What is the best MIDI knob controller from Novation


2.Novation Launch Control Portable USB Midi Contoller with 16 Assignable Knobs and Eight PadsBenefits

The Novation Launch Control reviews state that this is the best MIDI controller to use with the innovative Launchpad.

Users have the ability to control music software on both MAC and PC.

The midi controller can connect to an iPad for instant music wherever you go.

You have the ability to compose, play, and record with the best MIDI knob controller that does not require complicated remapping.



The midi controller accessories do not include the kit for the Apple Camera Connection which is needed to connect it to an iPad. The inexpensive piece can be easily purchased with the midi controller.

On rare occasions one of the faders may not function properly, and the controller can be easily returned to the supplier to have the problem fixed.

The pads on the controller only light up when you touch them, and this is only an issue if you wanted more of a show when you are using the midi device.


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  • This is the best MIDI Controller from Novation to use with the company’s Launchpad. You add 16 knobs and 8 pads to the already impressive array of 64 buttons. Watch your workflow go more smoothly in the studio, and fine tweak all of your music in real time. You can create mappings or use the ones that are included with the controller, and let MIDI create parameters.

1.Novation Launch Control Portable USB Midi Contoller with 16 Assignable Knobs and Eight Pads

  • Since the midi controller works with music software on Mac and PCs, you do not need to use additional drivers. A Loopmasters sampler and Ableton Live Lite software are included with the controller, and will help you get started creating your own music. With the same software that the professional musicians and sound mixers use, there is no limit to what sounds you can control, tweak, and bend.


  • One of the best features of the midi device is its ability to connect to an iPad. The Launchpad app will let you compose and play music anywhere, and you can also control volume settings and filters with the knobs on the device. The app makes it easy to impress your friends with all of the samples and FX effects you can trigger in the music.


  • There are an impressive 448 controls on the midi device, that lets you control numerous virtual instruments with any type of musical software. There are 16 knobs and 8 pads, along with a combination of factory and user templates that make it possible for you to control virtually anything. You can easily save your favorite setups, and there is not any remapping involved even if you aren’t using the Launchpad software.


This midi controller is perfect for any musician or sound technician. It features a durable plastic construction and a compact size that you can easily take anywhere. It integrates perfectly with the Novation Launchpad, and gives you a total of 448 controls for all of your recording and producing needs. It is easy to use and does not need remapping, and is listed at an affordable price.


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