What is the best surge protector from NuGiant



Surge protection

8 outlets

5 Energy-saving outlets

Built-in Fireproof X3 MOV

$50,000 Connected Equipment warranty



NuGiant 31002 reviews bewail the fact that the cable and phone inputs on the surge protector may end up being disused from the beginning, since users generally no longer wish to disconnect such lines from their existing wall outlets.

The large unit, although very useful, has a big footprint. This may require a dedicated space all its own for the surge protection device.


Customer rating –> A+


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  • Designed for protecting your entire home theater system, this best surge protector from NuGiant ensures that the sizable investments you make on a home cinema system, HDTV and other appliances are always safeguarded at all costs. When power outages, lightning storms or voltage spikes occur, it helps to have the NuGiant 31002 to provide the accessibility and security of huge amounts of computer data. Even minor surges can wear down electrical products over time, so the NUGiant 31002 ensures longevity of your vital electrical investments.

  • With eight outlets in all, you are assured that every appliance in the house gets protected.Connect your DVD/Blu-ray player, TV, speaker, game console, peripheral, cable/satellite box, TiVo/DVR to the surge protector. Keep everything from getting damaged due to electrical surges and spikes that normally occur with any electrical connection.


  • With 5 energy-saving outlets, the surge protector is engineered to smartly sense when the user has turned off the electrical device. The NuGiant 31002 then shuts off the power to that outlet, thereby saving you on your utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint.


  • The NuGiant 31002 is outfitted with patented Fireproof X3 metal oxide varistors (MOV), which absorb and bypass energy spikes for both negative and positive cycles of surge. This enables the device to protect the sophisticated electronic circuit elements of your costly appliance. Although the varistor itself may get damaged when lightning or very heavy surge strikes, the costly electronic components are kept safe.


  • The manufacturer of the NuGiant surge protector guarantees that the device will work by offering a $50,000 Connected Equipment warranty. This ensures safety, security and protection aside from some compensation for damage should a power surge get through.


During these days when people generally own more electrical appliances and electronic devices than the number of wall sockets in their homes, getting the best surge protector such as the NuGiant 31002 has become more vital than ever. Aside from protecting your pricey electrical appliances investments, the device is also useful for ensuring security of your computer files, which can easily get damaged with electrical surges and spikes.


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