What is the best golf club set from Palm Springs




This particular club set comes with a lightweight and durable nylon bag to comfortably carry your clubs.

The set is comprised of 11 clubs: 2 woods (10.5 ° Driver and 15° 3 wood), 2 hybrids (18° and 21°) 6 irons (5-PW), and a blade style putter.

Each club is fitted with high modulus graphite shafts.

In terms of golf accessories, the set includes head covers for your woods and hybrids.



When looking over the Palm Springs Golf Visa reviews, it is worth mentioning that some consumers feel the heads of the clubs are not secured well on the clubs. This problem can greatly affect the accuracy of your game. One consumer even had their pitching head break at the juncture where the shaft meets the club head. While these are rare occurrences, it is a known problem.


Customer rating –> A


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Benefits Explained:

  • The deluxe stand bag is made of a lightweight and durable nylon material and has padded double adjustable shoulder straps which makes it comfortable to carry. The legs pop out automatically when the bag is put down and it also features four exterior pockets that zipper close.

  • The woods are rear preconfigured to lower the center of gravity, which provides you with a higher ball flight. The high moment of inertia offers a more reliable, longer, and straighter drive more consistently. The hybrids can easily replace the difficult 3 and 4 irons because they combine the distance a wood would provide with the accuracy of an iron. The Irons have a deep cavity back design which raises the clubs moment of inertia, increasing the forgiveness and control.


  • Every club in this kit is fitted with graphite shafts except the putter. The graphite offers a decent amount of flexibility to the club, allowing for forgiveness when the club strikes the ball. The putter, on the other hand, is made of a high performance steel.


  • Some of the best golf club sets always include head covers for your most used clubs, the woods and hybrids. This set is no exception to that rule. The head covers protect your clubs from unwanted dents, scratches, and other unfortunate events.



If you are looking for a well-rounded set of golf clubs, then you can’t go wrong by choosing one of the best golf club sets from Palm Springs. The set features some of the most useful clubs that new golfers tend to rely on, such as the hybrids and the woods. You will find the bag the clubs come in to be pretty useful as well!


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