What is the best washing machine from Midea



Stainless Steel construction

Water temperature selections

Rollers for portability

Selection programs for cycles

Push button convenience



One or two Midea MAE50 reviews mention the accompanying manual as not being too helpful with the set-up process. However, thanks to the intuitive controls and features of the machine, buyers can easily use it right out of the box.

The hose that comes with the machine can be replaced with a Y splitter for optimum performance, according to some users.


Customer rating -> B+


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  • The Midea MAE50 looks and feels solid from inside out. It boasts of stainless steel construction that protects the components of the machine from rust, chipping, insects and pests. It should stand well under any condition and is made to meet the demands of those who want flexibility as well as portability in their home appliances. This small but powerful best washing machine from Midea is great for installation in a motor home or RV. It cleans clothes with the same quality as any full-size washer.

  • With three water temperature selections, you can choose from hot, cold and warm to give your clothes the best cleaning possible. This is the best washing machine you can buy due to how it provides the right water temperature that can really get the detergent and water to work together and ensure an efficient manner of freshening up clothes. No more complaints of smelly clothes coming out of the wash. With the Midea MAE50, garments come out smelling clean, fresh and sanitized, free from soil and dirt.


  • Can’t decide whether to put the machine near the sink or near the bathroom? Worry no more. You can choose to leave the machine where you feel comfortable doing the laundry. You can change its location when you want to. Thanks to the rollers, you can move the washer wherever, whenever. Do the laundry at your preferred part of the house. Just make sure it’s near your water source and a suitable drain, of course.


  • With 6 selection programs for every cycle, you can customize the laundry process according to the types of garments that have to be laundered. Choose from Normal, Quick, Jeans, Anti-Wrinkle, Silk and Air Dry. Throw in delicate items without worrying about damage to them. The LED display lets you know what stage the cycle is in. The Midea 1.6 top loader machine also has Pause function to let you temporarily stop the cycle midway when necessary.


  • The Midea MAE50 offers convenient push button operation so you can have the precise garment care you expect for clothes. Set the washer on Delay mode to make it start the wash cycle even when you’re out of the house during the day. Choose the water level you need to get superior cleaning results. Set the wash program to the precise setting you want.


Thanks to how it delivers great cleaning and saves energy, the Midea MAE50 does not need too many washing machine accessories to demonstrate how efficiently it does your laundry. Its stainless steel construction, solid build, 1.6-cubic-foot capacity and selectable water levels and programs provide superior cleaning results that can rival those of a full-size washer. It’s the perfect option for tight living spaces and apartments due to its space-saving design and quiet operation.


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