What is the best surge protector from Monster



Patented Dual Mode Plus™ power protection

Built with surge protected coaxial connections for phone lines, antenna and cable TV

Superior fireproof technology

Ceramic-enclosed MOVs

Peerless $400,000 connected equipment warranty



The product, according to some Monster MP AV 750 reviews, lacks slots for USB connectivity, so devices with USB can’t be connected to this surge protector.

With its advanced features, the Monster MP AV 750 is normally sold at a higher price than other brands, but considering its functionality and features, the device always sells quickly when it’s offered on sale.


Customer rating –> B+


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  • This is the best surge protector from Monster thanks to how it keeps AV equipment safe through revolutionary Dual Mode Plus™ power protection. Keeping valuable AV electronics from damage or destruction arising from sudden electrical surges or spike, the Monster MP AV 750 uses exclusive Dual Mode Plus technology to disconnect and isolate your equipment automatically. An alarm even goes off to inform you that the PowerCenter™ has been activated under such dangerous conditions.

  • The device has surge-secure coaxial connections for antenna, phone lines and cable TV. It has protected phone connections for DVR, phone and modem lines as well. The number of devices connected assures you that all your investments on various types of home appliances and communication devices are amply protected, which in turn gives you peace of mind on device longevity.


  • We all know how easily fires can break out when harmful spikes and surges occur in the home. With the Monster MP AV 750, valuable home theater equipment remains secure against fires when normal electrical spikes happen. This keeps you, your family and your property safe and protected.


  • The Monster MP AV 750 has metal oxide varistors that are encased in tough ceramic, which ensures reliable absorption of excess voltage. Unlike other products with plastic coated MOVs, the Monster MO AV 750 uses no less than ceramic-wrapped MOVs similar to those used in space shuttle technology. Keep your home safe with the fireproof MOVs of this surge protector.


  • As the manufacturer of the product is supremely confident of its superior quality, it comes with an exceptional $400,000 connected equipment warranty. If the devices connected to the Monster MO AV 750 get damaged by power conditions, the manufacturer undertakes to replace up to $400,000 worth of those components.


Look no further than the Monster MO AV 750 when you want nothing less than the best surge protector. This product offers sure protection to valuable home theater equipment connected to it. The device provides 1440 joules of protection, enough for your home cinema system and other components. The $400,000 limited connected equipment warranty ensures reliable protection and no-nonsense security for valuable electrical appliances plugged into the device.


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