Which is the best PDA from Palm



You can easily manage your email or access files from your home office PC through this device.

The Palm TX handheld allows you to use MMC, SD, and SDIO memory cards to expand the existing 128 MB of memory.

As one of the best PDAs from Palm, users have the ability to use Palm Desktop Software on either Windows computers or Macs.

With the use of PDA accessories, users have the ability use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect to various electronic devices.



According to some of the Palm TX reviews that are available, the PDA has been known to reboot without warning. Some users have mentioned that when they choose a certain application (“Mail” is the most common application this happens with), the screen will go black and then the device will continually reboot itself until you take the battery out.

Another popular complaint is that although the device says it is compatible with Macs, users feel that it is not and it is actually very buggy, as some of the information does not transfer properly from the Mac to the PDA or it says that a third party software is needed to connect the PDA to the Mac in order to synchronize.


Customer rating –> B


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  • Regardless of where you are, if there is a Wi-Fi connection, you have the ability to connect and synchronize your PDA to the information on your personal computer at home or in the office. This is typically done by installing the Palm Desktop software onto your computer.

  • For those who require a lot of storage, whether it is for business documents or to tote around their media library, the Palm TX gives you a slot so that you may use the memory card of your choice. This could be an MMC, SD, or an SDIO memory card.


  • Because you are installing the Palm Desktop software on either your Windows PC or your Mac, it is truly a versatile device. If you use a Windows PC at home and a Mac at work, by downloading and installing this software, you have the ability to keep all of your devices perfectly synced without having to change formats on your documents and media files.


  • When you hook up headphones or speakers to your PDA, you have the chance to listen to your media files as discreetly or as loudly as you so desire. You can also use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to all of your electronic devices that are Wi-Fi enabled and Bluetooth capable. This is an excellent way to keep all of your data within arm’s reach, no matter what device you are using.


With one of the best PDA devices at your disposal, it is no wonder that the Palm TX handheld device is among some of the best. The sleek design and large screen create an immersive and intuitive user experience, while the functionality makes it a dream to work with.


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