2.Pacific Play Tents Seaside Beach Cabana #19091Benefits

Pacific Play Tents Seaside Beach Cabana reviews state that the product is very easy to assemble.

The product comes with two filling pockets which prevent the tent from getting carried away by the wind.

The design is deemed to be attractive by the majority of customers.

It’s also sturdy and reliable and doesn’t pose any risk of breaking down after a couple of uses.

The item fits a couple of small children.



Some buyers have complained about an airflow issue which bothers them mostly during very hot summer days. According to some individuals, sometimes there isn’t enough ventilation to provide a satisfying quantity of fresh air.

If the tent is in direct contact with the sun, the temperature inside could slightly increase.

Although most people think of this product as being the best beach tent from Pacific Play Tents, it may provide insufficient space for some customers who have more than 2 kids. However, it’s a great alternative for people with small families.


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Benefits explained

—Many reviewers claim that this best beach tent is so easy to put together that it only requires the assistance of a single person. If you want to spend a cozy day at the beach reading, this product is a safe choice.


—In addition to the benefits we’ve already mentioned, the tent comes with two filling pockets that can be used for inserting sand. This way, the pockets act as counterweights and no one is forced to run after a flying tent on the beach. All customers should take into account that summer tents are lighter than their solid camping counterparts, which make them more prone to small accidents.

1.Pacific Play Tents Seaside Beach Cabana #19091

—At the same time, it is said that kids love the friendly colors the product comes with. The design features fun images of the sea and various beach accessories. Moreover, this best beach tent features a fabric that’s UV treated.


—At the time of its delivery, the item may look a little frail, yet multiple customers have stated that its quality and resistance are truly remarkable. Let’s keep in mind that kids can get a little rough when they’re having fun. Therefore, any product that is presumed to be used by children should be sturdy enough to last for a long time. This is the exact case of this best kids beach tent.


The Seaside Beach Cabana can be used by two medium-sized children. This is an advantage because most toddlers become attached to a so-called ‘best friend’ with whom they’d want to spend as much time as possible. If you’re going to a picnic with your kid, try taking along their best friend as well. They’ll have as much fun as possible, spend some time in the sun and develop their social skills right under your eyes.



To sum up, we’ll say that this item is very easy to put together, it comes at a reasonable price and it is a symbol of having fun. It can largely be associated with various beach tent accessories and can even be used inside the house. Kids will surely love playing inside it on a rainy boring day.


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