What is the best boombox from Memorex






Ergonomic features



Some of the pet peeves mentioned in Memorex MP4907BK reviews involve the LCD display. Despite the display’s being an innovative feature, its smallness and absence of backlighting are downers. One can make out what is displayed when viewing angle is right or when there’s adequate lighting around.

The nice little machine does not come with thoughtful extras or boombox accessories that can make usage more convenient, such as a remote control.


Customer rating —> B


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Benefits Explained

  • The Memorex MP4907BK is outfitted with a top-loading CD player with programmable memory. You can listen to your favorite discs just the way you like. The front loading cassette player/recorder allows you to play your prized cassette tapes to augment your music collection. The Stereo AM/FM radio lets you tune in to your favorite radio broadcast stations to listen to more music or just to know what those talk shows can offer for variety. With the audio input jack complemented by a separately-bought cable, you can also connect the boombox to other digital audio devices or MP3 players, giving you the freedom to choose your source of sound.


  • The programmable memory of the Memorex MP4907BK makes it the best boombox from Memorex. This component lets you customize your listening experience to the way you prefer. Shuffle the tracks on your CD, listen to a single track over and over, or skip to the next track with ease.


  • The diminutive scale with which the Memorex MP4907BK is constructed lets you bring it easily anywhere. Listen to music from one room to another in the home. Put the machine on a small ledge without worrying that it will take up a lot of space. The MP4907BK uses 8 “C” batteries so you can take your sounds with you when you’re mobile. This unit won’t disappoint when it comes to transportability. Have the unit close by on your night table so you can get lulled to sleep while listening to your favorite tunes. This machine can be an excellent addition to your nursery so your child can listen to lullabies.


  • Despite its cute size, the MP4907BK can still be voted the best boombox considering its ergonomic features, which include the large CD Play/Pause buttons and volume control. The size of those components makes them easy to use even in a dimly lit room.


With a top-loading CD compartment that is functionally simple, a large volume control and CD Play/Pause buttons, plus decent sound output, the MP4907BK is a go-anywhere product that allows you to enjoy sounds without the bulkiness and mass of larger machines. It makes a great addition to a modern nursery. It can also be a terrific gift for a young child.


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