Top rated Basketball Shoes in 2018


Last week, a friend of mine asked me for advice regarding the new basketball shoes 2018. Being a huge basketball enthusiast and thanks to my knowledge about what makes a shoe good for this sport I compiled a list of recommendations. Here are some of my picks and other shoes that have received the most praise from the basketball fans.


What to look for in a new pair of basketball shoes


2For many men and women basketball is more than a simple game, getting pretty close to a passion filled way of life. This is why it comes as no surprise to see so many Americans investing in basketball shoes, essential during practice or official games. Buying a brand new pair of shoes for basketball represents a personal experience for each player. Some place more value to the NBA player endorsing the shoes while others simply trust the brand. In addition to the endorsement (star or brand wise), design is more than important since it will match the wearer’s playing skill and personality. The market offers fashionable and athletic basketball shoes, responding to player’s unique traits on the field.

In order to help you discover the best basketball shoes 2018 we went through professional reviews and extended user feedback. In our research we came across important data that highlighted the shoes best features. So, using the newly acquired information on the most popular basketball shoes out there we can offer proper assistance. Since basketball is a game in which running, fast movement and direction changes go hand in hand, the shoes must respond well to the terrain’s surface. In this area there are some technical issues which need to be taken into consideration. For instance, a good pair of basketball shoes needs to include a solid heel cushioning system. This particularity limits the impact on the feet during running and jumping. A shoe without appropriate heel cushioning will cause soft-tissue injuries and also stress muscle groups.

why to buy from amazon

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Colors  Price Fabric Sole Our Rating Where to buy

Nike KD VI Men’s

Black, Laser Orange and more $$$$ Synthetic Rubber A+ AMAZON

Nike Men’s Air Max LeBron X

Sonic Yellow, Cristal Mint and more $$$ Hyperfuse Rubber A AMAZON

Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid

Black, Cool Grey and more $$$ Leather and Fabric Rubber B+ AMAZON

Reebok Men’s Wall Season 3

Tin Grey, Black $$ Fabric and Synthetic Rubber B+ AMAZON

Under Armour Cam

Blue Heat/Metallic Silver/Black and more $$ Synthetic Rubber B+ AMAZON


Choosing a model from the new basketball shoes 2018 ensures player’s stability and control over the terrain surface. It is important for the shoes to include a solid ankle support which enhances the protection of the ankle during training exercises and key moments of the game. Even though the ventilation system of the shoes is important, you have to make sure that the layers won’t cause blisters or worse, fungal infection. Furthermore the shoes need to enhance the player’s flexibility on the course, enhancing shooting precision. Furthermore the market offers basketball shoes for casual, medium or experienced players. Every skill level requires appropriate shoes. So, you have to use a pair of basketball shoes properly cushioned and sturdy enough to deliver appropriate ankle support.

Most of the new basketball shoes 2018 are lightweight and made with breathable mesh layers for proper comfort. A good pair of basketball shoe should fit well and offer high stability during each run. Furthermore the shoes should not slip out during games. This is why you could opt for models with lacing system, zippers and solid straps. There are some basketball shoes with Velcro closures, which maintain them in place while running. It is important to find a pair of shoes which fit well. You have to take into account the size of the shoes. Measure your feet and find an appropriate fit. Another important aspect to consider is shoes style. Irrespective of the basketball shoes design, they need to be lightweight and supportive during use.


Things to consider:

–         Cushioning heel, which limits the impact and pressure on the feet during jumps

–         Ankle support that protects that ankles while running

–         Lightweight design because the shoes need to enhance your speed

–         Closure system, choose from lacing, straps of zippers



Nike KD VI Men’s Basketball Shoes


A shoe named after one of the most appreciated stars in the NBA has to be good. Well, these Nike KD VI certainly fit bill. Nike has invested a lot of time and effort into making them one of the best new basketball shoes 2018. The breathable design provides optimal airflow, keeping your feet cool even under continuous effort and allowing you to always perform to the limit of your abilities.



Regarded by many professional players as the best basketball shoes under $500, the KD VI pair from Nike represents a great investment to players that desire to play the game without movement impairments

The shoes are made of synthetic material which is light and easy to wear, making each game a pleasurable one

Equipped with a durable rubber sole and special air sole in the heel, the basketball shoes provide high impact protection by reducing initial pressure

Due to the unique Flywire technology embedded in the shoe’s construction, they will wrap around the foot for enhanced comfort during each game



The shoes do not come with a spare shoelace


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Nike Men’s Air Max LeBron X Low Basketball Shoes


New Basketball Shoes 2018If you combine Nike and LeBron James, what do you get? Without a doubt, you will get one of the best basketball shoes 2018, which also happen to be one of the most popular. Anyone wearing these is sure to get lots of compliments. The amazing design is sure to grab anyone’s attention and even stir up some envy. In terms of cushioning, you can expect nothing but the best from this shoe. They were engineered to provide the highest level of comfort and stability.



As the best basketball shoes for the money, the Air Max Lebron X Low pair from Nike can be used for training and official games by young and more experienced players

Made of synthetic material the shoes are very light and comfortable to wear, making every step on the field smoother

Equipped with a rubber sole and Flywire technology the shoes offer enhanced stability while running or performing quick movements with the ball on rigid terrains

Designed with high ankle support and full length lightweight construction, this pair of basketball shoes provide proper fit and comfort



Some users complained about slippage but in such cases the size is too small

Do not come with a special cleaning cloth (this is an accessory sold separately)


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Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid Basketball Shoes


Any shoe under the Jordan name has to live up to very high expectations. This particular model deserves a spot in the list of best basketball shoes 2016. The Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid are made from a combination of premium leather and fabric that offer improved durability and appeal. In terms of comfort, you should be able to experience the perfect fit as long as you carefully consult the sizing chart. Although the design is somewhat minimal and traditional, these shoes are still extremely sought after.



Which product is the best from the ones available for purchase? Well, according to the data we collected, the Air Jordan 1 Mid represents a pair of basketball shoes for comfortable playing experience, on various types of terrains

The shoes are made of leather and with a plastic frame, offering stability on the court and optimal control over movement patterns

Due to the lace-up closure and perforated toe this pair of basketball shoes provides optimal fit and comfort during games and practice

Because it comes with the Air Jordan logo, these basketball shoes can also be used for daily casual wear, making long walks pretty comfortable



Some weaker players consider the basketball shoes to be quite heavy during jumps

The shoes are a bit flat but they do feel comfortable


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Reebok Men’s Wall Season 3 – Zig Basketball Shoe


Without a doubt you should take a look at the Reebok Men’s Wall Season 3 when deciding to buy a new pair of shoes. Considering their stylish design and amazing comfort, they have definitely earned a spot on the list of best new basketball shoes 2018. Basketball fans have expressed their appreciation for this model, a fact easily noticeable when examining the huge sales figures. Even if your athletic skills are not amazing, at least you’ll look good and feel comfortable on the court while wearing these shoes.



Present among the top10 basketball shoes from Reebok, the Wall Season 3 pair of shoes are very comfortable and easy to put on

Equipped with a durable cushioning system at the back and minimal cushioning in the forefoot, the shoes offer higher control over impact and pressure during jumps and quick movements

Designed with fabric and synthetic material, the shoes are light enough to enhance the players’ capacity to pass balls, dribble and shoot hops

The basketball shoes include a durable rubber sole which acts as a support for the ankle, making time spent on the field easier to handle



The shoes do not include cardboard

Does not come with cleaning instructions


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Nike Men’s Jordan Super.Fly2 Basketball Shoes


Durability is the main feature of these Nike Men’s Jordan Super.fly2 Basketball Shoes. Even if worn daily, they are guaranteed to provide the same amount of performance, no matter the playing surface. Unlike some other models, these shoes are a good choice regardless of the position that you play on your team. Shoe enthusiasts should definitely have a pair of Jordan Super.fly2 in their collection.