How to find a top manual meat grinder from Norpro


2.1 Norpro 150 Heavy-Duty Meat GrinderBenefits

->Many users consider the Norpro 150 the best Norpro meat grinder due to its double-tinned cast iron construction that ensures long-term use.

->Users also love how the unit clamps easily to most surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about where to set it up.

->The meat grinder comes with two grinding disks and three stuffing funnels that can be employed in preparing different recipes, making it the best meat grinder from Norpro.

->The Norpro 150 reviews express satisfaction over how the meat grinder is able to work on up to three pounds of meat in one minute.

->The meat grinder ensures freshness of prepared ingredients with its superb functionality.



->Like any other manual meat grinder on the market, the Norpro 150 requires serious muscle power and time specially when preparing big batches of ground meat. But since it doesn’t run on electricity, think of the savings you could get in preparing fresh ground meat!

->The blade has to be cleaned after every use to ensure optimum grinding performance every time.

->Users have noted that blood tends to squirt out the sides, which normally happens when the meat you’re working with is particularly bloody.


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Benefits Explained

The Norpro 150 is a professional-grade piece of equipment manufactured from double-tinned cast iron, which ensures safe and non-toxic use. This means it won’t contaminate the meat you grind with harmful elements that can affect not just flavor quality but also present health hazards when ingested.


The Norpro 150 does not require tools or professional skills to set up. It clamps easily on most surfaces. When your kitchen counter ledge is just the right thickness, you shouldn’t encounter any problems in installing the meat grinder.

2.2 Norpro 150 Heavy-Duty Meat Grinder

If you’ve got your grandmother’s recipe for meatloaf and sausages, you will love the meat grinder accessories that come in the package. The Norpro 150 ships with two grinding disks and three stuffing funnels so you can make your own sausage mixes, meat loaf and a host of other food items using fresh ground meat and flavor-enhancing seasonings and spices of your choice.


The Norpro 150 grinds up to three pounds of meat in a minute. Just crank up the lever, put in some slabs of meat into the feed tube, and you should have fresh ground meat shortly. No waiting in line, no fighting with the butcher on the texture of the ground meat, and most importantly, there’s extra savings for you, too.


Nobody knows what goes into the ground beef sold in supermarkets. What’s even worse is not knowing what types of meat go into those ready-made hamburger patties and sausages. With the Norpro 150, you can use fresh meat and the finest ingredients to prepare delicious homemade sausages, meatloaf, stews, chopped liver, hamburger patties and lots more.



Getting this best meat grinder is more cost efficient than having to constantly buy ready-made ground meat and ground meat mixes and products from the supermarket. The Norpro 150 only measures 15 by 6 by 18 inches so it should easily find space on your kitchen counter ledge. It comes with the needed accessories for ensuring efficient grinding performance. It is constructed of hardened tin that ensures non-toxicity.


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