Best Recording Microphone Reviews



What to Look for When Buying a Top Recording Microphone


One of the most important pieces of equipment in a recording studio is the microphone, and there are several models and styles to choose from. According to the best recording microphone reviews the wrong model will make a difference in quality and sound. Knowing which recording microphone to use to capture voices, instruments, and other sounds will give you the professional results you are looking for. While only you know how the microphone will be used, we can help you make an informed decision. With the helpful tips included in this buying guide, you can find the best recording microphone in 2021 for your studio.


According to the best recording microphone reviews the first aspect to consider is the type. There are generally two types of recording microphones generally used in studios, and each one has its own advantages. Capacitor microphones are able to accurately record higher frequencies. These recording microphones are best suited for singers, and it should be noted are frequently priced higher than other models. Dynamic microphones are commonly used to record guitars, drums, and other instruments, and normally do not require a cord or batteries. These recording microphones are generally priced lower, which also factors in to its popularity among studio technicians and producers.


Sound Pattern

The best recording microphone of 2021 will accurately and clearly capture the surrounding sounds. The sound pattern of the microphone refers to the method it uses to record noises, and there are two types generally used in studios. Omni directional microphones will pick up all of the noises in a general area, while cardioid pattern recording microphones are ideal for capturing only one voice. This type of sound pattern is often best for recording interviews, since it can isolate the single voice. There are also models that use both types of sound patterns giving you the advantage of being able to use one recording microphone for several applications.



The best recording microphone reviews also recommend considering additional features. Some models are compatible with different operating systems, and include additional protection from interference and distortion. Other features to consider can also include the ability to be used in different situations. While others include hassle free installation, which makes it easy to take the microphone out in the field for live recordings.


Top Rated Recording Microphones in 2021


Even though we can’t choose the right recording microphone for you, we can show you three of the top rated models, each with its own advantages. Here are the top rated recording microphones of 2021 so all of your recordings will have a professional, high quality sound.


Blue Microphones Yeti


As stated in the best recording microphone reviews this model includes everything you need for professional sounding broadcasts and programs. You will love its easy set up, including its ability to connect via USB cable to a Mac or PC. This makes it easy to calibrate the mic so all of your recordings are clear and free from interference.

This cardioid microphone is ideal for recording voices, and is often used for singers and in interviews. Not only do you have the benefit of the cardioid mode, you can also turn this model into an omni directional microphone. Record crowds at concerts and protests, and capturing the ambience at any situation. This lets you add more emotion to your broadcasts to your audience the sense of being there with you.

Records interviews clearly and concisely with the bidirectional setting, and enjoy the convenience of only needing one microphone for any setting. With zero latency you can record in real time and broadcast simultaneously to your pod cast. Easy to take with you for live interviews and commentary, this microphone functions just as well in the studio for flawless recordings of singers and assorted instruments.

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With its ability to record rich full sound, this microphone is commonly used to capture solos and musical instruments. The condenser style is ideal for recording all of the vocal nuances, and the cartioid sound pattern will block out background noise for a clear, rich sound. You will also appreciate how easy it is to connect this microphone to your Mac or PC.

Quickly calibrate the microphone for exceptional recordings, and since you can record in real time this model is perfect for podcasts and live web shows. Not only is the recording microphone affordably priced, you can also enjoy its ability to adjust the sensitivity for different applications. Lower the microphone’s sensitivity to sound in louder situations, and reduce the amount of bass when you are out in the wind or around other loud, deep noises.

With the ability to isolate your main source of sound, along with the option to reduce background noise you can create professional recordings in almost any situation. Record studio voices and instruments, along with two person interviews and adjust the microphone’s settings for a clear audio recording every time. Ideal for professional and amateurs, you will also appreciate its extremely affordable price.

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Storm Store Excelvan Condenser


One of the first aspects that you will notice is the microphone’s ability to automatically reduce noise and distortion. This helps to ensure a clear and professional sounding recording for any type of broadcast. This affordable model is designed for studio use, and can connect easily to your desk or laptop. It should be noted that this recording microphone does require a constant power source which does not make it ideal for conducting live interviews in the field.

You will quickly learn to appreciate the included shock mount which helps to reduce distortion from instruments and voices. Capture each recording perfectly the first time, without having to constantly adjust for background noise levels. The recording microphone also has the advantage of an anti wind cap that prevents other noises from interfering with the main sound.

The included mounting assembly is easy to attach, and the adjustable knob lets you point the microphone at the perfect angle. You can easily record solo singers and musical instruments, along with easy to hear interviews. Since you can connect to your PC or desktop, you can also use this microphone for your live podcasts. With all of the included features, it is easy to see why this model is a popular choice for many recording studios.

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Best TDK Boombox Reviews



Key Features for TDK Boomboxes


Are you looking for the best TDK boombox available on the market? The following buying guide will help you identify the models capable of yielding the best sound performance and features. Knowing more about TDK boomboxes in general, and the most popular models in particular can save you quite a bit of money. Plus, you will not have to shop again for a different model and spend more money, as you will have the best boombox for your needs. Read through the following information to make a good informed choice next time you go shopping for a reliable and stylish boombox.


What to look for when buying a TDK boombox


Sound quality

Many people may argue that boomboxes in general are more of a statement, rather than competitive gear for audiophiles. However, TDK, along with other manufacturers, has invested over the years in making good, reliable boomboxes, capable of rendering high quality sound, even for portable devices. Since you will be using your boombox to listen to music, the sound delivered must be crisp, precise and accurate. New technologies are employed to make better speakers and the inside components can also contribute to better sound performance.

Terms such as treble and bass equalization should become part of your vocabulary, if you want a good boombox capable of delivering superior sound quality. Who said you are supposed to settle for subpar sound performance as a trade off for having a portable boombox? We highly recommend basing your research for the next boombox you intend to purchase on sound quality, as well.

The presence of a subwoofer can help with bass response, and it is a good idea to search for a model that comes equipped with this type of hardware. Sound that is free of any distortion and other artifacts is to be desired and you will find that the latest TDK boomboxes launched on the market are capable of rendering the desired level of quality.



Even if the boombox style is reminiscent of the hip hop revolution as it happened in the beginning, this does not mean that your device should be lagging behind in terms of connectivity. Bluetooth support, for instance, is a must in this day and age, when everyone wants all their electronic devices to be connected over a wireless network. Also, you need to be able to hook your boombox with your MP3 player, or your smartphone. For the best boombox money can buy, always look for one with great connectivity options included in the same package.



Generally speaking, the best products on the market are more expensive than the rest of the crowd, but this does not always have to be the case. If you are looking for a good boombox under 200, you will find plenty of options on the market. The sole recommendation we want to make is that you do not compromise on quality too much, when you are looking for a good deal. Another option is to search for good deals, as discounts and promotions are offered by manufacturers and sellers on a regular basis. Try getting as many features and add-ons for the same price.


Top Rated TDK Boomboxes in 2021



TDK Life on Record A73


If you are looking for the best TDK boombox on the market right now, we recommend the TDK Life on Record A73, a model that comes equipped with everything you need an want in such a device. This wireless boombox comes with Bluetooth connectivity, and its sound quality is truly something to write home about. The vintage design makes it an absolute must have, and overall, the TDK Life on Record A73 is a good choice for any audiophile with their own set of requirements when it comes to sound performance and general capabilities.

First things first, a lot of attention to detail was invested in the creation of this boombox model. Besides a stylish exterior, the interior of the TDK model reviewed here is made of high grade components, a must for rendering outstanding sound quality. Its 2-inch drivers and 5.25-inch passive radiators bring their important contribution to delivering superior sound performance, and every note you will hear coming from your boombox will be crystal clear.

In case you are looking for more bass response, the built in subwoofer ensures that the sound created by the machine is free of any artifacts. You will notice no trace of artificial tuning, either.

Wireless connection makes this boombox even more appealing, besides its hip design and compact size. Bluetooth support is provided, and you can hook up your boombox with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Its reliable connectivity is rounded up by a 3.5-millimeter auxiliary input for MP3 players and other devices. In case you want to charge your iPhone using the Boombox, the USB port present will make this a breeze.

This great wireless boombox comes with a built in radio and programmable presets, so you can listen to your favorite station everywhere you go. As expected, its portability makes the TDK Life on Record A73 boombox among the most popular on the market at the moment, and many users appreciate its crisp sound quality, reliable connectivity and vintage design.

The battery lasts up to six hours and one year warranty is offered on the product.

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TDK Life on Record 77000015360


2This is the type of boombox you should get in case you are a musician looking for a helping piece of equipment to mix your music. The TDK Life on Record 77000015360 boombox features input options that allow mixing the sound delivered with an instrument. While this makes this TDK three speaker boombox rise head and shoulders above most similar models on the market, there is more than meets the eye in this neat looking machine. Sound quality, good connectivity and intuitive controls make it a favorite with many audiophiles and musicians.

Full range sound is delivered by the powerful subwoofer and the reliable speakers. Equipped with digital data streaming components, it is capable of yielding impressive output in terms of sound performance. While you may hear many people complain that using a boombox means sacrificing quality for style, this is not a problem you will encounter with most TDK boomboxes. The manufacturer has constantly invested in new technologies to improve sound quality in its devices, and so far, they have yet to disappoint their fan base.

In terms of practical design, you will most probably fall in love with the front display and its intuitive and easy to use controls. The two rotary dials let you adjust volume, toggle through your favorite radio stations, and customize settings as you see fit. Navigating the controls is done with ease, thanks to the front facing screen, and all the buttons are touch sensitive, and very responsive.

In terms of connectivity, you can basically connect anything you want with your boombox. Besides the usual USB port and 3.5-millimeter jack, that make it easy for you to hook up your MP3 player, smartphone, flash drives and hard drives, you can also plug in a microphone or your guitar to enhance your very personal music experience.

The built in radio comes with five programmable presets, so reaching for your favorite station becomes a breeze. The USB to 30 pin Apple cable is a nice touch, allowing you to play your favorite tunes from your iPhone or iPad without the need for any extras.

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TDK Life on Record 77000015402


This TDK 2 speaker boombox is a slightly toned down version of the model reviewed earlier. This basically means that you will get to enjoy the same sound quality, performance and features, but in a more compact package and for a more competitive price. Hooking your boombox with other devices is simple, and connecting the machine with a mike or an instrument is also made easy. As an entertainment option, the TDK Life on Record 77000015402 is geared towards aspiring musicians looking for a boombox with nice extras like this type of connectivity.

Talking about sound performance, it is obvious that TDK does nothing in half measures. Basically, this specific boombox is equipped with everything needed for delivering crisp, high quality sound performance. The machine outputs 20 watts of full range sound, which is well under the capabilities of the above mentioned model. Nonetheless, for its compact size, the sound output is powerful enough and the digital decoding used is of the highest quality.

If there is something this TDK boombox stands out with is its 80s style, with rotary dials made of aluminum. A nice touch is the shoulder strap that comes in the same box; made of leather, the strap complements the classic design, while also making the boombox even more portable. If you are planning a trip with your friends, bringing your boombox along is totally doable, thanks to the compact size of the machine and the shoulder strap in equal measures.

The auxiliary ports, the USB port and the 3.5 mm jack let you connect your Boombox with all your other devices. If you want to play music from your MP3 player, or hook up your iPhone, you have all the connectivity options you need to make it happen. USB flash drives and hard drives can also be connected to the machine, so there is nothing much left to be desired in this TDK boombox. When you want to listen to your favorite radio station, the five programmable presets for the built in radio come in handy, as well.

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From time to time, manufacturers prefer launching products that are made specifically for a certain geographical area. The TDK SP-XA6803, geared towards the Japanese market, unites all the features and capabilities of any good and reliable TDK boombox. The three speakers, the powerful subwoofer, and its sound quality in general make this boombox a great buy for any audiophile.

Its hip design will be, most probably, the first thing that you will notice about this TDK boombox. The model is made to fit the good old vintage style of the 80s with aluminum rotary dials, and rectangular shape. For hipsters and audiophiles, the TDK SP-XA6803 is a boombox that brings together sound performance, classic design and good connectivity.

Do not underestimate this boombox when it comes to its portability. According to consumers, the model is quite heavy, so you may not easily pull out that retro style swag trying to place the boombox on your left shoulder and walking about. The pricing, again, may be something that will put off many consumers on the lookout for a good boombox, but with so many TDK models to choose from, you will definitely find one to suit your needs, in case this one just does not do it for you.

Be aware that the model does not come with wireless capabilities either. Still, there are plenty of connectivity options for you to hook up your MP3 player, or USB flash drive, so you will never run out of options whenever you will want to listen to music. The model also comes with a built in radio, so you can listen to all your favorite stations.

The Japanese release of this TDK boombox is not essentially different from other boomboxes created by the same manufacturer, but there are consumers who prefer it because of its sturdy and impressive design. You may want to consider other options, though, if you are looking for a less expensive model, and keep the same features and capabilities.

As expected from a TDK product of this caliber, sound quality is superior, and looks definitely meet performance in this particular boombox.

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Boomboxes are highly appreciated by audiophiles and aspiring musicians, because of their retro feel and dependable connectivity options. In this buying guide, we offered you all the info you need to pick the right TDK boombox from the pile and enjoy its performance. We strongly recommend the TDK Life on Record A73, as the best wireless boombox you will find out there. The model comes with the best connectivity options around, and its price is also convenient. Another great option is the TDK Life on Record 77000015360, ideal for musicians who want to use the boombox to mix its output with an instrument or voice performance.



Best Small Midi Controller Reviews



There are several reasons why many musicians are choosing smaller midi controllers. Not only do these compact devices include many of the same great features as the larger, 88 key models, but the smaller size makes it easy to take the midi controller with you. Another advantage to buying a small midi controller is its inexpensive price. While there are several benefits to owning a smaller controller, you want to be able to make an informed decision. Choosing the wrong one can end becoming a costly mistake. We have included several helpful buying tips so you can find the best small midi controller for all your musical needs.


What to look for when buying a small midi controller?



One of the most important aspects to consider when you are looking for the best small midi keyboard controller is the size. You want the midi controller to be able to fit on your workspace, and also be easy to carry. The size of the device will also help to determine the number of keys, which should also be considered. Most small midi controllers have 25, 37, or 49 keys, which is generally enough to play melodies and trigger different effects. The size and number of keys on the midi controller will also depend on your budget.



The touch of the keys is important for responsiveness and comfort. You want the keyboard to feel comfortable under your fingers, and also be responsive enough to play faster tempos, and trigger sharp effects. The best small midi controller will have keys that are semi weighted. This will give you a comfortable amount of pressure to play sharp, crisp notes, and trigger all your effects on cue.


Additional Features

Small midi controllers include many of the same features as the full size models, and this includes assignable keys and knobs. The compact devices can also feature drum pads, pitch and modulation wheels which are always convenient for studio recording. There are also small midi controllers that include an input for a sustain pedal. Most midi controllers do include software packages, but this is also something that you should consider.


Most Appreciated Small Midi Controllers



Alesis V25


Alesis V25This midi keyboard controller is ideal for student musicians and DJs. It features a slick black design that will blend in beautifully with the rest of your equipment. Since it is a small midi controller it is lightweight and durable, but it also includes everything you need to create amazing musical compositions. Trigger loops and effectives at your live shows, or record your own music for your professor.

It features 25 piano size keys that are also semi weighted for comfortable playing. Control virtual instruments and play striking melodies, and also use the keys to trigger all of your audio effects. There are 8 bankable drum pads that are also touch sensitive for sharp, staccato beats, and you can also use the midi keyboard to control different pieces of gear. The durable controller also lets you control pitch and modulation so every recording turns out exactly how you want it. With the added bonus of the assignable knobs and buttons it is easy to see why many musicians prefer a small midi controller.

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Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII


Considered one of the best small midi controllers in 2021 it features everything you need to compose, play, and record all of your musical ideas. It features a compact size that fits into any workspace, and can be used almost anywhere. It is ideal for use in the classroom or studio with the included software that contains everything you need to mix and trigger loops and beats. It will also work seamlessly with the rest of your equipment, making it great to use in the studio or in live shows.

There are 25 mini keys that can trigger effects and play melodies, and control virtual instruments. The small joystick makes it easy for you to control modulation and pitch, so every recording turns out perfectly. You can also use the assignable knobs to tweak your plugins and mix different tracks, and the sensitive drum pads also feature note repeat. Lay down tracks for your next show, and experiment with the expandable banks. With all of the features of a full size keyboard included in this compact model you might be surprised at what you can create. The small midi keyboard is also priced to fit any budget.

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M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32


This small midi controller is ideal for studio musicians and DJs. It features a lightweight and compact design that is easy to carry, and a durable construction. This midi controller was designed with traveling in mind, and will easily connect to almost any PC or laptop. The midi controller also includes software from AIR and Ableton Live so you can get started laying down amazing tracks . You’ll also have the advantage of being able to map the midi controller to all of the popular music software.

There are 32 keys that are comfortable and responsive to play, and also gives you plenty of creative options. Play haunting melodies and control virtual instrument, along with trigger loops and effects. When you are ready to add vocals that pitch and modulation wheels will let you bend the audio, and you can also enjoy the advantage of having 8 assignable Q link knobs. Trigger and control FXs and pan where you need to, the midi controller also includes 8 sensitive pads for sharp beats and drum solos. This inexpensive small midi controller can improve live shows and bring all of your musical ideas to life.

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A small midi controller is ideal for any type of musician, and many include the same features as the larger models. The lightweight and portable design is ideal for traveling musicians, and its economical price can fit any budget. Two of the top rated small midi controllers are the Alesis V25 and Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII. One of these or another small midi controller might just what you need to expand your musical capabilities.



Best Hello Kitty boombox



Top 3 products from Hello Kitty


Boomboxes are considered a symbol of the music revolution and they are also a great addition to any audiophile’s collection of gadgets. If you are looking for something really cool for your kids, a Hello Kitty boombox is just the thing you may want to shop for. Quirky and fun, but also made with quality in mind, the boomboxes signed by the famous brand are very popular with children everywhere. Read the following guide to find the best Hello Kitty boombox, and save time and money you would otherwise spend on a product that does not fit your set of requirements.

2.1 Hello Kitty KT2024A

What to look for when buying a Hello Kitty boombox


Sound quality

As boomboxes are portable devices, one cannot expect a lot of power to be packed in these devices. However, a lot has changed over the past years, and now boomboxes can pack quite a punch under the hood. Hello Kitty boomboxes are no exception, and if you want to get a good model for your kid, you truly need to learn a bit more about each one in particular. To emit good sound quality, boomboxes need good, reliable wattage and bass boosting features. This way, even your portable device will be able to produce good sound quality.



Do not forget to look for a boombox that is compatible with your iPod or MP3 player. Since your kids will most probably carry a lot of their favorite music on these devices, it is good to go for a boombox that allows this type of compatibility. Therefore, your choice of the best Hello Kitty boombox should have a high degree of compatibility with other gadgets, for the best functionality. Plugging the MP3 player in the boombox is usually done via a special docking station.


Battery life

Boomboxes are fun because you can take them anywhere with you. However, you should keep in mind that portability also means to have to depend on the battery the unit comes equipped with. Even if you do not plan to spend a lot of money on a boombox for your kids, do not forget that it is worth spending a little more or doing a bit more research to see which models come equipped with reliable batteries.



Hello Kitty KT2026-MBY

1.1 Hello Kitty KT2026-MBYHello Kitty has created many different models of boomboxes, but the KT2026-MBY is the absolute best. Sold at a really affordable price, this boombox is quirky, fun, and reliable. It is the absolute best boombox under 100 you can find on the market right now, and that says a lot.

In case you want to take your boombox outside for a walk, to listen to your favorite music, this unit is portable. It can be powered from a socket as well, in case you prefer to stay inside. It is, without a doubt, a great addition for your kids’ room, and it will help them have a lot of fun with the iconic gadget of the 80s.

There is nothing to leave you and your kids wishing for in this particular unit. The boombox comes with built in radio – both AM/FM, a MP3 player can be easily connected to the device so you can port your music collection and hear it directly through the speakers, and the CD player comes with a nice array of features. Programmable tracks and the R/RW capabilities of the CD player make this Hello Kitty boombox a great choice for your kids.

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Hello Kitty KT2024A

2.1 Hello Kitty KT2024AAn even less expensive option if you want to purchase a boombox for your kids is this Hello Kitty model. Not as gifted as the boombox displayed above, it is still quite popular with consumers, and has its perks. There are 20 programmable tracks, and there is a radio included with both AM and FM frequencies, so you can switch to listening to your favorite station when kids get bored with their existing collection.

In terms of design, this boombox shares the style of all Hello Kitty models on the market. If you are looking for the best boombox in 2021, and care about pricing, you will not find such a gadget with ease. All Hello Kitty models come at incredible prices, and they are quite loved by kids everywhere. Another thing about them is that they tend to get sold quite fast, so it may be a little daunting to find the exact model you like. If you do not want them to go out of stock from under your nose, you should consider purchasing the one you want as fast as possible.

The CD player comes with R/RW capabilities, so you can help your kids create their own music selections and burn them onto CDs.

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Hello Kitty KT2028A

3.1 Hello Kitty KT2028AWhen you are looking for the best kids boombox, Hello Kitty is the name that most often appears in your searches. Basically, for a very cheap price you get a boombox that looks good, has that designer label that most people want, and also provides the user with great features designed to make the experience more enjoyable.

Differing only slightly in terms of design from the models described above, this Hello Kitty boombox features the same capabilities and affordable pricing. The model is equipped with a stereo CD player that also comes with R/RW capabilities. This can truly come in handy when your kids like to create their own CDs containing their favorite tracks. The incorporated radio is another great feature, because it allows the user to listen to the radio when in search of new hits or information.

The LCD display offers information regarding the pieces played, and the 20 programmable tracks are great to have, as well. Many people appreciate the quirky design best, as Hello Kitty is quite a hit with both kids and adults. If you are looking for a cheap, but reliable and stylish boombox, there is no better choice to make.

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We hope that this buying guide will help you decide what Hello Kitty boombox you prefer. We highly recommend the Hello Kitty KT2026-MBY that has about everything you want in a boombox, and the Hello Kitty KT2024A that comes as a close second in our preferences, because of its affordable price and unmistakable design.




Best mp3 boomboxes



Learn how to purchase a boombox


All great music lovers are known to own large CD collections of their favorite artists. In a world that’s dominated by ever-rising technology, little to no people think of buying the best boombox ever made. It might seem like a pointless thing to do, since nowadays you can play CDs on laptops or traditional personal computers.

The main reason for purchasing the best mp3 boombox is the quality of sound. All boomboxes come with integrated loudspeakers and if they’re good at something, they’re good at playing music. Computer manufacturers mainly focus on memory or performance features instead of investing time and energy in designing high quality sound systems.

 2.2 Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 Portable Boombox

What to look for when buying the best boombox


Battery or AC cord

Boomboxes became popular in the 1980s when people started taking them out on the streets. Most of these products can be used with batteries, but there are still some models that don’t offer this option.

People are generally interested in purchasing boomboxes that can be taken on the go. Batteries vary largely, which is why you should pick some that are known to have a longer life. Choosing rechargeable batteries might be an even better idea.


Quality of sound

It’s safe to say that music players offer a higher quality of sound than other electronic products which aren’t specifically designed for the same thing. With boomboxes, the more the watts, the better the sound.



Even getting the best wireless boombox isn’t so complicated nowadays, because the market is filled with items that are dependable, offer many functionalities and even let you play music from MP3s, the radio, CDs and cassettes. Thanks to the bluetooth feature, users have the opportunity to play tunes from their cell phones or other electronic devices.

If, for instance, you’re the owner of an iPod, you’ll need to use a specific adaptor in order to connect it to your boombox. With the wireless technology of some items, this is unnecessary.


AM/FM Tuning and CD Players

Boomboxes currently come with digital tuners, which prevents users from hearing a disruptive sound while looking for their favorite stations. Most products can play music from CDs. Moreover, some boomboxes come with memory presets that allows users to remember prefered radio stations.



Recording generally refers to two different things: some boomboxes feature microphones, which allows pranksters to tape their friends when they’re visiting. Today, almost all products from the line come with cassette or even CD recording functionalities, which are generally used to record songs from the radio. This characteristic has been looked upon with criticism, mostly because it is considered to be copyright infringement.


Top choices: 


Panasonic RX-D55GC-K

1.1 Panasonic RX-D55GC-K BoomboxThis product could easily be thought of as the best boombox under 200. It even addresses nostalgic individuals, considering the fact that it features a cassette player and a cassette recorder. Moreover, if you would like to hear some hidden sounds of your favorite album, this boombox is a perfect choice. It comes with high quality speakers that are specifically designed to please your hearing.

In spite of the fact that boomboxes traditionally come with immovable speakers, it seems that this particular model offers the sound quality of a surround system. Furthermore, if you are keen on remastering your MP3s, this item lets you do just that.

The boombox also addresses the needs of people that are learning foreign languages. It is known that CDs of this kind usually feature tens and tens of tracks. Even though other models of boomboxes usually play around 20 to 30 tunes, this one can play up to 99 ones.

It is a standard boombox that operates with electricity, which means anyone is able to plug it in and operate it with a 110V, or with regular batteries.

Aside from its cassette, CD and MP3 features, it also comes with AM/FM. Listening to the radio while you’re out on the picnic is as easy as pie.

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Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500

2.1 Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 Portable BoomboxThis Magnasonic model will surely sweep you off your feet. First of all, it is surprisingly cheap. Secondly, it comes with an impressive number of features and clearly speaks to younger users. It is a CD and a DVD player at once, all the while remaining a boombox. With this model, you’ll be able to look at and listen to your favorite live concerts, and even to the radio when you’re not feeling like playing a CD.

What is truly neat about this boombox is the fact that it even comes with an SD card, which takes the hassle out of recording your own DVDs. This way, you’ll be able to listen to tracks that you own and that you’ve bought from digital stores, without needing to lose any time on writing a disc. Feeling unsure about the SD characteristic? No problem. Just use the USB port.

It comes with a telescopic antenna, so the quality of the radio transmission is remarkable. People can use it for Karaoke.

This one is among those rare boomboxes that can even be connected to your TV set. The package actually contains an RCA composite. Aside from this accessory, you’ll also get jacks for headphones and microphones.

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Axess PB2703-RD

3.2 Axess PB2703-RD Portable BoomboxThis product is by far the best boombox under 100. Let’s see why that is. First off, it even costs less than $50. Secondly, it offers a lower electricity consumption, which is largely due to its reduced size.

In spite of the fact that people might be tempted to believe that a smaller boombox will automatically decrease the overall quality of sound, with this item this is not the case. Customer reviews are positive and state that although a simple CD player, it offers a good sound quality.

Its power consumption is 15W. It works with 8 size C batteries or with an 120V. It also features an AM/FM antenna and an MP3 player.

The model traditionally comes in two colors: black and red. Whichever you choose, you’ll surely be impressed by its stylish design.

If you are a fan of listening to music in the dark, don’t worry – this boombox comes with an LED panel that won’t let you stranded in the darkness of the room. This feature will assist you in choosing the right CD controls and in listening to your favorite tunes.

One thing to mention is that it doesn’t come with a headphone jack. Individuals are therefore forced to listen to music by singularly using the speakers.

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Best boombox for kids



Find a boombox for your kid


Buying a boombox for your child might be as easy as pie. However, there are some things to consider before making a choice. After all, since kids grow up amazingly fast, it is important to pick a model that either lasts over the years or simply delights them momentarily. One of the most important features of the product you end up choosing is the material it’s made of. You certainly want to keep your child safe at all times.

If you’re searching the market for the best kids boombox, be sure to check out the buying guide we’ve put together for your convenience.

 2.2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Boombox

What to look for when buying the best boombox 2021 for your child’s use



There’s nothing that delights children more than hearing the sound of music. All of us agree on this, but you also must be aware of the fact that kids’ play can sometimes get a little rough. Consequently, it might not be a great idea to opt for an extraordinarily expensive CD player or boombox. If you’re the proud mother or father of a toddler, you’re up for some adventures.

No one can keep an eye on a child at all times, which is why our personal recommendation is to choose the best boombox under 100 instead of looking for an extravagant model that gets broken during the first day of its use.


Usability and safety

Even from the very moment of their development, boomboxes were traditionally designed to be taken on the go. It’s safe to say that kids get excited easily and will therefore manifest the tendency to pick up the players and carry them around the house.

With age comes wisdom, which is to say that a toddler can’t find it as easy to manipulate a larger boombox as a teenager. Before making a proper decision, consider the safety of the kid and his or her playing behavior. Moreover, think about the age of your child and refrain from buying an overly complex product that leaves your young toddler feeling baffled.



This feature is probably the most important one when it comes to buying children boomboxes.

If your toddler has only learned to walk, he or she is likely to stumble around the place. In this case, it is crucial to pick a boombox that is not excessively heavy. Otherwise, it will risk endangering the safety of your kid, and it will most probably bring forth a high probability of causing injuries. Parents want to know one thing for sure: that their children are safe and sound.



Hello Kitty KT2026-MBY Portable Stereo CD Boombox

1.1 Hello Kitty KT2026-MBY Portable Stereo CD BoomboxKids adore Hello Kitty, and it’s a fact. Most little girls are huge fans of the brand and are likely to want to own all toys and items associated with the name. This one is a great boombox, and that is noticeable from the features it comes with. It has a built-in antenna, which means that you and your kid can also listen to the radio. Speaking of which, it’s specifically designed to capture both AM and FM frequencies.

The portable stereo comes with dual speakers which are also built-in. Tired of the radio? No problem. Simply insert a CD and use it as a regular player. Any buyer can additionally listen to their personal MP3s, on account of the fact that the item is equipped with a standard 3.5mm audio jack. The last one was intently added to allow you to connect your MP3 player or mobile phone to the Hello Kitty product.

The boombox is apparently destined for toddlers that have already reached a certain age. Customers claim that kids of the age of 4 or beyond can use it safely. Other buyers emphasize that it is very easy to use and offers a high-quality speaker sound.

This boombox also comes with a limited warranty of 3 months.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Boombox

2.1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles BoomboxIt might not be the best wireless boombox, but it certainly looks like the most beautiful one on the market. Teenage Mutant Ninjas are loved by kids all over the world and this product simply adds up to the popularity of the gang. It loads quickly and effectively and comes with a programmable memory. It’s simple yet versatile, mostly because it is made of plastic and will not pose any risk to the safety of the child.

Moreover, it comes at an amazingly friendly price and can be associated with various other products that speak to kids. For instance, if listening to music isn’t something you want to do but your kid does, simply pick the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kid Safe Over the Ear Headphone, with Volume Limiter.

Customers claim that the CD player works impeccably, even if it’s been used over and over again. At the same time, buyers praise the design of the product, noting that it’s thanks to its friendly colors that kids love it so much. Furthermore, it’s said that it is exceptionally easy to use and that it addresses the needs of even older toddlers, with people stating that even 6 o 7-year olds wanting to use it to listen to music.

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KIDdesigns Sofia The First Time to Shine Sing-Along Boombox

3.1 KIDdesigns Sofia The First Time to Shine Sing-Along BoomboxComing at a remarkably low price and featuring a delightful design, this item could very well be the best boombox ever made. Girls will hopelessly fall in love with the product, because it’s specifically manufactured to help them learn how to pronounce words properly. Sofia, the made-up character that keeps kids company, will ask them to sing along with her.

By contrast, this model doesn’t come with a CD player and will not allow you to listen to radio tracks. It is obviously made for kids of younger ages, which is also why it includes a microphone. As we were saying before, it significantly helps with learning children how to talk.

As for weight, it’s among the lightest boomboxes on the market, because it weighs only 1.8 pounds. This means that you can safely get it for your toddler, because dropping it on the floor will only hurt the item, not the child.

The Sing-Along Boombox is praised by various customers. One buyer even states that their 3-year old girl is so delighted by the microphone that she takes it everywhere and performs ‘shows’ in front of people. The same individual claims that this boombox helped their child learn words easily.

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Best Flute Reviews



A Professional Flute Buying Guide:


The flute is a beautiful instrument, and no orchestra is complete without them. Able to play light trilling melodies, it is also one of the most popular instruments to learn. While only you can decide which flute is the best one for you, we can help you make an informed choice so you end up with an instrument that you will love.



When you are trying to decide what are the best instruments or brands, you also want to consider the model of the flute. Almost all new flutes are constructed from metal, but there are some that are made from wood. There are two flute models to choose from, and the best flute reviews recommend that beginning players use the plateau model. Flutes that use the French model have open centers in five of the keys. This requires you to press more firmly on the keys to prevent air from escaping, which may be a problem when you are first learning to play.


Additional Variations

There are also different styles to consider that can include a thinner metal construction, and the addition of a B foot joint. The thin wall on the instrument will produce a more responsive, higher sound, but it can be difficult for students to control when they first start playing. A B foot joint gives you the option of playing an octave lower, which is great for composing. Other instruments include an open G-sharp key, which is also an indication of the flute’s quality.



Some additional features to look for in a flute include the size of the mouth hole, which should be average. You also want to make sure the rolled edges of the holes are above the opening to prevent air leakages, and that the screws can be adjusted. The flute should also meet the pitch standard which is followed by the United States and most of Europe. You will also want to make sure that the flute is properly constructed, including supporting metal bands soldered to the body.


Buying a flute is an investment, which is why you want to find the best instrument for the money. This includes checking the construction, and ensuring that you pick a model that you can play. With the right musical instrument you could soon be playing in your own little orchestra.


Things to consider:

  • Most flutes are constructed from metal, but there are two different models to choose from. The plateau model is ideal for beginners, while the French model requires a little more expertise.
  • Different variations on the flute can give you more playing options, which is an advantage if you are composing music.
  • There are several features to look for on a flute, and it can make the difference between buying a quality instrument and wasting your money.


Top Rated Flutes in 2021


A flute is an elegant instrument that is beautiful to hear. There are several types and variations, and every flute will play a little differently. The best one for you will often depend on which instrument feels right in your hands.


Gemeinhardt 2SP Series Student Flute


This beautiful silver plated flute is designed to give you a lifetime of enjoyment. It uses the plateau model, which is ideal for beginning players. Since you do not have to worry about air escaping from the keys, you can concentrate on learning how to play. It has a rich sound that isn’t tinny, and is designed to be easy and comfortable to hold and play. The flute is affordable, which is always a bonus for student musicians, and it also features a C foot that even adult players can enjoy.

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Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flute


Best Flute ReviewsYamaha is a well known manufacturer of musical instruments, and it is no exception with the silver plated flute. The flute plays in the key of C, and produces rich and vibrant tones that any student and teacher will love. The flute is designed to be durable, and also uses the plateau model. With the closed keys, it is easier to play and experiment with the G-sharp key. It is fun and easy to play, and it also fits comfortably in your hands. The carrying case is also included to keep your instrument safe. According to the best flute reviews this is the perfect instrument for students and adult players.

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Merano Nickel Silver Flute


While this flute is designed for student band players, it can also be enjoyed by adult players. The nickel plated body is designed to weather all conditions, making it the ideal flute to play in the school marching band. The padded keys prevent air from leaking so your tone always rings clear, and you get the added advantage of the split E key. One of the reasons this is considered one of the best rated flutes is the addition of the G key. There are also adjustable screws so your instrument will always be able to play beautifully.

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Mendini MFE+N+SD+PB Nickel Plated Flute


Considered one of the best flutes in 2021, the nickel plated body is beautiful and elegant. It uses the plateau model for easier playing, and includes both pads and key bumpers. This ensures that the keys are always pressed firmly down, and prevents air from escaping. There are 16 keys that also includes the split E key, and an offset G. The flute easily comes apart, and can be safely stored in the included case. It is an ideal model for anyone just getting started, or for adult players who need a high quality and affordable instrument.

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Hisonic Signature Series 2810N Flute


This is considered the best flute in 2021 with American made pads, and its durable nickel plating. The gleaming finish is beautiful to look at, and the instrument has a rich, full sound. The closed hole design is ideal for beginners, and even adults enjoy not having to worry about air escaping from the key holes. The 16 key flute plays in the key of C, which is the standard for all of these instruments. The flute’s affordable price make it ideal for students on a budget, or as a fun, practice instrument for adult flutists.

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Best Small Midi Keyboard Reviews



Top rated small MIDI keyboards in 2021


Music artists and creators nowadays have to spend the better part of every workday seated in before a PC. Without the best small midi keyboard by their side, they would either have to get a bigger workspace or have two separate worktables. An array of mini keyboard controllers are on the market.

3.2 M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini Midi Controller

How to choose the best small midi keyboard for your needs


Decide on Size

Knowing the size of the best small midi keyboard controller of 2021 that you are most comfortable at working with allows you to narrow down your choices to a smaller number of products. Choose from 49, 37 and 25 keys to enable you to have the exact size of midi keyboard controller right beside you. There are also models that offer half-sized keys to make the unit even smaller.

Check the descriptions and specifications laid out so you can make sure that no matter how small the unit may be, you still have the proper tools you need to make and tweak music.


Decide on Software

Nowadays, the best small midi keyboard comes bundled with software. Due to the intense competition between brands, midi keyboard manufacturers have been collaborating with software makers to offer various plug-in and DAW software integrated with their units. It is up to the buyer to determine which plug-in or DAW software they need or want. Although this is all to the buyer’s benefit, the burden of deciding just got heavier.

The key here then is to do research on the software’s capabilities and applicability to your purpose. Not knowing what you’re getting and then finding out it has no use for you is a waste of resources.

2.2 Akai Professional LPK25 Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

Decide on Features

Do you want your choice of the best small midi keyboard in 2021 to be able to assign a specific sound to the keys? The good news is, that’s standard. However, drum pads, pitch bend and modulation wheels, assignable knobs, and a sustain pedal input are not.

Weighted action is loved by some, while there are others that prefer springy keys. A controller that transmits velocity sensitivity is great, as it makes sound playing more expressive and increases the range.

Do stay away from keyboards that feel cheap. Know the difference between plain cheap plastic and good quality plastic.


Top products we recommend:


Yamaha Piaggero NP11 Lightweight Compact Portable Keyboard

1.1 Yamaha Piaggero NP11 Lightweight Compact Portable KeyboardDefinitely the best small midi keyboard from Yamaha, the Piaggero NP11 represents the excellent blending of compactness, lightness and slimness in one awesome package. It comes with high-quality voices while maximizing the piano sound that Yamaha has been recognized for. With user-friendly features and distinguished craftsmanship, this product is a culmination of the brand’s expertise in sound production.

The 61-key piano-style keyboard allows music creators to use a comfortable media for their journey into sound production. Allowing you to create awesome wave data, the Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Stereo sampling mimics the sound and articulateness of the original instrument through the employment of advanced digital technologies. This enables the creation of rich and unique sound via multiple waveforms.

Utilizing a super efficient stereo amplifier, the midi keyboard controller generates a solid sound. Offering 2.5 watts per channel, the Piaggero NP 11 shows power behind the diminutive size. The midi keyboard provides amazing performance data for piano pieces aside from voice demo songs, so you can listen enjoyably.

This unit comes with a revolutionary eco-friendly mode, which turns power off automatically when the keyboard remains inactive for a period of 30 minutes, saving on valuable power and supporting long battery life.

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Akai Professional LPK25 Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

2.1 Akai Professional LPK25 Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard ControllerWhat is the best small midi keyboard? The Akai Pro LPK25 Laptop Performance Keyboard is undoubtedly the top answer. It assists you at creating harmonic and melodic riffs quickly and conveniently, anywhere. This special device is a miniaturized version of units in the MPK series of keyboard controllers. It has 25 downscaled velocity-sensitive keys geared with synth action, making it a perfect choice for keyboardists who want to explore music software with a PC.

The mini MIDI keyboard controller measures less than 13 inches across, weighs less than one pound and easily slips into a laptop case, messenger bag, small case or backpack. That’s unbelievable portability coupled with mobile versatility!

The midi keyboard is built with an arpeggiator, a special component that automatically steps through chords to enable musicians to create melodic ideas dynamically. The LPK25 has a terrific layout that is easy to learn, with octave up and down, sustain and tap tempo controls. It comes with plug-and-play functionality for easy use with PC and Mac.

The keyboard controller needs no software driver installation or AC power to run. The four memory banks can be used to recall and configure settings that match the various software programs employed.

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M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini Midi Controller

3.1 M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini Midi ControllerThe Axiom® AIR Mini 32 from M-Audio is a compact and portable USB MIDI controller that any modern on-the-go music maker can fully appreciate. It is engineered with an innovative design that fuses peerless ease of use with hands-on control plus capable software to create an exceptional device for the modern compact studio.

The 32 low-profile mini keys enable you to lay down a groove with plenty of room to play in. Use the 8 assignable knobs to summon up a storm with incredible music and sound.

With the Axiom® AIR Mini 32, you have eight responsive pads on which to do beat sequencing. Mapping of the controllers to match widely used software titles is done automatically using Interactive Hyper-Control Technology. Save up to 10 custom settings that you create on this outstanding midi controller. Use just one USB cable to get MIDI laptop link and power, a terrific demonstration of plug-and-play simplicity.

Definitely a workhorse, this unit captures elusive energy from the user and channels everything into wide-ranged expression. The 8 dynamic pads are all velocity-sensitive, perfect for setting beats, channeling samples and note playing. On hand are buttons for pitch bend, modulation and sustain so you can elevate your range of expression even further.

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Final notes

Music creation gets more exciting with small midi keyboards that let you do more with less. The 61-key Yamaha Piaggero NP11 Lightweight Compact Portable Keyboard ties together slimness , lightness and compactness while still generating solid sound. The Akai Professional LPK25 Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard Controller shows that 25-key performance can successfully rival full-size keyboard controller functionality.



Cheap Midi Keyboard Reviews



Find an affordable MIDI keyboard controller


Anybody can get a cheap midi keyboard, but the real challenge lies in being able to get the best one on a budget. Integrating a midi keyboard into your computer-based music making set up allows you to make DAW tweaks or odd plug-ins. A product has to incorporate some elements to give the best value for money.

2.2 Arturia MiniLab 230401 MIDI Controller

How to choose the best midi keyboard for your needs


Midi Keyboard Size/Number of Keys

Make sure that you have enough space to accommodate your favorite cheap midi keyboard controller in 2021. Small soundless MIDI keyboard controllers have from 25 to 37 to 49 keys. Those with 88, 73 or 61 keys are categorized as large models. There are some models that have half-sized keys, and that are classifiable as mini keyboards.

Some expensive controllers have just 49 keys but the full-sized synth makes them look bigger than their actual key configuration. A midi keyboard controller will not produce sound, but it is effective at changing the impact of produced sounds from musical and sound-creating instruments.


Preferred Action

A compact cheap midi keyboard controller does not have fully weighted keys, which an 88-key controller can have. The keys themselves are endowed with “weight”, and so are the key travel mechanisms. This enables them to respond in the manner that a real piano’s heavy keys would. But for the application that MIDI keyboards are designed for, weighted key action does not promote fast playing.

Little resistance is offered by an unweighted keyboard. In this configuration, the keys are springy and feel extremely light. Compact controllers are often semi-weighted, offering a bit more consistency and resistance, something that plenty of people like.

3.2 M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB Pad-Keyboard MIDI Controller

Velocity Sensitivity and Aftertouch

With velocity sensitivity transmission in a midi keyboard, you enjoy powerful and inspired playing. This element ensures that you can control the timbre and loudness of every note. Playing gets increased expression. Do check out products that offer velocity sensitivity.

Pressing the keys down after the initial strike activates the Aftertouch feature of the midi keyboard controller. Although most software synths do not incorporate this element, there are good ones that do. Two basic kinds of Aftertouch are in existence. Channel pressure or mono Aftertouch consists of a single data stream generated that affects every key on your midi channel.

Polyphonic is less common than mono. This type configures each key to send 127 values simultaneously to generate tons of MIDI data for higher range of produced sounds.


Top Products We Recommend


Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard

1.1 Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Ultra-Portable USB MIDI KeyboardThis ultra-compact keyboard controller is engineered for the desktop producer or traveling music artist. It is built with an array of hardware controls to enable recording, composing and performances using virtual instruments, Digital Audio Workstations and effect plug-ins, giving wider range of expressions in created sound and music, for inspired playing.

The midi keyboard boasts of 25 velocity keys with synth action, plus a four-way thumb stick to provide modulation manipulation and dynamic pitch. There are also eight back-lit velocity-sensitive MPC-style pads working with eight assignable Q-Link knobs for total sound enhancement. Two banks broaden the number of MPC-style pads to sixteen, enabling you to explore extended creative capabilities.

This device comes with all the essential components that can help you put forth your musical ideas and raise them to a much higher level. It comes bundled with virtual instruments and professional production software to enable instant music creation. AIR Music Tech’s Hybrid 3 can create anything from robust, retro synth sounds to avant-garde contemporary leads, plus everything in between. With MPC Essentials, musicians and producers can integrate genuine MPC workflow into their favorite DAW, effectively expanding the capability of the keyboard controller.

You can even start making music without a DAW, thanks to MPC Essentials.

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Arturia MiniLab 230401 MIDI Controller

2.1 Arturia MiniLab 230401 MIDI ControllerA masterful hybrid mini keyboard is how music creators, producers and artists consider the Arturia MiniLab controller. The hardware keyboard is just half of what it is, as the MiniLab comes with a tremendous revolutionary software package. This opens huge possibilities for creating music and sounds. The MiniLab comes with a two-octave mini-key keyboard, plus no less than 16 dials and 8 pads on top to complete the main control set.

In addition, there are 4 function buttons plus 2 control strips to serve as modulation and pitch bend wheels, offering an interesting prospect of incredible capability. When you download Asturia’s exclusive Analog Lab software, you gain access to 5000 sounds sourced from its initial soft synths. These include MiniMoog V, a virtual MiniMoog that imitates the physical design of the MiniMoog Five and perfectly duplicates its sound. Prophet V is a soft synth maker for unique vintage sound.

The sounds of the Asturia MiniLab are outstanding and virtually stunning. They’re organized into a single database, so searching for sounds is always fuss-free whether based on a particular synth, genre or instrument type. This significantly improves your work pace. Sound quality is driven from the keyboard surface, and the listed parameters for each patch are perfect for any purpose.

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M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB Pad/Keyboard MIDI Controller

3.1 M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB Pad-Keyboard MIDI ControllerStill don’t know where to find a good and cheap midi keyboard? Meet the M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB Pad/Keyboard MIDI Controller. It offers an array of assignable pads, knobs plus a fader to provide you with total software control. This allows you to stay within the creative flow of mixing and recording music without touching your mouse. The device has 25 velocity-sensitive keys that you can optimize to play bass lines, chords and melodies.

Tweak effect plugins and virtual instruments using the 8 assignable knobs. Activate samples and finger drumming using the 8 velocity-sensitive pads. Control master output or mix tracks using the assignable fader. The midi keyboard controller features dedicated transport controls plus track up and track down buttons that enable initiation of play, record and stop in a DAW setting via the keyboard controller.

Offering out-of-the-box integration, the Oxygen 25 goes well with widely-used digital audio workstations including Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools and Ableton Live. With DirectLink, the controls of the Oxygen 25 can instantly map to key parameters in your choice of DAW, which empowers you to tweak the transport windows, editors and mixers.

Do more with just a little. Use the Oxygen 25 for your next music production task or performance.

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Final words…

Oftentimes, size is not equivalent to performance. This holds true with midi keyboard controllers. There are plenty of compact models that offer so much in the way of potentials for music and sound production that they readily rival the music and sound creation capability of their larger counterparts. The best thing is they won’t break the bank to acquire.

Take the Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard, with its 25 velocity-sensitive keys that unload tons of possibilities. Or the Arturia MiniLab 230401 MIDI Controller, a cheap midi keyboard with weighted keys that is packaged with a huge software package.





Best boombox under $200



Find a top affordable boombox in 2021


Combining a portable radio, a cassette player and loudspeakers in one product, the best boombox under $200 is a consistent bestseller for audiophiles. Boomboxes are considered the ultimate symbol of the cultural music revolution. One needs to consider several factors in a unit to ensure a good purchase before shelling out cash.

2.1 Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 Portable Boombox

How to choose a good boombox when you are on a $200 budget


Boombox Types

Vintage boomboxes have a classic design reminiscent of the early days of hiphop. Cassette boomboxes can have multiple tape decks that allow recording from one cassette to another. They may also be built with versatility when they come with CD writing capabilities. CD boomboxes allow use of an easy-to-store and handy compact disc.

MP3 boomboxes were born out of a special technology that enables delivery of full, rich sound emanating from drastically reduced sizes of speakers. Storage can be on computers.

Modern boomboxes offer MP3, cassette player and CD player capabilities. Whichever type you choose, make sure it’s the best boombox ever made.


Boombox Features

Wondering how to find the best boombox? Check out the different functionalities that the product is built with. A digital AM/FM tuner with memory presets allows drift-free tuning to stations without the guesswork in turning a knob. A CD player that allows playback of CD-R/RW formatted discs is value for money. Bluetooth supports is also a plus, as it allows wireless streaming and listening to music from your Bluetooth-enabled phone or digital music player.

There are some boomboxes that provide MP3 and iPod compatibility. Some units let you listen to satellite radio using an optional home antenna and via a subscription service.


Power and Sound Quality

AC adapters allow use of the boombox with a typical AC outlet. Cordless or rechargeable types should specify length of battery life so you won’t end up with a dead unit just when you’re getting into the groove. Take note of a unit with a longer battery if you intend to use it a lot with plenty of mobility.

Although boomboxes are designed more for portability rather than sound delivery, newer technologies have allowed the production of diminutive speakers capable of full sound production to surround an entire room. Look for the best boombox under $200 high wattage and awesome bass-boosting system.


Top products we recommend


Sony Portable Mega Bass Cd Stereo Boombox Sound System

1.1 Sony Portable Mega Bass Cd Stereo Boombox Sound SystemThe Sony ZS-BTG900 Boombox is definitely the best wireless boombox, as it can be paired with any Bluetooth-capable device for operation minus the wires. It can also be connected via a separately sold cable to any device that has a standard 3.5mm audio output . You can enjoy music playback via Bluetooth audio streaming to control the fun wirelessly with a digital music player, tablet, enabled music devices, smart phone or PC.

Thanks to Bluetooth pairing via Near Field Communications technology, you can enjoy one-touch listening. Just align the NFC logos, switch the boombox on, activate Bluetooth, then pair the two devices. You can now start streaming your music.

You can choose from six different preset EQ curves at the push of a button to enjoy multiple sound modes. Go rock, reggae, hiphop, pop, flat or electronica for customized sound that you truly enjoy. The Light Sync feature goes well with the Power Drive Woofer to deliver expressive lighting effects to synchronize with your preferred music source.

Use the built-in AM/FM tuner with 30 presets to enjoy local radio, music and talk programs. The supplied remote control lets you enjoy the full functionality of this portable device no matter what part of the room you’re in.

Curious to see if this product has value for the money you have to spend on it? Click here to visit Amazon and see what previous customers said!



Panasonic RX-D55GC-K Boombox

2.1 Panasonic RX-D55GC-K BoomboxThe 280-watt Panasonic RX-D55 CD Radio Cassette Recorder is so versatile that it offers real value for money. It comes with music and USB ports plus four 2-way speakers so you’ll have all the sound you want while using the media you have available. The music and USB ports on the front panel enable playback for a digital audio player. The unit produces natural surround sound of remarkable quality with MP3 remaster and awesome sound recreation.

The boombox is highly functional, as it plays CDs, CD-R/RWs, and MP3. If you enjoy radio as much as you love sound, the Panasonic RX-D55 has that covered as well. It has a built-in AM/FM tuner that you can maximize to your liking. The FM tuner lets you listen to radio stations within the 87.5 to 108.0 MHz range. The AM tuner lets you choose from 522 to 1629 kHz range with 9 kHz step, or from 520 to 1630 kHz range with 10 kHz step. You’ll surely find the station that you like!

The boombox offers both a US plug adapter for 110-volt AC rating, or a European plug for 220-volt AC, making it a flexible unit that can be used everywhere.

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Sony CFDS50 Portable Boombox

3.1 Sony CFDS50 Portable BoomboxWondering where to find the best boombox under 100? The Sony CFD-S50 definitely fits the bill. With this revolutionary device, you can take your music wherever you choose. Aside from the built-in CD player that lets you enjoy MP3 and CD-RW media, the unit is also outfitted with a built-in cassette deck with recording functionality. This means you can record cassette tape content to CD and vice versa.

The onboard 3.5mm auxiliary port allows interfacing of external audio sources for expanded functionality. In addition, you can plug in a headphone through the auxiliary output to do private listening. The stereo speakers are encased in a bass-reflex design to ensure exceptional stereo sound quality.

For even more convenient listening pleasure, the boombox offers two power options. You can choose to use AC power via the supplied AC power cord. Or you can use six C-size batteries for on-the-go functionality. The battery compartment easily clicks open and closed for problem-free loading.

The built-in digital radio tuner comes with 30 station preset memory so you can enjoy various music, talk and radio programs. The boombox offers Sony Mega Bass circuitry to ensure low-frequency bass delivery at a just a press of the button.

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Choosing a great boombox should not be so difficult. We highly recommend the Sony Portable Mega Bass Cd Stereo Boombox Sound System for its Bluetooth-pairing capability. Or get the Panasonic RX-D55GC-K Boombox if you want to enjoy music and USB functionality.