Best rated family game from North Star Games

1.1 Wits & Wagers Family

Main advantage

Wits & Wagers is one of the best family games in 2019, as attested by the countless positive reviews it has gathered and the over 30 awards it has won over time. In addition, it’s one of the most affordable products in the line. Since its rules are simple to follow, the game is an amazing return on investment for families with children. It can help with the development of a child’s sense of competition.


Main disadvantage

Even though the game has garnered over three hundred positive user reviews on Amazon, there have been some minor complaints issued by a limited number of customers. Some of these individuals have reported that the number of players in this new version of the game has been considerably reduced. This forces users to break into teams even with six players. While this might be an inconvenience for some people, it does not look like a deal-breaker for most of the other buyers.


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Main features explained


Easy to learn

One of the main advantages of purchasing and playing Wits & Wagers is that it is remarkably easy to learn. It poses no problems so long the users are above the age of six. Furthermore, the neat thing about it is that children can win the game over their parents. The questions are fun and make spending time with family all worth the while. The game is pared down to a 4-step process that can be understood by all the players in a timely fashion. Individuals place wagers for the right answer, which makes the Wits & Wagers family version somehow similar to the original, Vegas-like one.

1.2 Wits & Wagers Family


Educational purpose

This is the right option for families with little children, who would like to teach their kids how to add numbers. According to some of the reviewers, keeping score can be done by anyone, regardless of the age of the player. Subsequently, the educational purpose of Wits & Wagers cannot be denied. From what we have seen after researching the market, it’s one of the games that focuses on developing the math skills of children. Since the scoreboard is clean and easy, it leaves no room for mistakes. Adding the scores isn’t all that hard in the end, as a player needs just fifteen points in order for him or her to be declared the winner.


Affordable and convenient

Wits & Wagers is by far the best family game from North Star Games, particularly for buyers who are on a budget. It costs as little as twenty dollars or less on a variety of marketplaces, and Amazon included. If you’re not willing to spend a lot of money on a family game you might get bored at some point in your life, then this one is the right alternative for you. What’s more, a game can last just 25 minutes, leaving players wanting to complete another round.



Wits & Wagers is among the best rated options in the line, and that comes as no surprise since it’s very easy to learn and can be played by anyone over the age of 6.


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