Best MIDI keyboard for ableton reviews



Find the best MIDI keyboard for ableton in 2021


One of the most popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) among studio and live musicians is Ableton. The software is designed to be convenient and easy to use, especially during live performances. While Ableton can be used with a computer keyboard, a midi controller makes it possible to do so much more. Not only will the best midi keyboard for Ableton give you more options for mapping, you can also access preset synths and various sample tracks. With so many different midi keyboards to choose from, finding the best one can get confusing. To help you find the best midi controller for Ableton we have created this informative buying guide so you can find the right keyboard to record and edit all of your musical compositions.

5.Novation Launchkey 25 Mini Compact Instrument and USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

What to look for when buying a midi controller for Ableton?


Number of Keys

One of the first aspects to consider is the number of keys you need on the midi controller. Keyboards with 25 keys are portable and ideal for beginners, while models with 49 keys can play a full musical chord. Larger keyboard controllers can have 61 or 88 keys and often offer a wide array of different features and options.


Key Touch

The way the keys feel when you touch them should also be considered, since it can affect the way you play and use the midi controller. Weighted keys are designed to feel and respond like those on a traditional piano, while semi weighted keys are often preferred by beginners. Semi weighted keyboard controllers are often less expensive than other models.


Additional Features

Most midi keyboard controllers have additional features that can include drum pads, sliders, and Q Link knobs. Some controllers also have assignable faders and are bus powered for easy portability. You can even find midi keyboard controllers that include additional music software along with Ableton.



Novation Launchkey 49 USB/iOS MIDI keyboard Controller

1.1 Novation Launchkey 49 USB-iOS MIDI Keyboard ControllerConsidered the best midi keyboard for Ableton the 49 key controller is also compatible with other musical software. The keys are semi weighted for a faster response time that is ideal for inserting fast tempos and beats. The keyboard controller can be easily attached via USB to your Mac or PC, and it can also be synced to your iPad so you can record almost anywhere. The keyboard also includes 16 launch pads for triggering loops and drum beats. There are 9 faders and buttons, along with 8 knobs for complete control over mixing, and DJs enjoy being able to add special effects with the assignable sliders. The complete and comprehensive control that you get from this midi keyboard controller make it a favorite of DJs and professional musicians.

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M-Audio Keystation 61 USB Keyboard MIDI Controller

2.1 M-Audio Keystation 61 USB Keyboard MIDI ControllerPiano players and beginning digital musicians prefer the simple and comprehensive design of this 61 key midi controller. The 61 keys are velocity sensitive and are able to perfectly recreate the beautiful tone of a Steinway piano. Along with 61 piano style keys there are modulation and pitch wheels which let you bend tones, and a sustain pedal for even more expressive musical compositions. The midi controller is powered via USB, and connects directly to your computer so you can mix, record, and play in real time. The keyboard controller also includes transport controls that let you record, play and perform along with the Ableton software without having to use a track pad or computer mouse. With the ability to control virtual instruments and capture the rich tones of a piano it is easy to see why many composers prefer this affordable midi keyboard controller over other models.

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Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard and Pad Controller

3. Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard and Pad ControllerCompact and portable, it is the best midi controller for Ableton and is a favorite among musicians who frequently travel. There are 25 keys for mapping, along with a thumb stick for bending pitch and changing modulation. You also get the advantage of being able to add drum beats and trigger loops with the eight drum pads. There are 8 Q link knobs that are assignable, and with two banks the possibilities are endless at what you can create and record with the keyboard controller. The keyboard works seamlessly with Ableton software, and almost all of the other popular DAWs. The midi keyboard controller is also preferred by desktop music producers for its ability to professionally produce unique sounding tracks and other musical compositions even without the use of a DAW.

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Alesis Q61 USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller

4.Alesis Q61 USB-MIDI Keyboard ControllerThe 61 velocity sensitive keys make this the best Ableton midi controller of 2021 for recording and performing. It also features traditional and USB midi capabilities for amazing versatility. It is compatible with Mac and PC, and can also be used with your iOS device. The necessary midi hardware is also included with the keyboard controller. With 61 keys you can control all of your favorite virtual instruments, and the modulation and pitch wheels let you change and bend the different sounds. With Ableton Alesis software included you can easily sequence and record all of your compositions. The midi keyboard controller is designed to be affordable, and is an essential tool for composing, recording and performing all of your musical creations.

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Novation Launchkey 25 Mini Compact Instrument and USB Midi Controller and Keyboard

5.1 Novation Launchkey 25 Mini Compact Instrument and USB MIDI Controller KeyboardPreferred by DJs and live musical performers this compact midi keyboard controller is portable and powerful. There are 25 keys for controlling different virtual instruments, along with 16 launch pads designed to trigger loops and drums. The midi keyboard controller can be used anywhere, and also includes an app that lets you use it with your iPad. There are eight assignable knobs and seven function buttons for transporting directly to you Mac or PC. You can also insert effects and different sounds, and even build different rhythms in your tracks. It is compatible with all of your favorite DAWs, and also includes all of the necessary plug ins so you can start recording and playing all of your musical ideas.

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The best Ableton midi controller of 2021 will not only include the musical software, but also all of the features you need for playing and recording digital music. This can include launch pads and sliders, along with enough keys to map all of your controls. Two products preferred by digital musicians are the Novation Launchkey 49 USB/iOS MIDI Keyboard Controller and the M-Audio Keystation 61 Keyboard MIDI Controller which both include all of the features you need to start exploring all of your musical ideas.



Best boombox under $100



How to find an affordable boombox


Purchasing a good quality boombox when you are on a budget may feel a bit of a daunting task. Getting the right amount of features and the best sound quality for the price you are willing to pay is possible, but you need to be well informed. This guide will help you identify the best boombox under $100.

1.2 Sony CFDS50 Portable Boombox

What to look for when buying a boombox?



A lot of features are now available for boomboxes, so you need to carefully pick the models that truly meet your needs and expectations. Some basics, like an AM/FM tuner, the presence of a cassette player, speakers, and a CD player, can be found in most models, so they are not an issue. However, when it comes to comparing different options, you will notice that the extras can truly make the difference.



One particular issue that you need to be aware of is that cheaper boombox models tend to cut corners in regards to the quality of the speakers. Back in the days, boomboxes were famous for their inability to render clear accurate sounds, but those days are gone. Even in a cheaper model, you should look for the best sound quality.



We live in a digital era, and even if a boombox has sort of a retro charm, it does not mean that it should behave like a reminiscence of times part. Bluetooth compatibility is a must if you want to play music from your smartphone, and compatibility with your MP3 or iPod is, again, a necessity that any hipster could tell you tons about.



Sony CFDS50 Portable Boombox

1.1 Sony CFDS50 Portable BoomboxAre you looking for the best wireless boombox on the market right now? Search no further, as this Sony model is about to make your dreams come true. This portable boombox can be acquired for less than $100 and it packs quite a punch for the money.

Sony is obviously not trying to cut corners when it comes to sound quality, even if the manufacturer has no intention of affecting the retro charm of the device in question. The MEGA BASS extends the bass response, so you can enjoy the full power of sound when you get this baby going. All the basics are in place, so you can listen to radio, cassettes, or CDs, as you see fit.

The lengthy battery life is another reason to prefer this particular boombox. 19 hours of playing are guaranteed and you can easily replace the battery with the help of a responsive closing mechanism for the battery compartment.

CD playback is among the extras offered, so you can listen to MP3 files, personally recorded CDs and CDs bought from specialized stores. Connecting any digital device with this Sony boombox is a breeze, which makes it a great choice, especially when you do not want to spend more than $100.

All in all, this is the best boombox under $100 you can get right now. Sony worthy sound quality, a good amount of features and great compatibility make this boombox popular with many consumers.

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Lasonic i-931BT Portable Ghetto Blaster Boom Box

2.1 Lasonic i-931BT Portable Ghetto Blaster Boom BoxFeaturing a more old school look than the Sony boombox presented above, this portable music blaster is bound to whisk you off your feet when you hit the play button. A great array of features makes the Lasonic boombox a good choice for those who, for some reason, do not want the Sony model.

When purchasing this particular model, you will get the basic AM/FM tuner, along with 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input. The USB Input and SD card reader that come handy for direct MP3 playback are commendable, since you will surely need to play music from a wide variety of devices.

Do you want your boombox to connect well with your smartphone? This model offers Bluetooth compatibility and it does not matter if you have an iPhone or an Android phone, as it works with both.

Let’s not forget the quality of the speakers. The 15W speakers deliver good quality sound, and the separate bass and treble controls make this model easy and fun to use for obtaining different sound effects.

The extra features make the Lasonic boombox a recommended purchase. You get radio data display with text on, a cool looking LCD display, an alarm clock, a remote control, 20 preset radio stations, headphone input with echo adjustment, and many others.

Since the price is right and the quality offered is great for the price, we recommend this particular model for those who prefer an alternative to Sony products.

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Xact XS097 Deluxe Boombox System

3.1 Xact XS097 Deluxe Boombox SystemThe last boombox model we are reviewing here is cheaper than the other two, and also more lightweight. Of course, it does not sport the same bells and whistles, but it is satellite ready and it can play all types of files you want.

Keep in mind that for the reduced price, you should not expect the same extras as you can find in the boomboxes reviewed above. Being almost 30$ less expensive, there is a cost to pay in terms of features and compatibility. However, because of its decent looks and capabilities, it is a very good choice for someone who does not want to spend on features they do not need.

Ideal for small parties, the main advantage of this model is portability. Very light and compact, you will find no trouble taking the Xact boombox anywhere you want to go and take the music with you. The boombox is capable of playing AM/FM radio – 10 presets are included – , CDs and MP3 files, so there is not much to wish for.

However, you should not expect Bluetooth or any other type of digital connectivity on this model. As it seems, this is reserved for higher priced models. The speakers are also less powerful than what we have seen earlier, packing just 5W juice per each channel. Nonetheless, if you are not looking for frills, this Xact model makes the cut and it is also less expensive than others.

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So, what is the best boombox under $100? We bet on the Sony CFDS50 Portable Boombox and the Lasonic i-931BT Portable Ghetto Blaster Boom Box, because of their great extra features, Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones and tablets and sound quality, which are the best you can buy for under $100.


Best USB MIDI controller reviews



Find the best USB MIDI controller in 2021


The MIDI protocol was developed as the answer to the need for allowing live performers to gain control over the sounds of numerous synthesizers using a single keyboard. Today, laptop-wielding songwriters, sound engineers and designers, studio musicians and live performers have benefited a lot from MIDI controllers. The plug-and-play simplicity of the best USB midi controller makes it a popular choice among music-making professionals. It is important that in buying such a device, you need to be smart in taking quality alongside affordability. PC-based music performance or production should be enabled with a compact and portable device with velocity-sensitive keyboards bundled with software and giving access to soft synth versions.

5.Korg Taktile 49 USB MIDI Keyboard

What to look for when buying an USB MIDI keyboard controller?



Data Transmission Controls

The basic best USB MIDI keyboard controller has piano-style keys, of course (Duh!), as well as a range of buttons, knobs and sliders on the top panel. The device is capable of relaying MIDI information while being able to dramatically increase hands-on control over software or any other module connected to the controller. To illustrate: when a controller is plugged to your PC and the DAW of your choice, you can run a sample of your favorite soft synth. In this set-up, you can use the controller’s modulation wheel, sliders and knobs for real-time control over resonance and synth filter cut-off tweaking, amp envelope and others. You obtain an authentic analog feel while using your mouse. Auto-mapping technology has become popular in this respect as it configures the faders and knobs to match specific software applications.



Applicable Keyboard Action

The manner in which the key responds to playing is an essential quality of any product that gets high ratings in any USB midi controller review.

Weighted hammer action keyboards replicate the mechanical workings of a typical piano keyboard. Manufacturers offer products with weighted keys and springs to approximate a piano’s action. People who’ve played the piano or create plenty of piano-based music may find hammer action keyboards perfect.

Semi-weighted action, a similar platform, offers less resistance and slightly springy release, which is popular with plenty of players. It is ideal for those who don’t care much for realistic piano action and springy synth actions.

Synth-action keyboards have the electronic organ feel, with light, spring-loaded keys that move and return to their resting position quickly. They’re perfect for playing of fast parts, for guitarists who want to integrate MIDI functionality to their instrument set-up.

1.Alesis QX25 Advanced USB-MIDI keyboard Controller

In/Out Options and Performance Pads

Modern controller keyboards channel MIDI data through USB, but more complex set-ups such as those not considered the best USB midi controller still have a conventional 5-pin MIDI DIN jacks that allow connection to and control of external MIDI instruments, for instance, hardware synths. Gate and CV outputs may even allow you to play and regulate non-MIDI synth gear.

Nearly any keyboard controller is equipped with a switch-type or sustain pedal jack. Basic models do not have this component for a continuous controller jack. An expression pedal lets you be more articulate in your musical performance by allowing you to modulate any controllable aspect in real time while keeping your hands on the keys. Velocity-sensing performance pads allow use of trigger loops and drums, with some even offering After-touch.



Alesis QX25 25-Key Advanced USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller

1. Alesis QX25 Advanced USB-MIDI keyboard ControllerEasy to set up with a computer, the Alesis QX25 25-Key Advanced USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller is consistently loved by many buyers for its full-size keys and four pads, making it the best USB midi keyboard controller in their book. The keys are not too soft nor too stiff, perfect for newbies as well as professionals. The keys are velocity-sensitive. One Mod Wheel remains centered while the other offers adjustable functionality. The device works optimally even when it’s just taken out of the box, giving you control over virtually any iOS, PC or MAC music software, and DAWs including Ableton 8, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live and FL Studio 10. The four surprisingly comfortable drum pads are useful for triggering loops and samples and for sequencing drums. The eight faders work wonderfully for adjusting synth parameters and volume. The eight knobs are great for adjusting pan position as well as any other parameter. The plug-and-play simplicity of its USB functionality makes it a real winner, enabling you to explore your musical creativity with endless possibilities and plenty to work with.

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Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII USB MIDI Keyboard

2.1 Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII USB MIDI KeyboardDefinitely earning raves in any USB midi controller reviews, the Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII USB MIDI Keyboard is an ultra-compact device that offers an array of hardware controls to let you compose, record or perform with virtual instruments. It is built with 25 velocity-sensitive synth-action keys that give you an authentic electronic organ feel. The four-way thumb stick enables dynamic manipulation of modulation and pitch. Two banks expand the quantity of MPC-style pads to 16 from the original 8, easily extending creative ability. The device comes with professional production software and virtual instrument samples for instant music production. The high-definition synthesizer, Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, creates anything from edgy modern leads to robust retro synth sounds.

The electronic music grime synthesizer, called the SONiVOX Wobble, provides two independent channels of spectral morphing synthesis. Wobble offers harmonic controls as well as discrete LFO controls and individual filtering, for making brighter sound that becomes more prominent in the mix. The sample-triggering and groove/beat production software allows musicians and producers to integrate authentic MPC workflow into any DAW of choice.

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Samson Graphite 25 USB MIDI Controller

3.1 Samson Graphite 25 USB MIDI ControllerThe Graphite 25 boasts of semi-weighted keys that offer musicians superb responsiveness and use of an expressive platform. Engineered to feel more like an instrument than a controller, the Graphite 25 is equipped with velocity-sensitive keys that precisely pick up the dynamics of any performance. The Aftertouch feature gives you personalized control over various parameters and effects, such as the incorporation of a growl to your saxophone or a vibrato to a stringed instrument. Perfect for performing while maintaining awesome portability, the Graphite 25 is built with 25 keys that offer ample pitch range.

Easy to use, this unit has dedicated Transpose and Octave buttons that can be utilized to change the key of any given instrument. These elements also expand the keyboard to a full range with four octaves, eliminating the need for any shift keys or sub menus. The Graphite 25 also comes with classic Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels, offering tone manipulation and musical expression at your fingertips.

You can enjoy full control of your virtual instruments and DAW thanks to the four function buttons, eight encoders and master volume fader.

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Alesis V49 USB MIDI Pad/Keyboard Controller

4.1 Alesis V49 USB MIDI Pad-Keyboard ControllerPerfect for employing plug-ins, virtual instruments and other applications, the Alesis V49 USB MIDI Pad/Keyboard Controller is loaded with full-size, 49-note synth-action keys. The square front provides the feel of large keys. Tap out rhythms and trigger loops, or play synthesizers using the 8 backlit, velocity- and pressure-sensitive LED pads. The four illuminated assignable knobs work to help you program the control of parameters of your favorite virtual instruments. You get the power to map out nearly any function of your plug-ins using this quartet of assignable buttons and knobs of this tactile controller. The pitch and modulation wheel completes the package, giving you expressive control over your software. MIDI data and power to your keyboard get transmitted via just one cable. Truly, this is one compact keyboard with limitless number of functionalities.

You have all the controls you need plus the simplicity of USB bus-powered versatility. The unit comes with Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition. It also ships with Native Instrument’s Komplete Elements software, providing an extensive selection of professional-quality sounds, tools and effects for advanced sound design, music composition and production.

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Korg Taktile 49 USB MIDI Keyboard

5.1 Korg Taktile 49 USB MIDI KeyboardThere’s plenty to love about the Korg Taktile-49 USB Keyboard Controller. It enables you to explore the full potential of virtual instruments and DAW Software, making everything easy, inspired and convenient. It offers all the functionality you can expect from a premium-quality control surface. The many onboard performance functions are so awesome and advanced you can rarely find them on a controller keyboard of this price range. There are presets for a broad range of DAWs, helping you get started instantly once the device is out of the box. This is a vital piece of musical instrument you can’t do without whether you’re a producer or performer.

The device has an X-Y pad that provides dynamic manipulation of sounds beyond the use of an ordinary mod and pitch wheel alone. Just press the button to use the device as a track-pad for controlling the mouse pointer on a PC. The ribbon controller can be used to do left and right mouse clicks, eliminating the need to switch to your laptop. Command your DAW with the dedicated transport controls with buttons for fast forward, rewind, loop, record, play, stop and for adding markers.

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Alesis VI61 Advanced USB MIDI Pad/Keyboard Controller

6.Alesis VI61 Advanced USB MIDI Pad-Keyboard ControllerOffering comprehensive control of your virtual instruments and DAW, the Alesis VI61 USB MIDI keyboard controller lets you take charge. It is outfitted with 61 semi-weighted full-size keys that offer Aftertouch, for generation of large quantities of MIDI data for very expressive capability. The 16 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads are illuminated, allowing easy color coding for a variety of purposes. The 16 illuminated, assignable knobs and 48 buttons give you precise control over your plug-ins. DAW recording is quick and easy thanks to the dedicated transport controls. The unit ships with Software Preset/Parameter utility plus Ableton Live Lite 9, enabling you to start creating your own music once the device is out of the package.

Explore the terrific bevy of controls, including the classic pitch and mod wheels, a massive selection of encoders, buttons and pads and transport controls. You’ve got everything before you onstage and in the studio with the Alesis VI61 USB MIDI keyboard controller, a flexible and fully functional piece of music-production equipment. Integrating perfectly with your synth rig via USB port or the 5-pin MIDI output port, the device lets you use a computer running virtual instruments or a MIDI keyboard.

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The music-making process has become so advanced that there is a strong need to utilize MIDI USB controllers that can expand music-creation capabilities. This becomes even more vital with the increasing employment of virtual instruments in the studio and onstage to broaden all aspects even more. That is precisely what the Alesis QX25 25-Key Advanced USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller and the Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII USB MIDI Keyboard are designed for. The Alesis QX25 25-Key Advanced USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller has velocity-sensitive keys and plug-and-play USB connectivity. The Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII USB MIDI Keyboard sports velocity-sensitive synth action keys built for remarkable responsiveness and accuracy.

Do check out the features of each product using the comparison table.



What is a MIDI controller?



All you need to know about MIDI controllers


Piloting your music software can be managed with a mouse and a QWERTY keyboard. However, people who want to stand out with their extensive music creation and arranging skills ought to splurge on a good MIDI controller that enables them to explore their ingenious side and find out where it takes them. MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, an industry standard protocol that has changed the way musicians, music arrangers, composers, producers, editors, etc. perform their music-making work. A MIDI Controller gives freedom from the usual, unleashing one’s power to not just cut up, slice and dice someone else’s piece of music but most importantly, create their own. But what is a midi controller really? What differentiates it from a traditional musical instrument?

1.1 Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Midi Keyboard Controller

What to look for when looking to buy a MIDI controller?


Hardware and Software

Unlike a traditional PC and mouse, the work of a MIDI controller goes beyond simply inputting data. Professional musicians use not just one but even more MIDI controllers strung together. A MIDI control device serves as the human interface element of a regular instrument. The keyboard controller typifies this category. The top midi keyboard controller blends a musical keyboard with other actuators such as modulation wheels and pitch bend, but will not produce sound by itself. Intended to drive other MIDI devices, keyboard controllers have been joined by wind controllers, percussion controllers and guitar-like controllers.

Electronic drums, drum machines, samplers, synthesizers and other electronic musical instruments can transmit MIDI data stream into a performance as they perform music in real time. Guitar/synthesizers that do pitch analysis and conversion to MIDI signals are examples of pitch-to-MIDI converters. Sensor-outfitted accordions, drums and acoustic pianos input MIDI data to a computer processor, which is then converted to samples or synthesized sound. Sequencers reproduce a performance. MIDI Machine Control (MMC) devices transmit messages to assist in the synchronization of MIDI-enabled devices. MIDI Show Control (MSC) devices relay messages to enable operation and cueing of live theatrical and themed entertainment presentations. MIDI enables an array of musical instruments to interface with the PC in a digital environment for recording or performance.


Data Stream Use

Devices that alter the state of operation of an instrument and thus alter music performance parameters and sound in real time using MIDI connections are collectively known as modifiers. They include ribbon controllers, switchers, faders, knobs, buttons, pitch sliders, sustain pedals, pitch bend wheels and modulation wheels. The receiving device connects the electronic messages of the components with their intended actions.

Controllers such as pitch bend create the illusion of a constantly sliding pitch instead of a series of zippered steps. The pitch wheel on a MIDI keyboard is able to generate large quantities of data, leading to data throughput delays.

MIDI Machine Control and MIDI Show Control are separate MIDI spec extensions, effectively broadening MIDI protocol to accommodate more than the original target.

5.Denon DJ DN-X1600 Professional Matrix Mixer

Playability, Control, Construction

Passion and expression in your performance become more apparent when you get nothing less than good and reliable support from a premium MIDI controller. The device should feel like an instrument and not a toy.

A good product should also provide a wide variety of precise controls that enable you to twist, tweak and dice sounds while empowering you to control soft synths and DAW. Any transport control, pads, sliders or knobs should be able to fit seamlessly into your workflow.

The MIDI controller should be solidly built for your specific workload. This becomes even more essential when you’re constantly on the road or playing for hours in the studio and at extended jam sessions.


Types of midi controllers:


  1. Midi keyboard controller

1.Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Midi Keyboard ControllerMaking your computer set-up instantly more musical is the MIDI keyboard controller. A MIDI keyboard controller makes even 2-note bass lines sound better with proper playing. Mostly velocity- and pressure-sensitive, MIDI keyboards enhance notes playing regardless of the volume. The device can also be utilized for drum beat programming and sample loop triggering in real time. It can come in different sizes and with different features. While basic units just have keys, others are fitted with sliders for mixing, and knobs for virtual control tweaking displayed in music software. Controlling the features of recording software is carried out on buttons and drum pads. A second MIDI controller can augment the keyboard controller. The Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Midi Keyboard Controller is a top midi keyboard controller worth checking out.

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  1. DJ Midi Controller

2.Numark NS6 Professional DJ ControllerDJ MIDI controllers range in price from the unbeatably affordable to those that run to the thousands. These devices are USB-to-analog tools employed in controlling PC-based DJ software installed on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. They are meant to mimic the conventional CD turntable, mixer or regular turntable set-up. Many of them are outfitted with shuttle jog dials that emulate audio file turntable control, though with relatively less accuracy. DJ digital controllers with DJ software simplify transport issues and require no records or CDs, making them a practical choice for mobile deejay work employing computer-based gear. A good example of such a device is the Numark NS6 Professional DJ Controller, which optimizes a computer’s processing power to manipulate sound, for more sampling and effect options.

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  1. Midi foot Controller

3.Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot ControllerVariously used to switch amp channels, call up new effect programs in MIDI equipment, or change settings on MIDI gear, the MIDI foot controller lets you connect the MIDI OUT to the receiving device’s MIDI in. The receiving device can either be a pre-amp or an effects processor. The MIDI foot controller needs connection to a power source, typically employing regular “wall warts”, an internal power supply or a battery source. However, a popular foot controller feature called phantom power reduces the clutter of cables on the floor with the use of a unique 7-pin DIN MIDI cable. The cable supplies power along with MIDI data. An example of this type is the Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller from Germany.

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  1. Midi Interface

4.M-Audio M-Track Plus Portable USB Audio and MIDI InterfaceThe MIDI interface is a device built with MIDI IN/OUT to and from your PC or MIDI-equipped hardware channeled through standard 5-pin MIDI jacks. Nearly all Standalone MIDI interfaces use USB connectivity to a computer. They can be integrated with audio interfaces, control surfaces, pad controllers and keyboards, giving you a wide range of options for configuring a live rig or studio. A MIDI interface can be in 2-, 4- or 8-port configuration, with each port transmitting 16 channels of MIDI data. 8-port MIDI interfaces have a total of 128 channels and are heavily used with external sound modules, keyboards and control surfaces for connection. A lot of flexibility can be derived thanks to the use of the channels to control multi-timber synth or DAW transport sections. A typical example is the M-Audio M-Track Plus Portable USB Audio and MIDI Interface.

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  1. Midi Page controller

5.1 Denon DJ DN-X1600 Professional Matrix MixerA MIDI page controller or matrix mixer is most likely what a film director, TV director or producer would give as answer to the question, “What is a midi controller?” This device is used to channel audio signals originating from various sources to different destinations. This piece of equipment may be a standalone device or part of a larger product such as a digital signal processor, digital audio workstation or mixing console. The analog type has a number of non-complex electronic mixer circuits, with each electronic mixer controlling one output’s level going to another output. Level control is via a rotating potentiometer or pot. A linear potentiometer or fader may also be used for output signal level control. A good example of this device is the Denon DJ DN-X1600 Professional Matrix Mixer.

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Buying a good MIDI controller is not like bagging the best gaming PC on the market. There’s literature to read, reviews to consult and plenty of features to compare. You can’t simply go out and buy the next device that goes on sale, as you have to consider the existing equipment you have, the current workflow you follow, the features you can employ, and most importantly, possible expansion of your present set-up. The Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Midi Keyboard Controller is a great device due to its velocity- and pressure-sensitive quality and overall versatility. Another option to check out is the Numark NS6 Professional DJ Controller for its CD-less functionality and USB plug-and-play simplicity.




Best MIDI audio interface reviews



Most appreciated MIDI audio interfaces in 2021


A midi interface usually connects to your Mac or PC via USB enabling you to control a variety of different devices and virtual instruments. The best midi interface will work seamlessly with your favorite DAWs, and give you almost unlimited options when it comes to controlling your studio or live equipment. There are several different types of midi interfaces, and choosing the best one can be confusing. We have created this informative buying guide to help you choose the best audio interface so you can record and control every aspect of your musical compositions.

1.2 Apogee Duet Audio Interface for iPad

What to look for when buying an audio midi interface?



The most important feature you need to look for on an audio midi interface is the number of ports. Most midi interfaces include the same number of input and outputs, but you will need to take into account what type of recording you will most frequently be doing. Live performances often require ports for microphones, and occasionally headphones. Additional ports will also be needed to connect the interface to your amps, keyboards, and other midi devices. One tip to remember when you are considering the number of ports is that there should be one for every module in order to avoid latency problems when you are recording.


Extra Features

Depending on your audio and recording needs the best midi interface for you might include additional features for live voice recordings in real time. Some midi interfaces include different effects for reverb and altering the timbre of the vocals, along with amp modeling for guitar players. If you are using a multitrack recorder you will want to use an midi interface that includes plenty of options for syncing, and an inexpensive midi device that is expandable is perfect for sequencing different rhythms and for flawless live performances.



Midi interfaces can use several different types of connections, but the most common are USB and Firewire. Both are these are used in portable midi interfaces, and can be easily switched between a laptop and desktop computer. Occasionally there can also be problems with the interface or your computer recognizing the connection, though this problem is usually resolved after a few seconds. Pro Tools also has a connector through a DSP card which includes the drivers you need to establish a secure connection. There are other types of connectors that use the cards to enable the midi interface to connect with your other devices, but those are becoming exceedingly rare and are not always compatible with your operating systems or software.


Top rated audio interfaces:



Apogee Duet Audio Interface for iPad

1.1 Apogee Duet Audio Interface for iPadAs the best midi audio interface for iPad it can also be connected to your iPhone and iPod. It has all of the features of a stereo audio interface, and it can be used almost anywhere. The award winning midi device includes mic preamps that let you clearly record all of your music down to the last detail. The audio interface can also be used with your Mac, and conveniently charges your iPad while you are recording so you never have to worry about missing a single note or effect.

Not only is this the first professional audio interface for an iPad, it is also designed to work with almost all of your favorite music software. There are two analog inputs so you can connect guitars, microphones and keyboards, along with equalizers and any compressor. Unlike many other audio interfaces, this model includes four outputs for speakers and other pieces of equipment. The headphone plug can be controlled separately, making it possible for you to hear your recordings without latency. The additional outputs are also ideal for DJs who want to listen to other tracks while a separate mix is playing live at the club. Its portable design is perfect to take everywhere you go so you never have to worry about missing a recording.

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Tascam US-322 USB Audio Interface

2.1 Tascam US-322 USB Audio InterfaceIts compact and powerful design makes it the best Midi audio interface for Mac and Windows operating systems. The interface has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is able to capture and play incredible sounding notes and effects. The audio interface also gives you two operating modes to choose from so you can create and play all of your musical compositions. The multitrack mode lets you compose music on your computer, while the stereo mix mode is designed specifically for pad casting. This lets you broadcast your music, and you can even mix your voice in this mode.

The audio interface monitors for problems with latency and features two in and 2 out ports, which is ideal for guitarists, and for plugging in microphones. There are also onboard effects for sending reverb, and inserting a compressor or EQ when it is needed. This audio interface will turn your PC into a home recording studio, and is powered via USB for a quick connection without the need to install drivers. Use the midi interface for online broadcasting, or to add a soundtrack to a home movie. It is able to support recordings up to 96 kHz, and the durable aluminum casing keeps all of the internal connections working perfectly.

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iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+ MIDI Interface

3.1 iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+ MIDI InterfaceConsidered the best midi interface for PC, the device will also support Mac and iOS operating systems. It has the ability to support two different computers or devices at the same time without the signal becoming degraded. This gives you unlimited options when it comes to recording, writing, or performing. You can use your iPhone as a midi controller while your PC processes a new virtual instrument, or even let your iPad run all of the commands for your computer. With seamless connections to all your devices and favorite DAWs there are no limits on what you can create and play.

There are 2 in and 2 out ports to connect your different devices, and with the ability for audio to go directly from one computer to another there is never a problem with the sound being degraded. Another advantage to using this midi interface is that the included software gives you complete control over how your different devices are routed and filtered. What also makes this the best audio interface is its surprisingly affordable price. It is easy to use, and the ability to set your own routes makes this the perfect midi interface for anyone who wants the convenience of being able to turn their computer into a private recording studio.

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Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 USB Audio Interface

4.1 Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 USB Audio InterfaceThere are several reasons why this is the best USB midi interface that includes the fact that it relies on bus power to operate. According to an audio midi interface review it is also the best model for DJs and other digital performers who rely heavily on their laptops. The solid aluminum casing is durable and portable making it ideal for live performances and impromptu shows. There are two award winning preamps, and four audio outputs that can connect keyboards, synth modules, speakers and even headphones. DJs can also connect the audio interface with their mixers to give their audiences an amazing performance.

The inputs include a pad type function for guitars and microphones that also uses direct monitoring to prevent problems with latency between the different devices. The award winning mic preamps are what make this audio interface stand out, and will record and playback every tone and note with a rarely heard depth and dimension. The aluminum casing is durable, lightweight, and designed to be easy to carry. While it includes all of the features that professional digital musicians need for their performances, the included software makes it ideal for beginner midi interface users. Use the audio interface with your favorite DAWs, and the software also includes everything from mixers and reverb to help you polish your musical creations before anyone else hears them.

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M-Audio M-Track Portable USB Audio and MIDI Interface

5.1 M-Audio M-Track Portable USB Audio and MIDI InterfaceOften considered the best midi controller with audio interface, it includes everything you need to write, record, and play all of your musical ideas. For convenience there is only one USB cable and the midi controller is compatible with all of the popular music software. Since it features plug and play capabilities, it is ideal for anyone just getting started creating digital music. The midi controller includes Ignite and AIR Music software which not only makes it easy to record and arrange your creative ideas, but you can also control more than 275 virtual instruments. Professional digital musicians can use the midi controller’s ability to share music through the sound cloud, or export all of their midi files to their favorite DAWs.

The midi controller is also an audio interface, and offers inputs for your microphones and electric guitars. There are also insert jacks that let you add your own effects while you are recording. The interface will monitor for latency, and a mixer knob is included for adding layers to your tracks. The controller also features a midi in and out jack that enables you to add all of your other midi devices. There are 16 different channels with the midi controller for all of your data, and the LED lights help you keep track of all of your different settings. With all of the software included and the midi controller’s comprehensive capabilities anyone can start composing, recording, and performing all of their musical ideas.

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M-Audio MIDISport 2×2 Midi Interface

6.1 M-Audio MIDISport 2x2 Midi InterfaceThe durable and compact design of this midi interface makes it perfect for desktop or mobile use, and it features plug and play capabilities that make it ideal for beginners. The redesigned midi Sport interface now features a sleek black metal housing that is still lightweight for easy portability, and blends in beautifully with your existing gear. The midi interface uses USB bus power, which is ideal when you are traveling. It is also compatible with Mac, Widows XP, and Vista making it the perfect interface for any digital musician.

The midi audio interface features 2 in and out plugs that can connect to your guitar, amps, or other midi devices. Control keyboards and synthesizers and give your musical compositions new depth and dimension. It is also compatible with all of your favorite DAWs, and the LED lights on the midi interface help you keep track of all of your settings. Along with the 2 in and out plugs, there are also 32 midi input and output channels. This gives you almost endless creative possibilities, and can dramatically improve all of your recordings and live performances. Since you do not need to install any additional drivers, the midi interface can be used directly out of the box. With its new black color, the anniversary edition of the midi interface is even better than the original.

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Finding the right midi interface for your recordings and performances can be complicated, especially if you are not sure what you are looking for. While the most important factor to consider is the number of input and output plugs your devices will need, you will also want to think about different features and abilities. If you are simply recording live performances then you will want to ensure that your midi audio interface can capture the different tones and pitches. DJs and other digital music performers will want to make sure their midi interface is able to support their headphones and other pieces of equipment.

While there are several different types of midi interfaces to choose from, two favorite models of professional musicians are the Apogee Duet Audio Interface for iPad and the Tascam US-322 USB Audio Interface. Both of these models are included in our comprehensive comparison table which was created to help you make an informed decision that is right for your budget and your musical needs. With the right midi audio interface you will be able to explore all of your creative ideas, and play amazing live shows for your audiences.

Best Akai midi controller reviews



How to select the best midi controller from Akai


Akai Professional has been manufacturing the tools that musicians need to explore all of their creative ideas since 1984. With the company’s vast experience in the electronic music industry it is little wonder why musicians favor this brand. The only problem is trying to decide what is the best Akai midi controller for your musical needs. There are several different types and styles of midi keyboard controllers to choose from, and the size can range from small and easily portable to large enough to cover your workspace. To help you choose the right midi controller we have put together this informative buying guide. It includes all the information you need to find the best Akai midi controller so you can start recording and playing all of your musical compositions.

4.2 Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Midi Keyboard Controller

What to look for when buying a midi controller from Akai?



Akai manufactures several types of midi controllers but almost all Akai midi controller reviews recommend that you start with a keyboard if it is your first time purchasing a midi device. This is even true for more experienced midi users. A midi keyboard controller is set up and it can easily be synched with other devices when you are ready to add more.



Akai midi keyboard controllers are available in a wide range of sizes, and often have other features that can include sliders and knobs. The number of keys can range from 25 to 88, and the best one for you will often depend in the size of your workspace. You will also want to consider portability, especially if you are a traveling musician. If you are only planning on controlling a few virtual instruments during live performances a small, portable 25 key midi controller might be what you are looking for.

1.2 Akai Professional MPK49 MIDI Keyboard Controller

Drum Pads and Buttons

Along with sliders and knobs which can be used to control volume on amps and other pieces of musical equipment, midi controllers can also include drum pads and additional buttons. The drum pads can be used to trigger fast paced drum solos, along with various other sound effects. Knobs can be used as faders to add a unique vibe to your dance beats, and various buttons can also control your recording equipment in the studio. Even Akai’s portable midi keyboard controllers can include a wide array of features that will let you explore all of your musical ideas.


Most popular choices:


Akai Professional MPK49 MIDI Keyboard Controller

1.1 Akai Professional MPK49 MIDI Keyboard ControllerWith 49 keys that are semi weighted you can play crisp, clean notes during your performances, and the 12 drum pads make this the best Akai midi keyboard controller for DJs and other live performers. The midi controller gives you access to a total of 48 pads with the four banks, and will let you control 72 separate parameters with the knobs and faders. There are also eight sliders that are assignable with 3 banks. This gives you unlimited options at what you can play, control, and create.

The midi keyboard controller easily plugs into your PC via USB cable, and includes plenty of factory presets and software to help you get started looping tracks and synching rhythms. There are 32 factory presets that include tap tempo function, while the ability to use Note Repeat and MPC Swing lets you align all of your beats and rhythms perfectly. The 49 key midi controller is lightweight enough at 12 pounds to still be easily portable, and since it uses your laptop for power you can play and perform your music anywhere.

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Akai Professional MPK25 MIDI Keyboard Controller

2.1 Akai Professional MPK25 MIDI Keyboard ControllerAccording to the Akai midi controller review this is one of the best midi devices to use with your computer. It features a portable and lightweight design that is easy to set up and can turn your laptop into a portable music studio. The Akai professional midi controller has 25 keys that are semi weighted and 12 MPC drum pads that are programmable. The pads also feature 4 banks so you have a total of 48 effects and sounds that can be easily added to your music. What makes this midi controller stand out is the 12 Q links that are also assignable. You can control virtually any parameter that you set in your music, and each link can also control two separate commands.

The compact midi controller attaches to your computer via USB, and the included software has everything you need to get started. You also have the advantage of using the midi controller’s arpeggiator which will let you create amazing riffs in seconds. Play and record in real time, and use Note Repeat to add specific rhythm patterns. Ableton Live is also included with the midi controller which lets you mix, record, edit and improvise all of your musical creations from your laptop.

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Akai Pro APC40 Ableton Controller

3.1 Akai Pro APC40 Ableton ControllerAs the best Akai midi controller for live performances and studio recordings it includes everything you need to create and perform any type of music. The first thing that you will notice is the compact design which makes it an ideal midi controller to use in tight spaces. The sturdy construction is durable and can withstand live performances, and it also features a non slip design so you can use it on music stands for convenient access.

Since it doesn’t require any mapping it is ideal for beginning midi controller users, and it features plug and play ability via a USB plug. There are 40 pads triggers that are back lit for easy playing in the dark, and the 16 LED encoders relay feedback and musical activity in real time. With the ability to instantly use Ableton Live you can create and customize all of your controls to your specifications. The midi controller is also designed to be used by professional musicians, and has eight knobs with four assignable banks. This gives you the ability to control 72 different parameters and really explore all of your musical options.

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Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Midi Keyboard Controller

4.1 Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Midi Keyboard ControllerThis small 25 key midi controller is easy to use, and take with you when you are traveling. Its compact size fits into most workspaces, and includes everything you need to start composing, recording, and playing all of your musical creations. The keys are sync action for quick, sharp notes and fast paced tempos, and there are also 8 drum pads that include Note Repeat for adding beats to your tracks. The pads are also lit so you can easily find the one you need even when you are performing on stage.

There are 8 Q link knobs that are assignable, and make it easy for you to tweak your recordings or for mixing different tracks and effects. Unlike other Akai midi controllers that use sliders and wheels to control pitch and bend modulation, this one uses a joystick for fast and precise results. You also get the benefit of 2 two banks for the pads which lets you insert more samples and effects. The midi controller can be used in standalone mode for convenience or with your favorite DAWs.

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Akai Professional MAX49 MIDI Keyboard Controller

5.1 Akai Professional MAX49 MIDI Keyboard ControllerThe bright cherry red color of this Akai midi controller is fun and creatively inspiring. There are 49 keys that are semi weighted for a quick response every time they are played. The compact device also features 8 faders that make it easy for you to control every aspect of your music. The midi controller will automatically map itself making it ideal for beginners, while professionals will apreciate the fact that it can be synced with other devices through the Gate and CV outputs.

There are 12 MPC style pads that include Note Repeat, and 4 assignable banks. There are also banks for the faders which gives you the ability to control 32 different parameters. The arpeggiator makes it possible for you to create different cascading melodies that can add a new depth and dimension to your recordings. Bend pitch and modulation with the wheels, and control up to 275 virtual instruments with the included Ignite music software. You also have the advantage of using Ableton Lite which makes it possible for you to edit, mix, record, and lay tracks. It is one of the easiest midi keyboard controllers to set up, and will let you create and explore all of your musical ideas.

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Akai Professional LPK25 MIDI Keyboard Controller

6.1 Akai Professional LPK25 MIDI Keyboard ControllerWith 25 touch responsive keys you can play crisp notes and sharp rhythms, and the lightweight midi controller is constructed to be easily portable. It is compatible with almost all music software, and can be used in the studio, classroom, or on stage. You also have the advantage of the built in arpeggiator which will help you create unique patterns during music production. For a true piano sound there is a sustain button that will carry a note or chord over into the next musical bar, while the octave button lets you move up and down whenever it is called for.

There is a tap tempo control button that is ideal for studio recording, and will ensure that all of your musical ideas are stored on your hardware. The portable midi keyboard controller can be used with your Mac or PC via a USB cable, without the need to find an additional power source or install a driver. To make set up quick and easy the necessary software is included with the midi keyboard, and it will let you customize all of the commands to fit your individual workflow.

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There are several different types of Akai midi controllers, and finding the right one for you can be difficult. The size of the midi device will play an important role in your decision, along with whether you need additional features like drum pads and Q link knobs. Two midi devices that include all of the features that you need to record, compose and play are the Akai Professional MPK49 MIDI Keyboard Controller and the Akai Professional MPK25 MIDI Keyboard Controller. Each of these products are included in our comparison table which was created to help you make the best choice for your musical needs.

American Audio Vms2 reviews



Select the most appreciated DJ midi controller from American DJ Supply


2.1 American Audio Vms2 Dj Midi ControllerBenefits

This compact and lightweight machine only weighs 9 pounds or 5 kgs., perfect for musicians on the go.

The American Audio Vms2 reviews applaud the machine’s included Virtual DJ LE software, which gives it two-in-one functionality.

The unit comes with its own DJ MIDI controller accessories that ensure easy and optimal use every time.

Selecting a track is easy with the navigation controls.

The unit is compatible with Inno Fader, one of the industry’s most used faders.



According to one of the users, who still believes the American Audio Vms2 is the best DJ controller due to its reliability and non-China quality, the Pitch only goes +/- 12%, which doesn’t significantly detract from the overall quality.

The jog wheels have a grainy texture that some individuals may not like.

Some effects knobs on the software are not mapped on the mixer, according to another buyer who still highly recommends the unit.


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Benefits Explained

  • Ideal for music creators and adventurous DJs on the go, the American Audio Vms2 DJ Midi Controller is a compact device that you can easily bring anywhere. Its weight is light at 5 kilograms, enabling you to fit it easily into a standard midi controller bag. With this machine, you’ll have everything you need to make great music and terrific groove.

2.2 American Audio Vms2 Dj Midi Controller

  • Featuring two channels, this device is reliably versatile. You can cue on one or both decks. The American Audio Vms2 is a MIDI controller and DJ mixer in one compact package. It comes with two MIDILOG™ Channels, enabling it to support any MIDI software or analog inputs including a turntable or a CD player. The Virtual DJ LE software also lets you utilize the 2 large scratch wheels in CD mode or vinyl mode for amazing scratching. The button layout on the unit incorporates well with the Virtual DJ LE software.
  • This is the best DJ MIDI controller from American Studio thanks to the many features and accessories it comes with. The device has its own rack mounting kit for easy set-up every time. It has DSP D-Core Inside, giving it a Studio Quality Audio Engine and impressive Pro-Stage Microphone Circuitry. The Balanced XLR outputs ensure remarkable groove creation. The 39 MIDI buttons have LED illuminations, with 16 having dual blue/red LEDs, for easy monitoring without onscreen mapping. The Booth & Master RCA Outputs let you create music to fill the dance floor.
  • The 3-band equalizer has rotary controls for easy balancing. The device has 34 assignable rotary controllers plus 10 assignable linear fader controllers, making it easy to set to your desired levels.
  • Fading the audio is no problem, so you can employ actual faders on the market to achieve pitch control. The MIDI controller also has Crossfader Curve Adjustment so you can tweak music any way you want. It has a replaceable VCA cross fader that is Innofader-compatible, helping you do some seriously heavy scratching.


The American Audio Vms2 is the best DJ MIDI controller that offers a multitude of loop controls so you can shorten and lengthen your loops. The navigation controls let you easily select a track and achieve controlled balance. Get loud output and better-sounding microphones with the DSP D-Core.


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Best MIDI foot controller reviews



All you need to know about MIDI foot controllers


The best midi foot controller will be easy to use, and will have the pedals or pads located for convenient access. A midi foot controller is designed to make projects run smoothly, and allows you to operate equipment with both your feet and hands. These footswitch pedals can be found in several professions that include transcriptionists, construction, and more commonly musicians. Guitar players in particular enjoy the added convenience of controlling effects and amps with their feet, which leaves their hands free to continue playing their instruments. There are several different types of midi foot controllers, which can make it difficult to find the right one. Before you purchase a foot controller, you need to understand the differences and features to make sure you get the right controller for your project.

Yamaha MFC10 MIDI Foot Controller

What is the best midi foot controller


Types of Midi Foot Controllers

One of the first steps is to decide which type of midi foot controller best fits your needs. Musicians often need more than one footswitch to control all of their gear, making it necessary to own several types of controllers. The most basic type of foot controller has two pedals that can each be programmed with a different command. The double pedal foot controller is most often used by guitar players for controlling the volume on their amp, along with creating their signature “wah” effect.

The other types of midi foot controllers include heavy duty ones either with or without guards. Normally constructed from steel, these foot controllers are heavy and durable. The bulkier weight often makes these midi foot pedals impractical for most musicians. The most common musician owned controller is the single pedal, which is ideal for volume control or simply turning an amp on. If you frequently perform outdoors, a midi controller that is also waterproof may be the best choice for you.


The Type of Foot Pedal Action

The pedal action refers to how the controller operates, and there are four types. Some of the midi controllers are easy to use, while others may require you to perform more than one option. One of the first things you will want to consider is how often you will be using it. Frequent or prolonged users generally prefer a device that has maintained action, which means you simply press the pedal once to turn it on. Momentary footswitch need constant pressure, while a midi controller with two stage action can control different functions depending on how many times it is pressed. Midi pedals with an anti trip feature use momentary action once the safety latch has been disengaged. The best Midi footswitch will have the right type of action so you can concentrate on playing your music.


Amperage Rating

When you are looking for the best midi foot controllers it is important to look at the pedal’s amperage rating. Electrical current is measured in amps, and you will want to make sure that the midi foot controller can handle the amount of electrical current your device uses. If the device puts out more electricity than your foot pedal is set to handle, you run the risk of ruining your expensive equipment. Using a pedal with a lower amperage than your devices can also create a potential fire hazard. Checking the electrical output on equipment is especially important for musicians who frequently use different devices that have individual amperage ratings. This is another reason for potential buyers to familiarize themselves with the different types of midi foot controllers before purchasing one.

Peak FCB4N2 Programmable Midi Foot Controller (Black Anodized Color)

Additional Features to Consider

The different types of midi foot controllers also include different features, and the best midi foot controllers include everything that you need for easy, hands free operation. While some include safety latches to prevent the controller from accidentally being turned on, others include different activation points that can be adjusted. This makes it possible for you to control how long it takes for the footswitch to turn on. Adjustable foot pedals normally have screws that can be rotated, while others have a spring lever that lets you know when a command has been started. This helpful feature keeps you from adjusting the volume too high, or let you know if you have accidentally commanded the pedal to turn off. Spring mechanisms are especially helpful in foot pedals that have a two stage action, since it will let you know when it is time to signal the next function.


Connects and Cables

There are several different ways to connect a midi foot controller to a device. Sound technicians and recording artists generally prefer a USB cable, while others use a foot pedal that has a wireless connection. If you need to customize the connection, than a cable that has either terminated leads or open wiring might be the best choice for you. Many transcriptionists and guitar players, think that the best midi pedal controller includes a traditional 120V plug for easy use almost anywhere. If you do decide that the best midi foot controller is one that is wireless, it is important that you remember to frequently changed the unit’s batteries.


  1. Best Midi Footswitch


Line 6 FBV Express MkII Foot Controller


1.Line 6 FBV Express MkII Foot ControllerThis is the best Midi footswitch for musicians, and especially guitar players. The controller is easy to operate, and lets you keep your hands free for strumming on your guitar. The midi footswitch is designed to work with your Line 6 amp and POD for complete control over its functions. The controller features everything that you’ve come to expect from a Line 6 product, along with a few bonus functions.

There are four foot switches and a large, durable pedal that are located on the controller for convenient and easy access. The foot switches let you control 4 separate channels, while the pedal controls volume and the necessary “wah” effect. To withstand hours of play on stage and at the studio, the chassis and switches are constructed of a durable steel. Volume and wah control is always crucial, which is why the large foot pedal has a textured surface to keep your foot from slipping off.

Playing in dim lighting is not a problem with this midi control since the bright LED lights make it easy for you to see which channel you are on. The chromatic turner is also displayed, along with your tap tempo, volume or wah. The foot switch can be connected via a USB cable so you can record your guitar solos and program special effects, along with upgrading new firmware. The jack for the RJ-45 cable makes it possible for you to plug directly into your amp. The midi footswitch is designed to be durable, long lasting, and easy to operate so you can concentrate on making music.

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  1. Best Behringer foot controller


Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller

2.Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot ControllerThis has been rated the best Behringer foot controller for guitarists, by the company’s website, but it is designed to be used by anyone who wants almost unlimited controller over their equipment. The controller is engineered for easy operation, without slowing you down when you are performing. It features a durable construction that can even be used when you are traveling.

With ten preset foot switches you can get started playing right away, or edit and reprogram the banks to fit your current needs. Guitar players will appreciate the ability to switch channels with their feet, which lets them turn their amps on and control effects without having to stop playing. The two switch jacks can also be programmed to select a specific channel on your guitar amp. The midi foot controller also features two durable expression pedals, that include a tire tread surface for gripping with your feet. Control and manage all of your midi equipment, along with channels and even range.

The foot controller is ideal for live performances, studio, and practice, and uses a built in power supply so you can use it on the road. It is designed to be rugged, durable, and easy to program so you can managed all of your midi equipment while you are playing. Enjoy the ability to customize your controls, and send up to 5 midi commands simultaneously. Change tempo or tap patterns all without having to sit down or risk becoming frustrated. As an added bonus the Behringer midi foot controller can also download any new software that might be released after your purchase.

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  1. Best USB Midi foot controller


Logidy UMi3 MIDI over USB Foot Controller


3.Logidy UMI3 MIDI over USB Foot ControllerEasy to set up and operate, this is the best USB midi foot controller for connecting to a PC or Mac. It is able to use the mapping abilities in most DAWs, and can be programmed to your specifications. Since it is a standard midi controller you don’t need to worry about using any drivers. The controller is ideal for recording in the studio, or anywhere else with your PC.

It is the best USB midi foot controller for anyone that wants the convenience of being able to use their device straight out of the box. It plugs directly into a Mac or PC via the USB cable, and will appear as a 3 note midi controller. It is ideal for keyboard players and percussionists who need the ability to control live looping and other midi functions. The convenient USB plug also makes it possible to download software, and assign it to the separate midi keys.

The compact design is portable, and it is constructed from durable steel. It works great for live performances, along with solo time in the studio. The three footswitches can be easily configured to your preferred settings, and you can also plug in an expression pedal. Along with being able to set up different mapping features, the standard midi foot controller can also be used as a step sequencer. This lets you change an individual footswitch’s function each time it is pressed, or you push another switch. With the ability to change the different functions, it can control up to 24 different midi commands. Use it to record new music in the studio, or impress your audience at the next live show.

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  1. Best Peak midi foot controller


Peak FCB4N2 Programmable Midi Foot Controller


4.Peak FCB4N2 Programmable Midi Foot ControllerThe best midi pedal controller should be flexible and easy to operate, and also durable. The Peak programmable midi foot controller gives user plenty of options, along with the ability to support different devices. Not only is ideal for musicians, but anyone that needs the convenience of foot control for their standard midi devices will benefit from this programmable footswitch.

Not only can this pedal controller support all types of midi devices, it is also designed to be reliable and durable. The chassis is constructed from aluminum, and the black coating has been anodized for long lasting protection. The compact design fits almost anywhere, and it can be used with different power sources. It is able to plug into to 9 and 12Vdc, and it can also use 9Vac, with an additional 200mA adapter. For added versatility, polarity is not important with phantom power that runs through the 7 pin DIN connection.

Along with plenty of power options, the foot controller has two bank and four patch switches that are already preprogrammed so you can immediately start sending midi commands. In addition, the controller includes a foot switch that can withstand continuous stomping. You can have up to 128 EPROM memory settings that you can arrange in 4 sets of 32 banks. This not only gives you the ability to send continuous control messages to the different midi channels, but you can also assign program changes when you need it. The foot controller includes both an up and down bank, and features switches that you can feel when it is engaged. Control any type of midi device with the controller, while leaving your hands free to complete other tasks. It is durable, reliable and extremely versatile, both in midi commands and its power source.

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  1. Best Yamaha Midi foot controller


Yamaha MFC10 MIDI Foot Controller


5.Yamaha MFC10 MIDI Foot ControllerIf you are looking for the best midi pedal controller to use with a guitar synthesizer or the Tyros keyboard, then the Yamaha MFC10 was designed with you in mind. The midi controller is easy to operate, and it also comes programmed for use with the Tyros 3 and 4 keyboards. The midi foot controller is also ready to use with WX5 wind controller. This gives you almost unlimited options on what you can create.

The flexible midi controller features 12 footswitches that can be programmed to your favorites, along with a textured control pedal. You also have the capability of adding 4 more pedals of any type. The expression pedal is built in to the controller for convenience, and you can also assign commands to the pedals that you decide to add. For even more playing options, there is also a jack to connect to WX11.

You can have up to 12,800 changes when the 100 bank messages are being used. This gives you complete control over all of your midi devices. You have the added advantage of using the controller in three different operational modes that include normal function, non-function normal, and MIX. Each gives you the ability to send midi commands, while performing different functions. For added convenience the midi controller is illuminated with LED lights. Green lights show you the individual numbers on the foot pedals, and red is used to display the preset that you chose. Not only does it make it easy to use, it can prevent you from making embarrassing mistakes during live shows. The casing is constructed from durable plastic that is tough enough to withstand constant use, and still lightweight for easy carrying.

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The best midi foot controller can make it easy to finish a wide range of projects, and these innovative devices are used in a variety of different fields. Transcriptionists can use a midi footswitch to help dictate and type, while many construction projects also depend in the versatile devices to help the jobs run smoothly. Musicians and sound technicians are still the most common users of midi foot controllers, and many depend on it to finish, play, and record their music.

With all of the different uses for the controllers, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. Some midi controllers are designed to be used for simple functions like turning an amp on, while others can be programmed to issue multiple commands at one time. With so many options to choose from, it is easy to pick the wrong one. We created this buying guide to not only help you find the right midi foot controller, but to also show you the different possibilities. Create music, finish projects, and even type faster with a convenient and versatile midi foot controller.

Best MIDI keyboard controller reviews




How to find the best MIDI keyboard controller


4Midi keyboard controllers have been used by musicians to control virtual instruments for over 25 years, and are now an integral part of the music industry. These devices are commonly found in studios, classrooms, and on stage, and give you the ability to control all of your favorite music software and hardware. It is important that you choose the best midi keyboard controller for your needs. There are several different types and styles of midi controllers to choose from, and each includes its own benefits and features. To help you make an informed decision that fits your budget and your musical needs we have put together this comprehensive buying guide. In it you will find everything that you need to pick the best midi controller for your favorite virtual instruments and software.


What to look for when buying a midi keyboard controller


Number of Keys

One of the first things that you need to consider in a midi controller is the number of keys. Most midi controllers have either 25, 49, 61, or 88 keys, but you can occasionally find units that have 32, 37, 73, or 76 playable keys. The number of keys on the controller will determine if you can play two or one handed, and it will also help to determine its size. Small 25 key controllers usually have a length of 20 inches, while units with 88 keys can be longer than 50″. The number of keys will also determine the midi controller’s portability, along with the number of available functions.


Key Responsiveness

The best midi controller will have keys that are comfortable for you to play, and this is determined by the type of action that it has. Keyboard action refers to how the key feels when you are playing it, and a midi controller that feels uncomfortable can affect your productivity and creativity when you are using it. There are three basic types of keyboard action that include, weighted hammer, semi weighted, and synth. Most of the 88 key midi controllers use weighted hammer action that is similar to the feel of a standard grand piano. Semi weighted midi keyboards are quick and responsive to the touch, and are the perfect balance between the other types of key action. Synth action midi controllers are popular among guitar players for the spring loaded action. The keys are lightweight, extremely responsive, and can be played quickly. Some of the best cheap midi keyboard controllers use responsive spring loaded synth action.


Knobs, Sliders, and Pads

Depending on your budget and your musical needs, the best midi keyboard controller may include knobs, sliders and pads. This will give you more musical options, and allow you to create more expressive sounds. The addition of these features can make it easier to control the DAW, giving you the ability to make adjustments in real time. Not only does your music have a more seamless and natural sound, some midi controllers also let you set up auto mapping that can be triggered by the different knobs.


Flexible or Focused


Most of the top midi controllers are flexible and focused, which means that they include factory presets that you can change or add to. A midi keyboard controller that is considered focused simply refers to the included presets that are put in place to work with your selected musical software. A flexible midi controller will let you select the settings that you want, and can be programmed to your specific needs. Beginning musicians and some guitar players prefer a focused midi controller that is already set up and ready to go. Studio musicians often find that they need the flexibility of a open ended controller.


Connection Abilities

There are several different ways that you can connect and power a midi keyboard controller, and the top midi controllers will give you a variety of options. Almost all controllers can be connected to your computer via a USB cable, but there are other options that you should consider. A midi controller can also use Firewall, MIDI, mLAN, and S/PDIF that are either built in to the unit, or connected externally. The input and output options should also be considered before spending your money on a new midi controller. Having the in and output jacks already included is ideal for using the device as a digital workstation. If you plan to connect the controller to speakers, amps or mixers you will also want to make sure that the audio plugs are included, this is especially important if you plan on using it during live musical shows.


  1. Best 88 key midi controller

1.Alesis Q88 USB MIDI Keyboard ControllerIf you are used to playing on a traditional upright piano, you might want to consider a midi controller with weighted keys. Like a piano these types of midi devices have 88 semi weighted keys that are also velocity sensitive for a faster response time. There larger surface, to accommodate the 88 keys, let you use both hands while you are playing and will give you the familiar feeling of playing on your piano.

There are plenty of options for range, which lets you compose and play almost any type of music, and the controller will also easily work with your existing work station. Since it is a larger midi controller it also includes additional functions that will work seamlessly with your favorite DAW software. Pitch and modulation wheels let you add creative expressions to your compositions, while additional buttons let you quickly change the octave when it is needed. The larger number of keys gives you a versatility that you don’t normally get with a smaller midi controller, along with the ability to start composing and creating music quickly and easily.

The Alesis Q88 USB MIDI Keyboard controller features everything that you need to start composing and playing. The semi weighted keys are ideal for piano players, and it includes the music software to get you started. Change the tone, key, or add expression to your music with the modulation and pitch wheels. It can be used in the studio to record and compose music, and it is lightweight enough to be easily used for live performances.

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  1. Best Akai midi controller

2.Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Midi Keyboard ControllerIf you are a student on a budget or do not need 88 keys, a small and cheap midi keyboard controller is the perfect choice for you. These midi controllers have 25 keys, and feature synth action for a fast response. With the ability to quickly return to position you can easily add fast tempo riffs to your performance.

The best small midi controller by Akai has 25 small keys that are extremely responsive to touch. There is a thumb stick that lets you control modulation, and bend the pitch when you want to. The compact midi controller also include 8 knobs for tweaking your plug ins and mixing samples. To give you even more options there are 8 touch sensitive pads, and you can use the midi controller with your favorite DAWs software. Even though these types of devices are often priced lower, this does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality or functions. Its compact design makes the controllers ideal for traveling musicians, or for anyone that needs a small midi device that will fit on a crowded workstation.

The Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Midi Keyboard Controller is compact, lightweight, and affordable. It is ideal for students, guitar players, and traveling musicians, and can be easily plugged in and powered by your laptop or computer. It includes everything you need to get started creating and recording your own music, along with production software and plenty of virtual instruments.

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  1. Best M-audio midi keyboard controller

3.M-Audio Keystation 88ES USB MIDI Keyboard ControllerA midi controller with weight keys can be used by anyone that is used to playing the piano. The heavier key action, is also preferred by some studio and stage musicians. The longer keyboard lets you compose and play with both hands, and many piano players find the similarities between the two keyboards comforting. These types of midi keyboards are often found in the studio, and can usually be connected to any PC or Mac.

Since this larger midi keyboard controllers are often designed for experienced musicians and sound technicians, there are usually several creative functions included. A M-audio midi keyboard controller has everything that you need to get started composing and playing. The midi devices have functions that let you change or set the programming, so you can use all of the creative options available with your software. You can also sustain the musical notes, when you want to add the familiar sound of a piano. These midi controllers also have a built in USB jack that lets you send messages to your computer and keyboard from other devices.

M-Audio Keystation 88ES USB MIDI Keyboard Controller has everything you need to trigger beats, bend pitch, and record new sounds. The responsive keys are touch sensitive, and the data is easy to assign with the up and down buttons. The larger midi keyboard controller is easy to use, and for added convenience it can be powered by your computer or with a 9v adapter.

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  1. Best USB midi keyboard controller

4.Alesis QX25 Advanced USB-MIDI keyboard ControllerThe best small midi keyboard should not only be portable, but it should also be able to connect easily to your computer with a USB plug. Not only will this give you the ability to have a constant source of power, through your PC or MAC, it also gives you the option of recording when you are traveling. A USB plug will let you control iOS software, along with the ones on your computer so you have almost unlimited options on what you can create musically.

A USB midi keyboard controller will generally have 25 keys that are usually synth action for a fast response time. Throw in rifts whenever you want, and signal quick changes with just a press of a key. These midi devices also give you the ability to adjust the volume or switch the parameters of the synth to your unique specifications. You can sequence and trigger drum patterns with the drum pads, while also choosing creative samples to give your composition a creative touch. The small midi keyboard controllers are ideal for guitar players, and for students who are still learning the art of music composition and sampling.

The Alesis QX25 Advanced USB/Midi keyboard Controller is a favorite among musicians who like to add their own touches to their music, and create amazing compositions for live audiences. It can easily connect to your PC or MAC with the included USB plug, and the midi keyboard controller can also be used to control iOS music software.

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  1. Best 25 key midi controller

5.M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB MIDI Keyboard ControllerOften traveling and stage musicians find that the best midi controller for them is one that only has 25 keys. These compact devices can fit easily in a backpack, or be used to control a number of different industry tools. Since it doesn’t require a lot of space,  a 25 key midi controller can also fit on stage with the rest of your equipment.

The mobile and durable design of these controllers is also great for students to take to class, and since it uses a USB connection the midi device can work with your personal computer. You can assign your favorite DAWs and create personal instrument parameters, the midi device will also let you control and streamline your recording sessions. This is also ideal for DJs who often need to trigger samples, and insert loops throughout their performance.

With the M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller you can easily create, mix, and record samples when you are traveling. It features a lightweight and durable design that will last through stage shows. The 25 key midi controller is easy enough for students to use, but still features all of the functions that many professional DJs depend on for a successful performance. There are plenty of presets included with the midi device, and with the quick and easy set up you are ready to start composing music as soon as it is connected.

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  1. Best 49 Key midi controller

6.Alesis Q49 USB MIDI Keyboard ControllerProfessional DJs need the best midi controller for traktor, and they also need it to be able to give them the versatility they need to put on incredible shows. Since a DJ typically does not need the heavy weighted feel of an 88 keyboard midi controller most are looking for a device that is portable and functional.

A 49 key midi controller is compact and portable, but it also has the additional functions that most professional DJs and studio musicians are looking for. The keys on these midi devices are sensitive to velocity, and feature the fast response time that you need during live performances. You can easily add expression with the modulation wheel, and bend the pitch whenever you want to. The ability to seamlessly use traktor software is important to DJs, and a 49 key midi controller will let you control and experiment with it to find the best beats, tracks, and samples for recordings and live shows.

DJs and studio musicians love the versatility of the Alesis Q49 USB MIDI Keyboard controller. Not only will it easily connect to a computer via a USB plug, its ability to work with almost all software programs lets you expand your creative horizons. Work with Traktor and stun audiences at your next live event, and easily lay down all of your chosen tracks without any hassles. It features a compact and portable design, but is still large enough to be played with two hands for anyone used to playing a piano.

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  1. Best midi controller for ableton

7.Novation Launchkey 49 USB-iOS MIDI Keyboard ControllerIt is not always easy to find the best midi keyboard controller for ableton software. Even though it is one of the top rated music software programs, not all midi devices work seamlessly with it. Ableton software lets musicians and DJs lay tracks, trigger samples, and control virtual instruments. It is easy to use, and gives your musical compositions a professional sound and feel.

A 49 key midi device is often the best choice for the software, since it gives you the versatility that you need to get the most out of the music suite. A USB plug is also essential so you can connect to your PC, Mac, or even iPad. Electronic musicians love the flexibility that a midi controller can give them, when it is paired with the best software there is no limit to what you can create and compose. Ableton software also includes the innovative Launchkey which gives you access to a wide variety of different sound effects, samples and art mixes.

The Novation Launchkey 49 USB/iOS MIDI Keyboard Controller includes both Ableton and Launchkey software. There are 49 keys for versatile options, and there are over 50 controls that can instantly map your DAWs. It is easy to set up and use, and the synth action keyboard is comfortable to play. The midi keyboard controller features everything that you will need to compose, play, and record amazing sounds and musical pieces.

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  1. Best 61 key midi controller

8.M-Audio Keystation 61ES USB MIDI Keyboard ControllerThe best midi controller for a garage band will be lightweight, versatile, and able to connect via USB to your computer. It also helps if it is affordable and durable, since it will often be used in a garage or home recording studio. Many musicians and bands choose a 61 key midi recorder for their garageband. Not only is the device versatile and functional, it is also cheaper than a full 88 key midi controller.

With 69 keys you have the option of playing with one or two hands, and the semi weighted keys are responsive and comfortable to play. Most midi controllers with 69 keys, also give you the option of resetting the factory commands. This will let you experience even more from the software, so your band will impress and not annoy the neighbors. You can easily lay tracks and trigger effects, and the assignable buttons keep everything flowing smoothly during a backyard show. One thing that you will want to consider is the ability to power the midi device via USB so the band can play almost anywhere.

Many garagebands choose the M-Audio Keystation 61ES USB MIDI Keyboard Controller for their musical needs. Not only is it expressive and versatile, it is also extremely affordable for bands on a tight budget. You can connect to your computer with a USB port, and it is also used to power the midi device. 61 responsive synth action keys let you quickly trigger samples and fast guitar riffs. It is designed to be durable, and you can also program midi commands directly to the controller’s keys.

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It can be difficult to find the best midi keyboard controller, and it’s easy to make the wrong decision. One that is too large probably won’t be convenient if you need to travel with it, while a small 25 key midi device probably won’t work for a professional keyboard player. There are several factors that you need to take into consideration, and one of the most important is the number of keys you need on the midi device. This will help you determine where you will use the controller, and whether you will be taking it with you when you travel. The key action and versatility are also important when you are choosing a midi controller.

Two of the best units for you to consider are the Alesis Q88 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller and the Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Midi Keyboard Controller. Both of these midi devices can help you compose and record, and include the ability to change and switch different commands. For more information on these two midi controllers please take a look at our comprehensive comparison chart. Here you will find the information that you need to make the right choice, and begin creating expressive and unique samples and tracks to enhance all of your musical compositions.

Best Record Player Reviews




If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best record player money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. Buying a record player nowadays isn’t as easy as you may think. That’s the reason we have gathered a lot of info in regards to the best vinyl record players that can be found on the market today. We did our research by looking at thousands and thousand of models, as well as owner feedback, expert review sites, and even social media activity. What’s more, we analyzed the overall brand quality and did our best to estimate the value offered for the price of each unit. After all this research, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Audio Technica AT-LP60 is the absolute best product on the line. The player comes with all the features one might ever be looking for, and its fully automatic operation has been praised in countless user reviews. Besides, it’s among the most popular products we’ve found, but that should not surprise you considering its specs. It’s also worth noting that this unit is remarkably affordable and has an outstanding value to cost ratio. Since sometimes it is difficult to get this exact model, perhaps you’d like to check out the second best unit in the category, the Electrohome Archer EANOS300.



Comparison Table


The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


Your favorite artist’s music ultimately sounds better on a newly-minted 200-gram LP than on a sleek compact disc or DVD. Avid collectors of vinyl records agree that music infinitely sounds more profound on a record player than on the latest model of DVD or CD player. This is why the best record player reviews still enjoy a wide audience in the modern world.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60


Drive system

Digital listening can seem a bit more casual, compared to vinyl record listening that takes a more involved approach, from dusting off the record to putting it on the turntable and listening to the audible thump of the tonearm shortly before the music is played. The sentimentality of the lyrics becomes deeper and more committed to memory, proving more poignant and bittersweet as the music progresses. This is exactly why people never tire of searching for the best rated record player available on the market.

A turntable spins a vinyl LP at a constant rate, enabling the listener to catch the tiniest nuances in the recording. It can have either a belt-drive or direct drive system. Belt-drive systems units have their motor mounted off to the side, with the platter connected to the motor and spun by it via an elastic belt. Direct drive units have the motor directly under the record player’s platter. Many of the best rated products that are patronized by professional DJs are direct drive units due to the highly consistent speed they provide for accurate sound reproduction with reduced flutter and wow. Their relatively simple design also ensures a good level of reliability.


Other important features

Manual turntables allow start of playback to whatever part of the record you want to be played. The convenience offered by automatic units is what attracts buyers to them. Phono amplification may be internal or external. Most audio systems used to carry the needed circuitry for amplification. Today’s receivers however lack the required inputs for connection to a turntable. Built-in phono preamps are simple and provide the best value for the money for a record player. Outboard or external preamp can rival that value with their better sound quality.

If you’re thinking of the perfect gift for Christmas, get a product with a good-quality phono cartridge. A moving magnet cartridge provides good value for the price, compatibility with a wide range of receivers and amplifiers, and good performance. A built-in USB port would be useful for transferring music from records to the PC for conversion to mp3 format.

The platter has to weigh considerably enough to keep the speed constant and to shield the record from the vibration of the motor to ensure high-fidelity playback. Speed variation or wow and flutter has to be low so the turntable is able to spin the platter at a precise level.

Score the best Black Friday deals on units with a high signal-to-noise ratio. This ensures the right level of background noise that can be expected from the machine for a given music signal level. This means there is more music compared to noise.

Make sure the proper rotation speed is available for the records you want to enjoy on your audio equipment. Most products offer 33 1/3 and 45 RPM capability. But if you own rare 78 RPM vinyl records, check that the product you get also offers this speed. In conclusion, the best record player 2021 has to have the elements presented in this buying guide.


Things to consider:

  • High signal-to-noise ratio, preferably higher than 70dBA, to ensure exceptional music enjoyment quality
  • Heavy-enough platter weight to keep spinning speed constant and at the right levels
  • Rotation speed that’s a match to the record to be played, for optimum sound enjoyment
  • Ample provisions for phono amplification, whether external or internal, to ensure optimum playback performance, and convenient conversion to mp3 format using a computer and via a built-in USB port



Top Rated Record Players in 2021



Audio-Technica AT-LP60


Best Record Player Reviews

This is the best product on the market because it’s very easy to use and requires little to no intervention on the part of the user. It’s beautifully designed and affordable enough to fit the budget of many buyers in the United States.




The Audio Technica AT-LP60 performs very well, as emphasized by the many positive ratings it has acquired in this sense. Since it’s fully automatic, owners have only to press the Start button and place the record in its position in order for the unit to start functioning. With other models, the user had to go through the hassle of placing the needle on the surface of the record. Sometimes, this is a rather risky thing to do, as there have been cases where users have scratched their vinyls by accident.

While the Audio Technica AT-LP60 might not be able to play music from other audio players or smartphones, it does take the cake in regards to connectivity. It comes with all the cables one might require for the unit to work with multiple systems or speakers.

As previously discussed, this is among the most affordable models we’ve come across, as it can often be bought for as little as one hundred dollars. Of course, it depends on the marketplace you choose for your purchase.



Some users claim that the finish doesn’t seem all that high-quality, but other owners contradict this and state that the looks of the finish are by no means a deal-breaker.


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Electrohome Archer EANOS300


This model is the second best product out there because it’s stylish and incredibly versatile and convenient. It works with all audio devices a user might ever own and is very easy to handle and maintain. It might be worth noting that it’s among the most elegant and classic vinyl players on the market today.




Since it comes with its own carrying case, some might say that the Electrohome Archer EANOS300 is the best portable record player out there. Aside from the breathtakingly beautiful design, you might want to consider that this unit is truly versatile. For one, it can play MP3 files via the USB port or the 3.5mm auxiliary input of any audio player. Also, it does a great job when it comes to connecting to iPhones and Android mobile phones, so you’ll be able to use it as a regular music player.

Another advantage of taking this product into account is that it comes with built-in speakers. It’s true that they might not even compare to the cutting-edge audio systems that can be linked to the record player, but in terms of audio performance, the model manages to impress its owners. The wood acoustic cabinet sure does its job regarding sound quality.

If you’re looking to take your record player on the road, this might be the best option you have on your hands, as its case has been specially designed to be taken on the go.



The flimsiness of the tone arm has been pointed out by some reviewers.


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Jensen JTA-230


The Jensen JTA-230 3-Speed Stereo Turntable is a popular choice for the best record player 2021 thanks to its ability to play vinyl records at three speeds: 33; 45; and 78. It is a belt-driven turntable, so the belt serves as a shock absorber that isolates the platter from noise and vibration generated by the motor for less noise transmitted through the tonearm and audio system. You can connect your music player, iPod or other portable digital audio device. You can employ the USB cable and software that come in the package to encode from the record player or auxiliary line in straight to your computer. The Jensen JTA-230 has RCA Line-out Jacks for easy connection to your choice of device. It has Pitch Control for adjusting the Record Speed, plus Volume Control, Tone Control, Power Indicator that allow accurate sound reproduction and customization.


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Crosley CR8005A-TU Cruiser


This belt-driven portable turntable with NP6 needle works hard to deliver accurate sound playback. With the belt acting as an effective shock absorber, less vibration and noise are generated from the motor to the platter and the tonearm, making great sound come from the audio system. The manual return tone arm enables you to start playback at whatever section of the record, so you can skip the parts you don’t like and listen to those that you genuinely love. The Crosley CR8005A-TU Cruiser Portable Turntable plays three speeds for optimum record listening enjoyment: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records. It has dynamic full range stereo speakers of maximum audio enjoyment. It comes with RCA and headphone jack outputs for connectivity and to enable private listening.


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Pyle Home PNGTT1R Classic Horn


The Pyle Home PNGTT1R Classic Horn Phonograph/Turntable carries the classic design of the original Edison phonograph and combines it with modern day’s silicon-based technology to create a one-of-a-kind and state-of-the-art audio equipment. Two built-in bass/mid-range speakers combine with the working horn to offer a full range of sound without need for extra hardware. The horn actually amplifies and defines the audio quality aside from giving the unit extra charm. The record player has a 3.5-mm aux in port so you can connect your portable device or music player for convenient music playing. You can also do data transfer through the USB cable, turning your favorite vinyl records into digital music via the supplied computer software. Built-in speakers offer sound that readily fills the room.


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