What is the most appreciated home theater receiver from Onkyo



Wide Range Amp Technology (WRAT)

Independent Bass, Treble & Balance Controls

Wide Selection of Audio Inputs


Remote Interactive



A buyer who expressed their two cents’ worth in Onkyo TX-8020 reviews mentioned the tiny buttons for the tone control bypass, speaker selections, and others being hard to see and whose descriptions are also difficult to make out.

The movement of the volume control seems not to match the increase in sound volume.


Customer rating –> B+


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  • With Onkyo’s exclusive Wide Range Amp Technology (WRAT), natural audio fidelity is preserved across a broad range of frequencies. True-to-life sound is delivered clearly via topology with low negative feedback. Distortion gets reduced thanks to closed ground loop circuits. Sudden dynamic transitions in movie soundtracks and music and impedance fluctuations from the speakers are effectively countered via this revolutionary technology.


  • You can easily optimize the tonal characteristics of the audio source material using the bass, treble and balance controls of this best home theater receiver from Onkyo. Alter the quality of less-than-perfect recording with some serious up-scaling or correct the acoustic deficiencies of your listening space. You can even enhance the frequency response of your speakers. With the carefully-engineered circuits of the Onkyo TX-8020, you can obtain finely tuned audio that matches your requirements while ensuring lossless audio quality.


  • Hankering for some classic turntable audio action? The Onkyo TX-8020 offers a moving magnet phono stage for your turntable option, allowing you to enjoy your library of vinyl records. With its five analog audio inputs, the audio video receiver also lets you connect various devices including an AirPlay dock for popular Apple devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod), a CD player and a TV, or even your PC.


  • The massive EI transformer enables Onkyo’s low-impedance, high current design to drive speakers most accurately every time, even under heavy load. This best home theater receiver supports 50 watts per channel, with 4 ohms of dynamic power at 160 watts per channel.


  • Making system control effortless is the Remote Interactive system or the TX-8020 remote. You can control an Onkyo CD player or the optional DS-A5 dock at your convenience. Enjoy easy cueing up of music and video. Connecting the DS-A5 with the receiver lets you power up, select input and start playback as soon as you flick the AirPlay icon on your mobile device or an iTunes-supportive PC.


Enjoy optimum audio fidelity across a wide range of frequencies with the Onkyo TX-8020. Five analog inputs provide all the connectivity you need. When you want to enjoy more home theater receiver accessories with the TX-8020, just check out the analog audio output, phono input and headphone jack. There’s also an AM/FM tuner plus a single-cable Remote Interactive system for easy control of an RI-ready component.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($149)