Top rated LeBron Shoes in 2018


As a fan of LeBron James, I am a follower of the new basketball shoe designs that are released wearing his name. In this article, I will discuss five models that you can consider when looking for new LeBron shoes 2018. The positive feedbacks from reviews and the recommendations I received from people I talked to convinced me that these are indeed the best choices.


Nike Men’s Air Max LeBron X Low Basketball Shoes


New LeBron Shoes 2018When looking for new LeBron shoes 2016, you should definitely take this model into consideration. While they are unquestionably exceptional in terms of style, the LeBron X model has also been praised by many for the fly wire construction. This makes them lightweight and able to offer the user more freedom of movement while playing basketball. The upper part of the shoe is made from three layers of high quality materials. The combination of these is well known for breathability, durability and stability.

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Nike LeBron XI Men Sneakers


The look of the Nike LeBron XI Men Sneakers is undoubtedly one of the most sought after model of new LeBron shoes 2018. Wearing these shoes will help you unleash the athlete within and play like King James himself. As long as you correctly choose the size, these sneakers will surely allow you to maintain your focus throughout the game. This being said, they are so comfortable and versatile that you will surely love to wear them off the court as well.

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Nike LeBron X GS Boys Basketball Shoes


If you are looking for the best LeBron shoes 2018 that are suitable for young boys, these are probably your best bet. Kids will surely love how stylish the shoes look and, at the same time, appreciate the exceptional ankle support they provide. The cool look is also very functional as this model was designed to be able to cope with all kinds of abuse, even outdoor play. The Nike LeBron X GS Boys Basketball Shoes are the best gift you can give to a young basketball fan.

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Nike LeBron X/Color Volt/Worf Grey Pure Platinum


The bright and attractive color of this shoe has captivated the attention of many people. Whoever said that basketball shoes are plain and boring clearly hasn’t seen this model. This simply proves that many of the best shoes available today are designed with style in mind, as consumers tend to focus more and more on this aspect. However, the eye-catching appearance does not mean that these sneakers are just for show; high performance cushioning and lacing guarantee a great fit and allow for excellent support.

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Nike LeBron X P.S. Elite Men’s Basketball Shoes


The list of the best LeBron shoes 2018 should definitely include the Nike LeBron X P.S. Elite. The laces are made from Kevlar aramid fiber, a material known for its ability to resist stretching and abuse. Another great feature is the foam sock liner that is designed to provide excellent ankle support and stability. Keep in mind that this model was engineered according to the specifications issued by LeBron himself and, being the player that he is, he probably knows what makes a shoe great.

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