Most popular plasma cutter from Miller

1.1 Plasma Cutter, Inverter, Spectrum 375

Main advantage

This unit is the best plasma cutter from Miller, particularly since it is both lightweight and compact and can be carried around easily, from one job to the next. It has all the features a prospective buyer might ever be looking for, which is why it has gathered some of the best plasma cutter reviews out there.


Main disadvantage

While doing our research, we stumbled upon a myriad of positive user reviews on this product. The model is so critically acclaimed that it’s gathered the appreciation of many American customers. Until now, we have discovered no negative ratings regardless of the many marketplaces we utilized in order to analyze the quality of this product.


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Main features explained


Comes with everything you need

The package features all the items a user might ever require. Thus, this plasma cutter is accompanied by a 30A output, a 208/230V input, a heavy-duty work clamp, an X-case, MVP plugs, a shoulder strap, an XT30 torch as well as a set of extra consumables.

1.2 Plasma Cutter, Inverter, Spectrum 375


Great size and excellent carrying case

Since this unit weighs in at just 19lbs and is small-sized enough, it’s one of the most compact models we stumbled upon. What’s more, the plasma cutter is very easy to carry around, as emphasized by several owner reviews. These same buyers have underlined that it’s best to avoid using an extension cord, as the model pulls a lot of amps and trips most of the breakers it might have been plugged into.

As for the carrying case, it simply doesn’t get better than this. It’s made of hard plastic and can hold the unit while allowing users to store enough plugs, gloves, and even eye protections. Although it might not look like the most important detail to consider, in the end, the carrying case manages to be a significant plus to this product, as you’ll be able to have everything you need right at the tip of your fingers. Instead of needing to keep moving from one workplace to the next without any eye protection, you’ll have it all in the case.


Lengthy cords

As previously mentioned, it might not be a good idea to use any extension cords with this model. However, the neat thing about the Spectrum 375 is that it already comes with 12-ft cables for both the torch and the grounding cable. Since most users do tend to need at least a little mobility when they’re tending to their work, this factor definitely comes in handy if one wants to protect his or her unit from both sparks and metal.



Even though it might be a little difficult to find in the stock of several online marketplaces, the Miller Electric Plasma Cutter Spectrum 375 is sure worth researching and considering. If you’re still prospecting the market for a good, dependable unit you can rely upon, we strongly suggest having a look at the features of this one.


Buy from for ($1495)