What is the best DJ MIDI controller from Numark


2.Numark NS6 Professional 4-Channel DJ Controller with SeratoBenefits:

-It comes with very responsive platters.

-The product has 4 decks.

-There’s no need for a keyboard.

-It allows you to adjust the beat grind of songs manually.

-It is simple to use.



-You might encounter some issues when using it with Windows 7.


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  • As countless of Numark NS6 reviews have mentioned, the platters of this device are absolutely incredible. They are extremely responsive, which means that the slightest touch is enough for them to do their job. They don’t require you to press down on them when you want to move or scratch them. As such, you won’t be finding yourself wasting precious moments on basic movements. Because they’re so sensitive, they give you the best control possible, which is both precise and high definition.

1.Numark NS6 Professional 4-Channel DJ Controller with Serato

  • The 4-deck design gives you a great amount of possibilities when it comes to performing. The interface lines of this product line up either vertically or horizontally, so that you can have the best view of the alignment of the waveform at all times. You’ll find yourself perfectly aware of where you are, and you’ll notice that you will see the manner in which the tracks coincide quite readily. If you want to switch between the decks, all you have to do is press one button, which is just one of the reasons why this item is the best midi controller from Numark.


  • When it comes to controllers, the fewer DJ midi controller accessories they need, the better. Keeping this in mind, this product was created to be used without a keyboard. The tactile control, put together with the visual feedback that comes in real time will allow you to spend less of your time having to look at the screen of the computer. This will enable you to spend more of your time performing, and enjoying the response from your audience.


  • Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re performing, and you notice that in one of your tracks, the drums aren’t exactly as you’d wish them to be. Alternatively, let’s imagine that they might be just as you would have wanted them to be, but you notice that your audience would love the beat grind to be faster, or slower. For both of these cases, you’ve found the solution in the best DJ midi controller, which is this exact product. The reason is that it allows you to manually modify the beat grind, so that you’re perfectly in sync with any situation.


  • Another important thing to keep in mind when trying to figure out which product is the best midi controller for you is that during a show, you won’t have time to sort through a controller that’s too complicated, while delivering a killer performance. So many things are happening at once when you’re up on that stage, that if you’re presented with a complicated device, you’re most likely going to crack under the pressure and make too many mistakes. If you’ve been worrying about this, then you’ll probably love to know that this product is extremely simple to use, having a clean and straight-forward layout.


If you’re ready to change the world of performance for yourself, this is the right controller for you. Not only does it allow you to have complete control of the tracks, but it’s also incredibly easy to use.


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