Most Reliable Emergency Radio from Midland



Raved about in many Midland XT511 reviews, this emergency radio has 21 General Mobile Radio Service/Family Radio Service (GMRS/FRS) channels plus all 10 NOAA weather stations with alert function.

The emergency radio proves handy with its multiple uses including AM/FM radio reception, a triple-LED flashlight and a clock with alarm function.

Have a variety of power options at your disposal with the versatile charging ability of this emergency radio.

Communicate and be heard effectively with the features that facilitate everything for this purpose.

This is definitely the best emergency radio from Midland due to its water-resistant properties and three-year manufacturer’s warranty.



This device does not come with a convenient carrying case.

It is also not designed to be shatter-proof like professional emergency radios.

The radio can take a long time to charge to achieve full-power capabilities.


Customer Rating –> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • The Midland XT511 radio lets you stay connected with seven FRS (Family Radio Service),seven GMRS/FRS, and seven GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) channels, for a total of 21 UHF channels. In addition, it also comes with 121 privacy codes to reduce interference or discourage eavesdropping, which in effect gives you 3144 channel options.

  • Even when you’re disoriented or unsure of the time of day, the alarm clock feature lets you know what time it is so you can follow a regular schedule as you normally would in non-emergency situations. The LED flashlight provides much-needed illumination. The AM/FM radio reception helps keep you in the circuit.


  • Reliable in power outages and mobile use, the Midland emergency radio can be fired up with four standard AA batteries or via the rechargeable battery pack. The AC adapter is made for wall charging while the DC adapter lets you charge through your vehicle’s cigarette lighter outlet. The dynamo crank charges without electricity, while the USB port lets you power up your mobile phone from the radio or via AC outlet when available.


  • Identify incoming calls from your group with the five separate call alerts. The revolutionary e-VOX function comes with three selectable sensitivity levels for convenient voice-activated, hands-free operation. The channel scan is great for locating active channels. The keypad lock prevents unintentional changing of settings. The auto-squelch feature removes undesirable background noise.


  • Since this is made to be a NOAA Weather Alert Radio, you can be sure of its waterproof capabilities. It is backed by a manufacturer’s three-year warranty, ensuring durability and dependable service.


Our Conclusion

The Midland XT511 is the best emergency radio as it helps you stay connected in disasters and emergency situations. It has excellent audio fidelity and signal strength so you can pull in the stations that transmit the information you need at critical times.


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