long period of time



Some mounting is needed but the instruction manual will definitely help out

There are some cases that can’t accommodate the CPU cooler (check for compatibility)


Buy from for ($79.95)




Cooler Master Seidon 120M


The unique full copper water block design of this model is one thing that has been given positive feedbacks by many of the people who have used such in the past. This is basically the reason for the ability to increase surface contact and to immediately draw heat away from the CPU. It also has an indicator light that will provide you with notification if the product is already functioning. When it comes to its installation, you will surely not need to sweat to complete the process. The same thing is true in the case of its maintenance over the years.



Today’s Black Friday deals on top products include the Seidon 120M Master from Cooler, a model known for its compact design and advanced liquid CPU watercooling effects

Due to its carefully designed profile this CPU cooler is compatible with most of the current AMD and Intel platform

The 120mm PWM fan incorporates a wide range Seidon which operates quietly and unleashes a powerful cooling effect inside the computer

Comes equipped with a reliable blue LED indicator which lights up when the pump is running smoothly



Some assembly is needed but it won’t take long (incorporates an universal mounting system)

Includes only one thermal paste syringe (additional one is sold separately)


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Cooler Master Hyper RR-212E-20PK-R2


One thing that makes this a great choice is that it offers flexibility. As the user, you are not restricted with pre-determined settings. Rather, you can make the adjustments that are needed to make it work based on your preferences. It allows users to control the system and fan in order to make it suited to the performance that is required. More so, being one of the best CPU coolers in 2020, many were also happy with Continuous Direct Contact Technology, which is an innovation that is exclusive to the manufacturer. The latter is the one that is responsible for its ability to quickly provide the cooling effect that is needed.



Thousands of PC owners desire to learn what is the best CPU cooler but for them, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU cooler represents a trustworthy option

Equipped with Continuous Direct Contact (CDC) technology which significantly improves the general cooling effect and also drives away heat from key internal components

Incorporates a high quality PWM fan controls the cooling speed and intensity thus improving the PC performance

This powerful CPU cooler is fitted to provide a continuous cooling effect which improves the computer’s durability



The installation involves the use of brackets but the universal mounting solution makes things easier


“Which CPU cooler is the best, was a question which I looked into because I wanted to purchase a new one for my desktop. I found it for sale so I got it for under $30. It cools very well and doesn’t produce any noise.” – Mike J. Hubert


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Cooler Master GeminII RR-GMM4-16PK-R2


This is another option that should not be missed as you look for the best choice within the product category. It is designed with 4 direct contact heat pipes that will make it more efficient in cooling. More so, the integration of aluminum fins is also a good thing since it helps in heat conduction and dissipation. As you take a look at the technical specifications of the product, you will see how impressive it is, especially with the airflow that it can provide for the system. It does not only cool your CPU, but it is also functional in avoiding the radiation of heat from other parts.



As the highest rated product from Cooler Master, the Geminll M4 has a low profile with 59mm and 2.3 inch height which makes it easy to install in any computer case

The CPU cooler incorporates 4 direct contact heatpipes and solid base designed to easily contact heat away from the processor

This high quality CPU cooler can support Intel and AMD sockets while the thin fan profile delivers smooth cooling effects

Features an exclusive heatpipe design with 2 efficient cooling fans for heightened efficiency and lack of problems



Comes with only one small tube (additional one is available for purchase)

The installation instructions are pretty hard to follow but the overall results will come swiftly


“The best rated cpu cooler reviews recommended the Cooler Master GeminII as one of the top 10 model of 2020. After using it for several months I agree with the great feedback it got from experts. I don’t know if Cooler Master is the manufacturer who makes the best cpu coolers, but I’m positive this is a reliable model.” – Alex Andrews


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Corsair Hydro Series H60


When looking for the top rated CPU coolers in 2020, you should not forget to include this model in the list of your possible choices. One thing that makes this a good option is its split-flow manifold. The latter has a special mechanism that allows the delivery of coolant straight to the cold plate. The latter is the warmest area in your CPU, which makes it important to be cooled the most. To add, many were also very happy with the fact that it does not make an annoying noise as it is used, unlike in the case of other models that can prove to be too loud.



Considered by many IT specialists as the best CPU cooler for Christmas or birthdays, the Hydro Series model from Corsair is designed to improve cooling performance in a quiet manner

The model incorporates a high quality micro-fin copper cold plate which efficiently dissipates heat and keeps it far away from the processor

Backed by an exclusive 5 year warranty this cooler has a low profile that permits users to install it with most Intel and AMD sockets

This new product from Corsair features a low profile heat exchanger and solid pump that delivers a smooth airflow and keeps the computer running smoothly



Some assembly is needed but it doesn’t take long


“This cpu cooler was exactly what I needed for my PC and until this point, I’m very happy with the way it functions. The price I paid for it was cheap and I like its low profile, plus it doesn’t produce any noise at all.” – Kyle L. Bosswell


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Best handheld game console reviews



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best handheld game console money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We’ve gathered a lot of info in regards to the best handheld game consoles on the market today by looking at the owner feedback, the sales figures, and the value offered for the price of thousand of units that are being sold nowadays. Out of the product we have looked at, the Nintendo 3DS XL is the best, as it manages to combine excellent performance with an exquisite design. It’s bigger compared to its predecessors and has everything in the right place with the exception of a WiFi switch on the side, which was a trademark of older models. What’s more, it has a fast processor and a 3D function that features face tracking. Since it has gathered over 600 positive user reviews, it’s worth considering if you’re still prospecting the market. If the Nintendo 3DS Xl is unavailable, we suggest having a look at the PlayStation Portable 3000 manufactured by Sony, as we’ve found it to be the best option in the line.



Comparison Table


Product Display Price Video Function Internal Memory Our Rating Where to buy

Sony PlayStation Portable 3000

4.3 inch $$$ YES 1,8 GB A+ AMAZON

At Games Ultimate

2.8 inch LCD $$ No No B+ AMAZON

AmoVee Jxd A1000

4.3 inch LCD $$ YES 4 GB B AMAZON

I’m Game GP120B

2.7 inch TFT Color $$ No No B AMAZON

Smart Portable 76-in-1 Smart




Buying Guide


Who doesn’t love to play games? Thousands of Americans are interested in finding the best portable game console. This source of entertainment is sought after by so many because it brings excitement and fun. No matter where you are, a handheld game console can relieve stress and ultimately make you smile. As you probably already noticed, there are many options on the market which makes the search pretty interesting. How can you find the best model close to your gaming personality? The first thing that you need to do is consult with attention some of the best handheld game console reviews and take things further with user testimonials and product descriptions.


Who makes the best handheld game console

Whether you are an avid gamer or you just want something to pass the time, you can never go wrong with asking for a handheld game console for Christmas. Gone are the days of bland graphics and horrible controls like with older generations of handhelds. Today, new technologies have made hand held gaming immersive and beautiful. We have created this guide to help you choose which hand held device is right for you and your gaming habits.



Consider your needs

One of the first things you want to consider when choosing which handheld gaming console is the best for your needs is how often you play games. If you are a casual gamer that only plays games whenever you are waiting in the doctor’s office or for class to start, then you can get away with downloading a few gaming apps onto your smartphone. However, if you are a more serious gamer, you may want to look into some of the most popular consoles out there. These devices can be hooked up to a power station to recharge the battery; whereas older devices require either AA or AAA batteries.



When you are playing a hand held game, you will want to make sure it fits comfortably in your hand. You will want to make sure the buttons are easy to use and reach, the device itself is not too heavy, and you will want to make sure the screen is easy to see. These are important factors to keep in mind, especially if you intend to play games on the device for any length of time.


Connectivity options

Many popular handhelds feature internet connectivity. This feature allows you to connect with other gamers from all over the world and play simultaneously on one game. For example, you can play co-op games with your friends to take down an opposing team. Internet connectivity is also important for a handheld because it will allow your game to update important game files so that your game is always up to date. Some consoles give you the option to save your game information to a cloud network, in case something happens to your game information.


Available titles

Of course, when choosing a gaming console, you want to make sure the device has games that you actually want to play. If you prefer first person shooters, you will want to choose a device that offers a nice selection of these types of games. You would not want to spend money on a system that does not have games that appeal to you.


3D capabilities

Another thing you may want to keep in mind is if graphics is important to you. The newer handheld consoles feature 3D graphics, which can add to the appeal of the gaming experience. However, if you do not particularly like 3D but still want beautifully rendered images, you may want to find a device that can accommodate this.

You can find plenty of affordable handheld gaming consoles on sale thanks to Black Friday deals. With these tips, you will be able to surprise the gamer in your life with a fun gift that will surely keep them entertained for many hours.


Things to consider:

  • How often do you plan to play games on your device? If you are a hardcore gamer, you want to look for devices that has rechargeable batteries.
  • What type of games are you interested in playing? You want to make sure the desired console has a nice selection of games that you are interested in.
  • Is the console comfortable to play? You do not want a device that is too small or too big for your hands.
  • Does the device offer internet connectivity? This will allow you to update your games, create backups of your game information, and of course, allow you to play with other gamers.



Top rated handheld game consoles in 2020

Now that you know a little bit more about the desirable features of portable game consoles, it’s time you found out which are the most popular models currently available. Just below you will find a list of the consoles which we believe are certainly worth your attention




Nintendo 3DS XL


1.New Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS XL is probably the best alternative on the market today, both for kids and adults. The neat thing about it is that it comes with all the features of older models and a series of specs that have significantly been improved over time. It has a larger screen, a better processor, and even face tracking 3D. Furthermore, it can often be found for sale on a variety of online marketplaces, including Amazon. We have seen that the Nintendo 3DS Xl usually costs around two hundred dollars, which is convenient compared to other game consoles manufactured by other brands.



The model features faster processing power than Nintendo 3DS.

Using the device is a piece of cake, since it comes with a C Stick and features the same user experience as some of the older Nintendo models.

It can be used safely for children, all thanks to its parental controls.

The unit is so acclaimed that it has gathered over 600 positive user reviews.



It does not come with its own charger, nor does the package include an AC adapter.

It is not compatible with older 3DS SD cards.


Buy from for ($188)






Sony PlayStation Portable 3000


Best handheld game console reviewsEveryone is fully aware that Sony PlayStation packs a lot of fun and joy, especially if it accompanied by a great game. One of the best handheld game console in 2020 from Sony PlayStation is Portable 3000 Core Pack system. Loved by millions around the world, PSP 3000 gives the user a chance to tackle a multitude of entertainment functions. You can use the device in order to play games, browse the internet, watch movies or listen to music. The model comes with a brilliant 4.3 inch widescreen color display where you’ll see game development or movies. This PSP console has a built-in microphone, which you can use in order to video call friends.



As one of the best products under $500, the PlayStation portable 3000 from Sony is without a doubt a sight for real gamers that love playing games, listening to music, browsing the internet or watching movies

With a sleek and elegant black color scheme and anti-reflective screen which permits users to use it even in well-lit places

This portable entertainment device can be used to enjoy high end 3D games with full motion video and clear audio

The game console has a 4.3 inch wide screen display which is more than enough to provide a thriving visual experience



Does not incorporate a camera but it is compatible with PSP camera (sold separately)

The outer layer of the PSP is susceptible to fingerprints which can be cleaned with a cloth


Buy from for ($120)




Wolsen E-Mods



Compared to several other models we’ve addressed in the past, this one looks like it’s pretty basic. However, considering that it can be bought for around fifty dollars, it might be the right alternative for people looking for a gaming console that fits their budget and is a great starter. Kids often times don’t require a whole lot of tech advancements in order to be happy. As long as they’re capable of playing the game, they’re perfectly satisfied with the console. This is the exact case with the Wolsen E-Mods, as it’s affordable and entirely functional and comes with a number of features that make it worth taking into account.



One of the most amazing perks of choosing this product is that it comes with 152 preloaded games, thus allowing you to save your pennies for some other time.

The model works on 3 standard AAA batteries, thus allowing kids to play anywhere they feel like.

The package contains anything you might need, from an instruction sheet to an AV cable.

The product offers great value for the price, considering that it’s so inexpensive.



The display could have been a little bigger.

It comes with a memory of just 256 MB.


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At Games Ultimate Portable


According to the latest best handheld game console reviews it seems that At Games Ultimate Portable game player could become your next best friend. During business strips or holidays, you can take out this game player and enjoy a well-deserved break into the virtual world. This device comes equipped with 3 Capcom games (including Super Street Fighter II) and 37 SEGA games (including Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2). You will enjoy the old SEGA gaming vibe. This game player has a 2.8” LDC display where you’ll see the whole action. It includes a rechargeable battery, connectable via USB.



Present in the current top 10 handheld game console in 2020, the At Games Ultimate media device comes with an 2.8” LCD screen which renders games in rich and intense colors

Comes equipped with 37 SEGA games and 3 built-in Capcom games that includes the exclusive Super Street Fighter II and Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2, beloved game among players

Features a SD card slot which people can use in order to easily store downloadable games

As one of the most reliable products available on the market, this device comes with a rechargeable battery for hours of portable play



The SD card is not included (sold separately)


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I’m Game GP120B


One of the best handheld game console in 2020 comes from I’m Game, GP 120 game player. Already in the possession of thousands of individuals, this model offers a wide selection of entertainment functions. This game console is a real delight for children of all ages. It comes equipped with 120 games which fit right in your pocket, accessible anywhere anytime. The game player offers adventure, sports, puzzle games and more other hidden reasons to smile. It has a 2.7 inch TFT full color display and a built in speaker for a vibrant entertainment experience, which no other device can match.



Present among the Black Friday deals on handheld game console the I’m Game player offers users a wide array of gaming possibilities, going through games for children of all ages

The game player includes 120 gamers which makes it a thriving entertainment device, accessible anytime

It features a 2.7 inch TFT full color display that permits users to safely control every action of the game

Incorporates a screen size of 2.7” with 960 x 240 pixels which renders well key moments of games played



Includes only one AC adapter (additional one is available for purchase)

Does not include a cable AV for TV connection (sold separately)


Buy from for ($39.97)




Smart Portable 76-in-1 Smart


Are you on the market for a professional game console? If you are then consider with using with confidence Smart Portable 76-in-1 Smart Portable New Generation. This portable game console is a great source of entertainment. The device has 76 games built-in which people will absolutely adore. You will be able to play games like Super Mario Bros, Sonic, Ninja Kun, Macross, Popeye, Space Invaders, Ice Climber, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Karateka and many more. The game console has in the basic package a Li-on battery, AC Adaptor and AV cable. You will love this digital game console and how it can change your entertainment experience!



Considered by many the best product for Christmas to offer to children as a gift, the Smart Portable digital handheld console incorporates 76 games for an entertainment source accessible anytime

It includes popular games like Super Mario Bros, Sonic, Space Invaders, Ninja Kun, Popeye, Bomber Man, Ice Climber, Galaga, Donkey Kong and Brush Roller

Powered by a rechargeable battery which offers long hours of joy behind the buttons this handheld console is very fun and easy to use

It features AC adaptor, Li-on battery and solid AV cable which permits users to connect to HDTV



Comes with only 1 power cord (additional one is sold separately)


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AmoVee Jxd A1000 – Not Available


If you are looking for a great gaming console, AmoVee Jxd A1000 deserves to be on your short list. This top rated handheld game console in 2020 is very easy to use and can deliver hour after hour of fun. It is a great source of entertainment, accessible whenever you desire. You can use the device in order to listen to music and also watch movies. It incorporates a special digital camera which you can use to take photos or record videos. In addition, this game console has a 4.3 inch LCD display you will see the whole action in high definition.



The Jxd A1000 from Afunta is considered by thousands of gamers as the best rated handheld game console, a model that can render audio and video files (MP3, AAC, WMA, fLAC, RM, AVI, FLV, MP4 and VOB)

Incorporates a digital camera which can be used in order to take photos or even record different videos

Powered by a powerful battery that permits gamers to play for hours this portable game console can load fairly quickly games

Features a bright display that renders rich and high textured images during each game played



The user manual is poorly written but it offers proper information on key issues

Does not include a protective carrying case (this is an optional accessory sold separately)



Best Home and Landscaping Software Reviews



An Expert Buying Guide on Home and Landscaping Software:


For many homeowners, it is important to have a beautifully landscaped yard. It helps to raise your property value, gives your home excellent curb appeal, and it can just make you feel good coming home to a lawn that is taken care of. While some people may think it is easy to create a beautifully landscaped yard, it is harder than it looks. With the help of one of the best home and landscaping software of 2020, you can achieve the yard of your dreams with a few simple clicks from the mouse button.


Tools and Features

While you are reading the best home and landscaping software reviews, you may see some reviewers talk about new programs that offer a large library of landscaping tools. For some, these large toolboxes may be useful—say if you run your own landscaping company. However, for most people, you want a program that has features that you need to create the type of landscaping plan you want. For example, some landscape design programs have templates for various things like decks, patios, and gardens, while other programs focus on the components that can be added to the yard such as plant-life and furniture.


Quality of the Design

Programs that give you the ability to do a 3D fly around or give you a virtual walk through are among the top ten home and landscaping software because you have the opportunity to get a better sense of how your yard will look once it is completed. Some programs give you the option to edit objects so they can resemble to objects you already have; or, items that you may want to place in your yard. In addition, the best rated programs should be able to import photographs while the more advanced programs should be able to render your 2D photographs into 3D images.


Support and Ease of Use

When you open the program, the tools in the program should be easy to find, use, and understand. Some of the highest rated home and landscaping software feature intuitive controls that can make a big difference between a landscape design that has done successfully and one that falls flat. If you should run into trouble, the program should offer an extensive support system that can help guide you through your problem. We recommend reading the best home and landscaping software reviews in order to figure out what is the best program available when it comes to customer support.


When you are using the most popular home and landscaping software to create your landscape, it should be an exciting experience. You should be able to use the program and get a good idea of what your yard will look like once the project is completed.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a program that offers the right tools to create your perfect landscape.
  • The program should be able to create a 3D walk through so you can visualize the design better.
  • Find a program that is easy to use and offers excellent customer support.


Top rated Home and Landscaping Software in 2020


Choosing the best home and landscaping software of 2020 can be a challenge because there are so many programs available. With a little bit of research, you can confidently make a decision and once you do, you will enjoy the creation process. You will be able to design the landscape and home of your dreams and begin to take the necessary steps into bringing that vision into fruition.


Chief Architect Home Designer Suite 2020


Best Home and Landscaping Software ReviewsThe Home Designer Suite is a program that makes it easy for anyone to visualize and start designing the ideas you have for your home. The program features smart building and design tools that can help you create beautiful floor plans and possible layouts for your home. In order to help you visualize the design better, you can add furniture and objects from the object library that contains over 6,000 different items. If this is not enough, you can download free bonus items to customize your design even more.

Click here to visit and find more info!


Encore Software Punch! Home and Landscape Design 17.5


The Punch! Home and Landscape Design allows you to drag and drop rooms into place. You can also alter the size of the rooms in order to get to the appropriate dimensions. The program also automatically creates a roof. You can quickly add outdoor detail to your design with the drag and drop landscape tools. These tools will allow you to create gardens and even place pre-created furniture groupings for the patio or deck area. The drag and drop floor and wall coverings, carpeting options, and trim options use SmartWand technology—you can change the surface of any object with just a mouse click.

Click here to visit and read other customer reviews!


IMSI Turbofloorplan Deluxe V16 2D/3D Home Design


TurboFloor Plan Home and Landscape Deluxe is a complete home and landscaping software that anyone can use to create the home of their dreams. With the use of multiple design wizards, pre-drawn floor plans, thousands of drag and drop symbols, real world material and textures, you can create realistic designs for inside and outside the home. You can even add paint colors from nationally recognized brands to make it easy to keep track of all the design elements of your home—both inside and out.

Click to enter and see why this product is considered the best one in 2020!


Nova Development US HGTV Home and Landscape Platinum Suite 3.0


Home owners can take a new approach to the way home decorating is done with HGTV Home and Landscape Platinum Suite 3. With this program, you have powerful design tools within your grasp. Couple the tools with inspiration provided by the program, and you have the opportunity to transform your space into something you never want to leave. The software lets you plan room additions and other home improvement projects such as making your home more energy efficient. The program is a terrific home renovation tool, as it can help you breathe new life into any outdated room.

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Individual Software Total 3D Home Design Deluxe


With the help of this program, you can easily update your home, thanks to the drag and drop Smart Room Blocks—you can even create angled rooms within seconds. The user-friendly design of the program enables you to begin the designing process. The step-by-step guides assist you along the way, while the simple interface makes navigating the many design options simplistic. If you are stuck on a particular tool, you can watch the video tutorials that are packed full of helpful tips and advice that is designed to help you through every step.

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The Best 10 Board Games Reviews




Gaining more and more popularity among all age groups, board games are an excellent way to make friends, socialize and have fun with guests or family members. Having a good board game around can be a great way to socialize, spend the afternoon with friends or bond with your family. With so many models and versions on the market, finding a good board game that all can enjoy is quite a hard task. Providing hours of entertainment and fun, these top 10 board games will never let you down. Read ahead and find the best game for you and your family.


Cards Against Humanity


1.Cards Against HumanityPraised by all reviewers, this extremely fun game is definitely not for anyone. In order to enjoy it to the fullest, you, as well as all others players must have a good sense of humor and not take the game too seriously. In exchange, Cards Against Humanity gives out plenty of laughs that make it one of the funniest board game of the year. Used with great success at parties, this game is not intended for small children and is targeted for a more mature audience.

Click to enter and see why this product is considered the best one in 2020!



Ticket To Ride


2.Ticket To RideLoved by players of all ages, this board game combines the spirit of adventure with fun trains and route planning. Based on the great success title “Around the World in 80 Days”, this excellent game will keep all players involved, offering them a lot of fun challenges during playing sessions that can last up to one hour. If collecting train routes and making yourself rich is one of your dreams, then this board game will make it true. Excellent for 2 to 5 players, this fun but challenging game will keep both kids and adults entertained for hours.

Click here to visit and read other customer reviews!



The Settlers of Catan


3.The Settlers of CatanCombining strategy, development and history, this board game is perfect for anyone older than 10 years old. Friendly with new players, yet offering plenty of depth and variety for more advanced ones, the Settlers of Catan can entertain up to four players at once. With so much popularity, it is no wonder that this board game is number one in both US and Germany. Balancing fun and strategy, this game will surely be loved by both kids and parents, making it one of the best family strategy board games you can buy right now.

If you are interested to read more on this product, click here to visit Amazon!



Jenga Classic Game


4.Jenga Classic GameWhen it comes to dexterity, suspense and strategy, the Jenga Classic is by far the one of the funniest games that you can get right now. With its simple rules, this game is so easy that even eight year olds can enjoy it. Simple, challenging and fun, this dexterity game is excellent for parties of all kinds. Breaking the ice and making new friends, are what the Jenga Classic does best, making it one of the top 3 games for parties that you can buy right now.

Still not sure if this product is perfect for your needs? Click here to see the testimonials from previous customers!



HedBanz Game


5.HedBanz GameGeared mostly towards kids, this board game offers plenty of entertainment and fun to keep adults interested long enough. Using headbands, each player must guess the card on their foreheads by asking different questions to the other players. Simple and fun, this game is an excellent game to help children learn to interact with each other, ask and answer questions, use logic and find solutions, by turning into small detectives. Fun and educational, the HedBanz Game is an excellent family game where parents can easily find themselves as entertained as their kids.

You should click here to visit and read more info about this model!



Pandemic Board Game


6.Pandemic Board GameThis game offers players the challenge to save the entire earth from the scourge of four evil pandemics. While not particularly simple, the rules can be understood by all kids above ten, making it an excellent family board game. Using various cards and strategies, each player must cure a disease and help others do the same. Unlike all other board games this one will not make players compete against each other, but instead it will stimulate and reward them when they cooperate to solve the problem together.

For a limited period of time, offers a discounted price for this product. Click here to see it!



5 Second Rule – Just Spit it Out!


7.5 Second Rule - Just Spit it Out!Easy to play and offering lots and lots of fun, this card game is an excellent party game, helping everyone show their goofy side without any embarrassment and allowing all to feel good at the same time. The 5 Second Rule will give each player a simple topic and only a few seconds to name three different words that match that topic. Targeted at everyone aged 10 or more, this fun party game is an excellent ice breaker. Used at parties or for family fun, the 5 Second Rule is a good way to have a blast and spend some good time together making friends.

Click to enter and see why this product is considered the best one in 2020!



A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition


8.A Game of Thrones The Board Game Second EditionWith its excellent design and superb quality, this game is one of the top rated board games you can buy right now. Based on the famous HBO series with the same name, this strategy board game will challenge each player against each other for the throne of the fantasy world of Westeros. Accurately portraying the look and feel of the movie, this board game will make all the players immerse themselves into politics, war and diplomacy. With plenty of suspense, thrills and challenges, this strategy board game is an excellent choice for everyone above the age of 13.

Click here and check out the best prices for this model on!



Monopoly Board Game


9.Monopoly Board GameWhen it comes to the best board game ever, nothing can beat the classic game of Monopoly. With its fair share of fun, strategy and randomness, this game does a decent job portraying the wild nature of real estate business. Known all around the globe, this game is still one of the favorite board game of many, regardless of age. Simple to start, yet hard to master, this game will keep you, your family and guests entertained for hours and hours. Advertised as a good fit for all ages above eight, the Monopoly is a board game that offers all players a fair share of competition and fun.

Click here to see what customers have to say about this product!



Tokaido Board Game


10.Tokaido Board GameCreated by the author of the famous 7 Wonders game, this board game will offer a great adventure to all its players. Traveling along the beautiful East sea road, each player will create their own adventure. Visiting temples, talking to interesting characters and even collecting items, everyone will take part in an amazing and fun journey. Beautiful, detailed and superbly illustrated, the Tokaido board game is one of the best family games of the year. Loved by all players, this game offers great ways to socialize and have fun together.

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Best Wireless ethernet bridge reviews



Top rated wireless ethernet bridges in 2020


Ever since the wireless technology has been introduced more and more devices have been using it and finally probably the use of wires in a future moment in time will be obsolete. For home networks the normal Ethernet bridge has taken up Wi-Fi as well, improving the standard device and making the models that use Wi-Fi far superior to the ones that don’t. But still there are reliable models and not so reliable ones and this is why you have to read the best wireless ethernet bridge reviews, to make this difference.


How to end up with the best wireless ethernet bridge in 2020


6A growing number of people are currently looking for wireless access points with Ethernet Bridge in order to connect different devices to the internet. Given that most of the current electronic devices that hang around in living rooms come with Ethernet ports it stands to reason to use advanced Wi-Fi bridges for fast access to the internet. Still, if your Wi-Fi access point is present in one room and the devices in another, you will need a wireless bridge in order to set a connection between them. The current market on wireless Ethernet bridges is booming, new models being released with each passing month. There are a couple of factors to take into account during the selection process. You need to know exactly where the device will operate and your need of it.

Considering people daily busy schedules, it comes as no surprise to see that only a few individuals take the time to read the best wireless ethernet bridge reviews. Fortunately we decided to help out by researching this particular segment with attention. After analysing the research data we were able to draft a couple of tips which will do wonders for anyone looking for a new ethernet bridge. Now, the primary function of this device is to provide ports and implicitly Wi-Fi access to different devices from a person’s home network. The signal is shared and thus every device can connect to the internet. Today’s growing “appetite” for wireless bridges comes as a direct result of people’s commodity and desire to click away on the web. Wi-Fi adapters are easy to install and with the help of a solid bridge all devices can connect to one single source of internet. No more pesky wires handing around the floor!

why to buy from amazon

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Speed  Price Ports Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Buffalo AirStation WLI-TX4-AG300N

300 Mbps $$$ 4 Included A AMAZON

Linksys WES610N

300 Mbps $$$ 4 Included B+ AMAZON

Netgear WNCE2001

300 Mbps $$ 4 Included B+ AMAZON

Iogear GWU627

150 Mbps $$ 1 No B+ AMAZON

Cisco-Linksys WET54G

100 Mbps $$ 1 No C+ AMAZON


Choosing the best wireless ethernet bridge in 2020 is easier now, given that most of the top products receive high recommendations from satisfied users. As a result you will know first-hand and fast whether or not the product you intend to buy works. Setting out a wireless Ethernet bridge is easier than you might think with a great model. In addition, such models are quite affordable and easy to administrate. For instance, a reliable wireless Ethernet bridge costs less than $100 whereas buying special adapters for each of your network’s device will spike to $150. As you probably already know, a wireless bridge is basically a small box with a Wi-Fi antenna and various Ethernet ports.

The device resembles a wireless router but in this case the antenna receives the Wi-Fi signal instead of broadcasting it. After it receives the signal, the bridge distributes it to all devices nearby. The best wireless ethernet bridge in 2020 should come with a simple operating interface which enables you to set the whole thing in matters of minutes.  Every brand comes with its interface but most of the top models offer quick access to major settings. If you stumble on some technical data that’s out of your comfort zone, read the instruction manual.


Things to consider:

–         An easy set-up, so that you won’t waste too much of your time installing the device

–         Powerful Wi-Fi antenna and 3 or more Ethernet ports which safely distributes the signal among connected devices

–         An exclusive manufacturer warranty that comes in handy in the event of technical malfunctions

–         Wide signal range in order to connect all devices without appealing to wires



Buffalo AirStation WLI-TX4-AG300N Wireless Ethernet Bridge


This Ethernet bridge from Buffalo has the great advantage of supporting dual bands for a superior transfer speed than most other devices. This translates into 300 Mbps for data transfers and it will mean less time spent downloading large files or uploading them. Like any other Ethernet bridge you also have 4 standard built-in 10/100 Mbps ports which will operate simultaneously if you connect 4 devices which still use wires for connectivity in this wireless age.



Present among this year’s Black Friday deals on wireless ethernet bridge, the N300 AirStation from Buffalo can be used to set up a versatile network of 4 wired devices such as computers, gaming consoles, printers or laptops

Offers 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz Dual Band support which combined with a rapid Wireless-N router gives users the opportunity to enjoy speeds of 300 Mbps

Features the exclusive AOSS one-touch configuration system which permits users to safely configure the network without any headaches

Designed mainly for multimedia and gaming consoles this wireless ethernet bridge incorporates 4 ports of 10/100 Mbps speeds



The installation manual contains pretty vague indications concerning Wireless-N connectivity with multiple devices


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Linksys WES610N Dual-Band N Entertainment Bridge


Best Wireless ethernet bridge reviewsThe top rated wireless ethernet bridge reviews point out the fact that the Linksys WES610N is a reliable device which is worth the money you pay for it. You can use it for multiple purposes like: music and HD video streaming, connecting multiple devices at home or at the office, for online gaming or for wireless connectivity between more than one device etc. Fit it with multiple antennas so you get the superior range you want. It is also fitted with 4 Ethernet ports for devices which still use wires.



Considered by many as the best wireless ethernet bridge for the money, the WES610N model from Linksys can be used to connect different types of mobile devices, needed to establish a thriving home network

This ethernet bridge comes equipped with 4 fast ethernet ports of 10/100 Mbps which can be used to connect multiple wired devices like game consoles, printers or desktop computers

Features 802.11n wireless technology that maintains enhanced performance and superior signal range

Incorporates a solid dual-band N of 2.4 and 5 GHz which reduces the chances of dealing with interference



Benefits from only 1 year of hardware warranty

Comes with only 1 ethernet cable (additional one available for purchase)


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NETGEAR WNCE2001 N300 Universal Ethernet Adapter


The NETGEAR WNCE2001 N300 Ethernet adapter has everything you would expect from a top one, having the right features and also an affordable price. It manages to have a very respectful transfer speed of 300 Mbps through its Wi-Fi Standard-IEEE 802.11n draft. The new Windows 8 holds no secrets for it and it will perform admirably with this operating system. The security of your data is also a key issue which it resolves through the Security-WPA-PSK. These features and more make it a prime candidate for the best wireless ethernet bridge reviews.



As one of the best products under $500 from Netgear, the Universal N300 ethernet adapter can be used to create a welcoming home network

Due to its compact and stylish profile this Wi-Fi ethernet adapter permits users to connect devices such as TiVo, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 or Blu-ray player to the internet without any problems

It can support Wireless-N technology, 802.11b and 802.11g networks, thus enhancing the user’s connectivity possibilities

Comes equipped with a special push “N” connect system that enables WiFi protected setup from the first moment it is on



Set up is needed to activate the ethernet adapter but it doesn’t take long


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IOGEAR GWU627 Universal Ethernet Wi-Fi Adapter


The best wireless ethernet bridge reviews are recommending getting the IOGEAR GWU627 because it has a well balanced set of features that come at a very decent price range. Easy connectivity possibilities means you will have no trouble setting a solid connection between it and your gaming console, blu-ray player, HDTV, home cinema system and so on. No need to install countless drivers, you just need to plug it in to its power source and it is ready to get the job done. Have access to a data transfer speed of 150 Mbps so even large files are transmitted from one device to another fast.



Most of the current best rated wireless ethernet bridge reviews underline the efficiency of the Universal Ethernet Adapter from Iogear, a model that can be used to set up a strong wireless home network

Features 2 dual antennas in order to maintain data transfer rates up to 150 Mbps, thus setting a stable wireless environment

Designed for home or office use this wireless adapter is compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g routers or access points

It incorporates clear LED status indicators and works very well with high encryption schemes like WEP, AES, TKIP, WPA2 and WPA



The instruction manual doesn’t contain clear information but the process of Plug and Play makes the job easy

It takes one minute to power up and work


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Cisco-Linksys WET54G Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge


With a design that looks like from the future the Cisco-Linksys WET54G will make for a reliable Ethernet bridge that can use the standard 802.11g band and also can be compatible with the 802.11b devices. The confidentiality of your data will be kept safe through the WPA security feature and the 64/128-bit WEP encryption. The whole installation process is not difficult at all and it will only take you a few clicks and 2 minutes to finish it. Gamers use it extensively for online gaming challenges with friends.



Even though an affordable product, the WET54G Wireless-G ethernet bridge from Linksys can be used to easily add multiple mobile devices part of the wireless network

It offers users the chance to connect game consoles, desktop computers, Blu-ray disc players and printers to the home network and implicitly access the internet

With a modern design this device can support the following wireless networks: 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g and 802.11a/g

This ethernet bridge doesn’t require driver in order to operate because it uses a specific platform, making it a good product for Christmas or anniversaries



Some installation is needed but the user interface makes the process easy


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Best Board Games Reviews



If you’re here just to find the best board games and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. Board games are fun ways of spending time with family and friends. We’ve looked at some of the most acclaimed alternatives that can be bought on the market today. We take pleasure in helping buyers who might be struggling with making the right choice for their needs, so that’s why we’ve gone through a lot of info in regards to the best board games money can buy. Some of the details we considered were owner feedback, sales figures, the value offered for the price, and overall brand quality. We didn’t leave out what several professional review sites were saying. To complete our research, we looked at what the general public had to say about these models, even on various social media networks. After months and months of research and several thousands of models analyzed, we eventually came to the conclusion that Cards Against Humanity is one of the best adult board games available nowadays. It’s affordable and easy to learn by any type of user, regardless of his or her love for gaming. If the somewhat dark humor of Cards Against Humanity doesn’t fit your group of friends or family, you might benefit from having a look at the Settlers of Catan, one of the most entertaining family games out there.



Comparison Table


The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


There are thousands of people that use board games in order to have fun with friends and family members. Choosing a brand new board game can be pretty difficult given the multitude of titles available on the market. With attention, you will find a product that can offer hours of excitement and passionate competition. Combining fun with challenging levels, most of the current board games give something to do to all types of game-playing groups. For instance, there are simple games of chance and complex but captivating economical games. Everyone has the opportunity of playing an interesting game, strengthening the bond between friends. Now, there are a couple of things to take into account while browsing through the maze of board games out there.



How to choose board games represents for thousands of Americans a great puzzle to decipher. There are board games designed for children, ideal to capture their attention for hours and hours. Kids need to be entertained! This is probably why manufacturers invested a lot of time in developing interesting board games, with plots and fascinating things to discover at every turn. There are also games that have a specific time frame. Such board games with allotted time periods come in handy when friends come to visit and can’t stay too long. Still, there are also games that require hours to finish, recommended mostly for family fun. Another important thing to take into account is the amount of people in the playing group. Each box comes with relevant information on this particular issue. As a result, you will know exactly how many people can play the game and even estimate a play time.



Investing in the best board game in 2020 requires patience and attention to details, since there are so many options out there. You’ll have your pick! Today’s market on board games covers a lot of themes, each more exciting than the other. On a quick overview, we can mention some of the following board games: resource collection, bidding and auction, party, cooperative, trivia and card games. These are only a couple of the board games from which you can choose. You should know that most party and cooperative games have a fast rhythm, which don’t require intense analytical thinking. On the other hand, auction and economic board games have a slow playing pace. According to the current surveys it seems that German-style board games are very popular among teens.

Having fun with friends’ starts with the best board game in 2020! Today, there are more and more people that play RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons. Young teens play Munchkin card games, designed to offer hours of fun to all players. You have to determine what you’re good at, adventure, cards, economic or fantasy games. It doesn’t hurt to have the upper hand on other players. Winning is part of the game, and keeping a long streak relates to the level of research done on the respective board game.


Things to consider:

–         Games with long or short playtime, starting from party board games to complex economical titles;

–         Level of complexity, each game comes with its difficulty and for this reason you must find one that matches your needs;

–         Family or friends themed games that can offer appropriate fun;

–         Number of people that can play the respective board game.



Top rated board games in 2020


Whether you are a grown up or a child sometimes what is required to eliminate those boring moments is a simple board game which can be a lot of fun if played with your family or friends. If you want to purchase one you will be faced with a huge number of choices. To make sure you will get one which is very fun to play the best board games reviews will provide you with the best advice for every kind of taste.




Cards Against Humanity


Best Board games reviews

This is the best product on the market because it is among the most critically acclaimed alternatives we came across. It might not be destined for the use of children or people who might not understand its slightly wicked sense of humor. However, it’s very easy to understand and learn thanks to its simple game mechanics.




This is one of the most popular games for adults. It might be worth mentioning that individuals who aren’t yet 18 might not be the right public for Cards Against Humanity. However, this is an excellent alternative for somewhat sarcastic people who enjoy pushing their mind limits and aren’t overly sensitive about any topic.

The instructions are exceptionally easy to learn, especially since the game practically plays itself. Since Cards Against Humanity requires little to no creativity, players can rest assured they’ll have a good time without breaking their brain cells in order for them to solve any puzzle.

Yet another benefit of choosing this game is that it’s well-made. The cards are durable and convenient and are known to last for a decent amount of time. You won’t have to spend any penny on replacement parts or on purchasing a new game.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that this alternative is among the most affordable ones on the market today. It won’t break the budget of any prospective buyers as it can be purchased for as little as twenty-five to thirty dollars on a broad array of marketplaces.



The game can’t be played by children or too young players.


Buy from for ($25)




Mayfair Games The Settlers of Catan


This is the second best product on the market because it’s still one of the most acclaimed options we’ve stumbled upon, even though it might not be as popular as Cards Against Humanity. The Settlers of Catan is a neat way of spending time with your family or a group of friends, considering that it’s strategy-based and easy to learn. Even though you might not be the biggest fan of strategic games, this one will leave you wanting for more.




This product is one of the best family board games that money can buy nowadays. Its popularity comes from the fact that it’s remarkably easy to learn, as the guidelines are well-explained and make playing a breeze.

The four pages of illustrations are excellent when it comes to depicting the rules of the game, so rest assured, you’ll have more than enough fun if you choose this alternative.

What’s more, the Settlers of Catan isn’t overly competitive, as each of the players has a fair shot at winning. The score can change at any minute, depending on the resources gathered by the other players. The robber piece makes the activity even more interesting, as it can very easily turn the tide.

All in all, this game is educative, as it can teach children that the right amount of work and effort pay off in the end. The Settlers of Catan is a constructive and entertaining way of spending time with family.



Based on several reviews, the extension pack might not fit the original pieces perfectly.


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Up to four players of ages 6 and above can play the Qwirkle board game which will be fun and mind challenging at the same time. The 108 wooden tiles which have different signs painted on them of different colors have to be placed in different ways which will be both fun and also will stimulate the brain of your young ones. Make point and in around 45 minutes you will see who has won and then you can start again. The best board games reviews recommend it as well because it has all the makings of a great board game for children.



Lighter game than Scrabble, requiring no special skill such as the need to be a good speller or reader, with similar rules but without the major complications of an out-and-out word game

Plays on one’s ability to make calculated risks and to remember what blocks haven’t been played yet so that an optimum play can be made during one’s turn

More enjoyable as the best board game for 2 players since having more than two players means a more random game that can go any which way, making it harder to predict the outcome



Depends much on luck and skill, and can become ineffective when a player is left with really bad tiles to play, and maybe even stalling the game midway


Buy from for ($19.99)




Apples to Apples Party Box


One of the best board games in 2020 which is educational and offers loads of fun is the Apples to Apples game which has a very affordable price as well. The games includes over 1000 cards which will depict events, personalities, places, things and traits and with the help of a judge you will determine who is the winner and thus the most creative and fun player. The comparisons which you will have to make at any given time will prove to be hilarious and will spark a lot of laughter.



Light fundamental card game that invites players to make interesting comparisons, with players trying to outdo each other to justify the combinations they come up with

A game can include as few as four people to as many as ten people, with less green cards needed to win a game as the number of players increases, making the game more exciting thusly

Everybody gets to be the judge at some point, so the game gives equal opportunities for all players to become the one that calls the shots

It can be great to rediscover the game after not having played it for some time, making it a great game idea to play on and off



The rule of putting a red card down as quickly as possible to match a green card can be a limiting factor, as great ideas are worth thinking about for longer


Buy from for ($19.99)




Rio Grande Games Dominion


If you enjoy strategy games then you will surely like the Dominion board game which has been designed for 2 to 4 players and they will battle it out all through the gaming time which normally takes about 30 minutes. The great thing about this game is that it has a lot of expansions as well which you can purchase after you have figured out all the secrets of the initial game. So civilize as much land as you can so you can win one over your friends.



Board game requires a medium level of focus and practically no level of game experience, providing quick and modular play, with each game being different from the next

Only three things must be remembered: Action (play as one grey action card instructs you to); Buy (to purchase cards, available to be played once unless an action card enables you to get another purchase card); Cleanup (to shuffle up a draw or discard), making the game pretty easy to play

Aggressive players try to outdo each other while less aggressive ones just follow their own agenda, giving choice on strategies and endowing the game with a random play factor

So many different cards guarantee a new and fun game each time, making this interesting as the best board game for couples



Scores high on luck and uncertainty factors, likened to playing several solitaire games simultaneously

Game has Kingdom cards that can be a bit intimidating for those who haven’t played the game, and involves lots of shuffling to be done


Buy from for ($47.5)